Tuesday, May 22, 2007

lagun di SUNWAY

It was very like me to get super over excited when I get something I really really want. It was as if it was an uncontrollable disease. It wasn't necessary a bad thing but I tend to get over over excited and it could really make unexpected things happen.

Well, on the 21st of May year 2007, that disease came to strike me again. Simply because that was the day, after all these months, that I was to go to SUNWAY LAGOON!!

(okay so I know this has been ages but I'm writing this for memories sake)

The plan was that we would meet up at Diana's place and have her dad drove us to Lagoon at around 10am. Which was exactly what happened. I was very excited so naturally I spent about 30 minutes to get ready. Except, I spent the whole morning doing nothing except getting anxious about going.

It was all very exciting when we got there. By the time we reached there, we met up with Atikah at Pyramid and made our long way to the entrance of Sunway Lagoon, all the while I was jumping and skittling through. We went to get tickets while managing to have a moment with the Lagoon Duck.

When we entered, the first thing we did was headed straight to the locker rooms and kept our belongings. After that, me being so very excited, suggested that we did the easy rides first only for them to suggest for us to go for the big Roller Coaster before the crowds become full. So off we went. Before that, we managed to stop by a caven looking hall where there was a display of replica artifacts and stones. We camwhored all the way in there.

Then we decided to ride the Ferris Wheel first on account that that was easy. It wasn't, as expected, a very thrilling or eventful ride. We managed to see the surroundings on the first round, and at other remaining rounds, we simply took pictures. After that ride, we decided to head to the BIG O! The thrilling roller coaster ride called The Lost City of Gold. Thankfully, there were nobody there, so we decided to just take a seat wherever we wanted to. Atikah sat this one out, while I was so very excited, that I somehow managed to make small conversations with the guy attending to the roller coaster.

We took two rounds on the roller coaster. It was awesome!! I'd love to go for third and fourth except we wanted to make sure that we cover the whole park, so we took off after the second. When we left, the "abang roller coaster" handed me a copy of the map of Sunway Lagoon. I of course, was very excited, took it with great pleasure and started to study the map to plan our next rides. Miza however, knew exactly what it was. She came up to me and said "Farisa. You're so blur!" and I must say she is right because I had no idea what she meant.

That's when she told me that the reason he gave me a copy the map is to give me his number and true enough, as I turned, there it was, the message "KALAU TERSESAT CALL: [number]". I was shocked as I had never been in that situation before. I shrugged it off while the girls kept teasing me about it.

After that, Miza and I had a run on the "The Vulture" before all of us had a go at the "Butch Cassidy's Trail". It was a fun until we decided that we were too dry for long enough. We wanted to ride the "Grand Canyon River Rapids" first, which happens to be my favourite ride of all, except that it was closed for maintenance. It put me in an unhappy mood for about 2 minutes, before Diana rushed us to ride the "Niagara Falls Flume Ride", this is the one where you slide down the Snake's mouth.

Before that though, we had a round of the simpler, less thrilling roller coaster called "Buffalo Bill Coaster". After that was when we managed to CONVINCE Atikah to ride the snake's mouth with us. Diana, Shameen and Atikah rode one 'log' while Miza and I took the other. It was simply scary but fun. During the peak moment, when Miza was in front of me, and I at the back, were going up to the snake's mouth itself, I was chanting prayers and telling miza that I love her (just in case anything happened to us). Of course, the worst thing is that happened to us was that we got soaking wet.

The four of us, not including Atikah, went for another round. It was balls of fun! After that, Shameen, Atikah and I had another go on the boot ride in hope of drying ourselves out. It partially worked. After that, we decided to go to back to the caven hall for a simulated ride. It is a five minutes ride costing rm10 per adult. We weren't very optimistic about the cost but we were curious on what it is. That's when we got the crazy idea to 'sweet talk' the two guys managing that ride. One was a typical skanky pants guy with the word 'RAWK' written all over his personality while the other was a simple dressed guy with a cap who wasn't all that bad looking.

We decided to tackle the malay guy first as he seemed to be the one managing the tickets. I casually strike a conversation while the others backed me up. That's when we simply asked for a cheaper price giving all semi-reasonable excuses to why we should get it. The RAWK guy was in, except the other guy, who was the boss lah konon, didn't seem to like it. We gave our please and he seemed mad before agreeing.

While waiting for Miza, and Atikah to go get the money, I decided to try to further convince the boss guy, while Shameen and Diana made conversations with the RAWK guy. I found out that the other guy is a very nice guy. His name is long and unpronounceable to my lips but for short, he's known as IMON. He came from Bangladesh and is currently studying Business at Sunway University (if I remember correctly) and I tried to find as much common things as I could find, just so he would be fine with us getting a 50% off each. He softened and then the rest of us made conversations with him.

So after all is well, we waited for our turn to go in, after a family of nice looking Indians. So off we went into the simulated shuttle with the word KIDS on our ticket. Imon was so opened to us all that he decided to join us in. We were all just way too excited to care. So there we spent 5 minutes in there, pretending to be in a race car and zooming up and down in a simulated car race. I personally don't think it was even worth rm5, but we made new friends at least.

After that, it was nearing lunch time, so all of us decided to take a rest and eat some snacks before deciding the next step. Before leaving the dry park, Miza and I took one round in the spinning cups ride. All of us chickened out to ride the Tomahawk and the Pirate's Ship. So we decided that was it and now it's time to go to Wet Park.

We grabbed a plate of Nasi Lemak for lunch and enjoyed it with the home-brought breads. After lunch, we relaxed for a bit, gave Fawwaz possibly a very loud, ear screeching birthday wish, then set off towards the locker rooms and got changed for swimming. Diana and I doubled back to the dry park to get something we missed, so by the time we got back, the three of them were already soaking wet.

We played around in the shady pool for a while before we went for the slides. Our first wet ride was the "Congo Challenge". It is a long long LONG slide down and all you have is a sort of mat to lay down and zoom in on your front. We took that ride for quite a lot of times and raced each other down. This was my favourite.

Next we decided to hit the 4 big slides. Since one 8 float (whats pelampung in English again?) can only fit 2 people, we took turns to sit slides out. Lucky we managed to cover all slides although waiting in the line wasn't all that entertaining, and don't even let me get started on the long way UP!!

At one point, an Indian lady around her 30s/40s perhaps, needed a partner. Because Atikah was the one sitting out that time, she was asked to accompany that Indian lady for the slides. She went down quite a few with the lady, only for the lady to leave Atikah at the end to carry their float by herself without even helping. I was murmuring curses under my breathe. So rude.

After we really got tired and time was ticking against us, we decided to take one last swim in the shady pool. Except we got tired of swimming as well, so Miza and I decided to introduce the Gg game called "Passing Energy" to the other 3. I think we were the loudest there and we didn't really mind it at all.

PS: Do NOT I repeat DO NOT play this game with Atikah when you are in the pool. She usually splashes the water to your face so you'd be momentarily blind and make you lose!!

After that, we had a final go at the waterfalls. I was tired but upon hearing a rather danceable song, I immediately shaked my booty under the waterfalls. Only I WASN'T ALONE!!! A rather large around the tummy Indian man, who was wearing swimming shorts, saw me and started dancing under the waterfall with me. We had a sort of connection and both of us danced when Miza and Shameen joined. That was fun!

Then we got ready to go back. There was a sort of hut-if-you-can-call-it-that shower place outside. A place for you to shower a little before you get into the pool. The way that thing is designed was very much fun so we spent quite a while there dancing and showering ourselves. In public mind you. And when we found out that the locker rooms are deprived from water, we decided to get some shampoo and treat that hut thing as our shower. Mind I remind you, IN PUBLIC. It was so very Haylie-Hilary-Duff-Our-Lips-Are-Sealed.

So we got ready, changed (and Miza was asked for her number by one of the lifeguards) and was rushing all the way back to Sunway Pyramid as Miza's dad was already waiting for us. All the while hair wet, bag heavy, knees wobbly, and lips smiling. It was a very fun fun FUN day and one we shall not forget.


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