Saturday, July 24, 2004


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ok.. I'm suppose to update this blog like last time I masuk.. and the other few times I masuk too.. but I got too malas to tulis.. so basically, I'm just gonna conclude what heppened the whole week kay.. here we go.. and yes guys... its gonna be LONG!

monday - nothing much.. until that night.. when I was kononnya study dlm my room.. like I've said countless times.. I CANNOT STUDY MALAM2! STOP FORCING ME! haih.. so apa lagi.. mestilar tertidur right. wadda you expect!? then, about 9 o'clock.. I terjaga.. thinking I HAVE to get back to my sejarah.. ( perang tiga segi antara johor, acheh dan pihak portugis di melaka ) I got up to go wash up.. (hahahah.. that sentence sounds pretty weird)..

when I got back to my room.. the pretty guitar was lying there.. just calling my name.. and I'm like addicted to the song 'Kau Ilhamku' (influenced by 'you-know-who').. so I picked up my guitar and played the song.. until I got a call.. its usually shahrul who calls my phone.. but its not.. its Omar! I was kinda shocked lar.. like.. you never ever ever EVER called me before.. so I just answered lar kan..

I heard fawwaz's voice.. he sounded so freaked out.. and so.. worried.. he made ME freaked out.. he asked me what I was doing.. I'm like.. apa benda nih? tibe-tiba jer nak tahu what I was doing.. kinda weird.. I thought he nak ajak keluar ngan the others or sumthing.. then.. the unexpected happened.. he told me that iesqo's dad has passed away.. I was menggelabah gila.. I don't know why! I was in total shock! GELABAH GILA!

he asked me to meet him kat gate sekolah.. NOW! so i got ready! I was shaking.. I called everyone I could.. MIZA! NO MORE GAYUTING MLM-MLM KAY! when I got to the gate.. I saw omar getting into shahrul's car and driving to iesqo's house.. I got out of the car and go talk to fawwaz.. I felt weird to talk to him since mom was there to 'see'.. haih.. then i was just waiting in the car for diana.. thats when mom drove me and diana to the house..

we got there.. THERE WERE A LOT OF PEOPLE! I saw shahrul and stuff (but whateverlarkan).. we just waited depan the pintu.. calling practically a lot of poeple! we jsut waited for the body and stuff.. just sitting there with diana.. talking.. iesqo looked sad... but I couldn't tell really coz he was busy running around doing stuff.. when Atikah knew.. I asked her to come and stuff.. and me and diana waited for her at the corner street.. we met sahhrul, shzalee and fawwaz there.. fawwaz left and asked the 2 boys to teman us.. (to protect from the bad guys and the night bugs I suppose..)

we were just waiting there.. talking.. me and diana I mean.. me and shahrul didn't talk.. much.. what do you expect.. shazlee was there.. it seems weird (but after that, shazlee asked me why I was not talking to his brother that night.. hahah.. I felt weird for nothing..) just waiting there for 30 minutes for atikah.. gila kan!

then we went back and the jenazah was there.. we just baca yasin and stuff.. after that.. me and practically all my girl friends just hung out outside.. everyone was there at least.. so thats the best part of the whole thing.. we just stayed untuil 12.00 when dah kena balik... school teh next day and stuff..

I got back.. and was basically sweating.. so I mandi.. and still trying to recover from the shock.. haih.. then it was pretty hard to sleep.. really.. but eventually I did..

the next day...

I have to go now.. my mom dah suruh offline.. I'll update more on the rest of the days later.. and tuesday was the best day.. so tunggu je lar.. ahahah..

- to think.. this long is only Monday.. hahahha! and I've got a lot to tell on tuesday.. sorta!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

10 FEET long!


I just published my last 2 posts and its like.. 10 FEET LONG!! its so damn long! I can't believe it.. Masa tulis takdalah rasa pjg sgt.. You can skip it if you don't find the topic interesting.. OMG! I'm soo sorry..

I don't think anyone would wanna read that whole panjang just to know what happened on my last Sunday.. OMG! sorry again you guys..

- I should seriously write less.. but its soo fun to write!

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Isko's BIRTHDAY bash - 2nd Part!

We were all walking to Subang Parade when we saw Fawwaz pushing Shahrul who was in a trolley.. OMG!! They looked so silly.. and we were all just laughing.. hahha…

Soon.. all the other guys joined them.. I mean seriously.. My brothers don’t do that.. and they’re 11 years old and 1 year old.. I guess it’s a guy thing kot.. then all the girls and Fandi went to MPH first.. whilst the rest playing trolley outside..

Me and Gg were wlaking together to MPH! When we reached there.. I went back to call the guys.. They should really stop it and go jalan-jalan with us all.. or sumthing..

When I met them.. Fawwaz pushed Shahrul next to me and we just walked together..

Since none of the others wanted to go to the computer games store (they rather spend time with books than Harry Potter and The Sims and the rest of the FUN computer games..) so I ajaked Shahrul.. hehhe.. at least ada kawan..

We just hanged out together.. We went to computer games shop.. Then Toys ‘R’ Us.. Then Yamaha..

We went to the studio room where I jam.. I brought in a guitar and borrowed my drums teacher a pair of drums-sticks.. Shahrul asked me to play my song but I chickened out and stopped at the middle of a song I played.. malular.. then I let Shahrul played on the drums for a while.. then I played the drums.. The Reason is the only drums song I can play (and I Will Survive but dah lupa dah!).. so I played that.. played only parts of the song lar.. just playing and singing the chorus (coz that’s the only part I hafal).. and he was just watching me.. Felt kinda weird really.. Main drums with no guitar and stuff.. But then we went out..

We went to MPH! Mom called! Yikes! But nasib baik can stay till 6.30pm.. phew.. Shahrul was suppose to go back at 6 but he just stayed jer.. When we got there.. we just saw people and stuff.. It got bored again.. then Shahrul ajaked me to find headsets.. we found some.. ahahha…

Masa nak pergiu balik to MPH we saw Iman, Isko and Nasriff playing trolleys.. HAHAHAH!!! They were gonna make a movie! OMG! I mean seriously?

When we got to MPH we saw miza-fandi and gg-fawwaz sumwhere.. we just joined them.. but it was almost 6.30pm so we all had to go already.. all 3 pairs of us just parted.. ahhaha.. then I went to say bye to miza.. shahrul to fandi.. then before I left.. Shahrul asked me to be his girlfriend.. hahaha.. I turned jelly.. but said yes after that..

Then we just said bye to each other.. Shameen joined me and we went to meet my dad..

Masa balik.. I was really happy.. I was jumpy and OVERLY-OVERLY perky! Hahahah! But thank god I covered in front of mom.. phew..

When I got back home.. amsa tgh tgk the O.C. I got worried.. I mean.. I was still smiling.. But I got scared.. about what?

I was scared that I would not remember this day.. Its such a FUN FUN FUN day.. but luckily sampai sekarang ingat lagi.. but sekarang is only 2 days after that but still.. haih..

But it was one of the happiest day of my life.. thanks you guys for inviting me and stuff..

- I hope I can remember!

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Isko's BIRTHDAY bash!

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Mom only confirmed I can go this morning and that is on one condition.. I can never go out until after PMR again!


I was having second thoughts about the whole thing because if I agree.. I cannot go out again for another 2 months! No going out anymore means no Cinderella Story!


Maybe I can see it at the movies with my sissy, but she’s all against Hilary Duff and stuff so I’m not really sure.. haih.. what am I to do?

All morning I’m just still thinking wether I should go or not.. Its only till 10am that Shahrul confirmed he could go.. Then I thought.. what the heck.. might as well go and enjoy it if it’s the last time I could go out.

Its about 1.00pm when mom asked me to eat lunch.. Lunch? Mom! I’m going out at 3 to go to Swenson.. Waddaya mean Lunch? Of course I didn’t say that.. I don’t want to get on her bad side since it could ruin my chances of going..

So I ate lunch with my dad, bro and my 4 year old cousin.. his mom and my mom are goind out to watch a play at 3.00pm about 4 women going to menopause. WHAT!?

I was rushing when I got ready because I had to be at Miza’s house in 10 minutes and I haven’t mandi and sembahyang yet! ARGH!!!! I did verything cpt-cpt.. and was late of course but miza didn’t marah me or anything..

What was I wearing? Hmm.. Orange (my signature colour ) top.. short-sleeved and has two cicak-rangka(s) on it.. its really nice.. I love that shirt.. and was wearing my plain blue jeans.. I looked normal only.. I was wearing the jam Shahrul gave me.. and my sis’s shoes since mine dah rosak! WAH!!! Dah lar I love that pair of shoes..

And miza looked really nice.. a little (ok a lot!) to the gothic side but pretty none-the-less.. she had on a plain black top.. ¾ sleeve.. had on a black denim skirt.. black bag.. and sneakers.. she also had on a butterfly tattoo on her left hand.. she thinks she looked fat and ugly.. OF COURSE NOT MIZA!

When we got to parade, we went straight to MPH! Joy! Hahhah! We looked at books and stuff for about 15 minutes.. after I finished with the magazines and Harry Potter corner.. I got bored.. Miza was at the teenager-corner browse-ing through books.. Boring nyer! I was pulling her out of the bookstore ASAP! She ajaked pergi cari The Resmus CD!

We went to Penny Lane but no luck.. Then we went to Speedy.. Finish stock! Haih.. We met Azman there though.. he was with his family or sumthing.. me being my Perky ‘saying-hi-to-everyone-I-know-and-meet’ self.. I said hi to him in my utmost perky voice.. he just smiled.. I’m starting to think ‘HI!’ is not in his vocabulary!

Then Atikah joined us there.. I was surprised! Why!? Coz she was wearing skirt! Don’t get me wrong coz Atikah looked great! But skirt!? Atikah and skirt!? OK OK! Its not very big really but its not really the atikah I know.. whatever right!

Atikah was wearing a denim long sleeved blouse and a long ‘Summerset Bay’ type of skirt.. its pretty skirt really..

We were ready to go walking around in Parade (us 3 musketeers!) but we met Fandi sumwhere in the middle of Subang Parade.. so we excused miza to go jalan-jalan with him and me and Atikah went to Yamaha! Hehehe!

Atikah wanted me to play my song.. And I did.. but not the whole song.. camtu-camtu jer.. I didn’t have mood to play actually but we just hang there.. I was playing guitar when Azman came in and saw us.. whatever!

Then we went to Swenson.. At 3pm we got to the front steps of Swenson.. nobody was there yet.. and guess what!?



Never in my life I thought I would even step in that shop!

Its icky, its stinky, its smelly, its dirty, its noisy, its eww-y, its just yucky!

But I was dragged jugak there.. I masuka and got disgusted right away.. the smell is just.. (its bearable) but still.. the top floor doesn’t have cats so I’m kinda save for a while there.. the hamsters were really really cute though! I didn’t see the snakes threre but I did see ferrets! Kinda cool though.. Turtles were there too.. But they’re turtles you know..

We met Fandi and Miza there.. Fandi didn’t look very interested.. Apparently he too were being dragged in there.. Thank god for a partner! When Atikah ajaked me to see the cats downstairs.. atikah.. maybe you didn’t hear me the last 1000 times I told you…


Haih.. miza and atikah went downstairs leaving me and Fandi up there.. we were just finding things to talk about.. oklar.. he’s pretty nice.. after what felt like 10 minutes.. I saw Iqbal and Nasriff playing ‘hide-so-Fandi-won’t-see-us’ game.. I was just laughing when he found them.. HAHHAH!

Then all 6 of us went to Swenson.. none of them were there yet but we decided to just went in first.. We had a long table set for all 15 of us.. After making lotsa calls.. only then people start to come..

Tasnim.. Isko.. Diana.. Shameen.. Gg.. Fawwaz.. Iman.. Shahrul.. Zaty.... joined us in order..

I haven’t ordered yet.. when Shahrul came in.. then I ordered.. After eating a whole plate of nasi.. I don’t think I would wanna eat anything heavy.. I’d only settled for ice cream.. which is exactly what I ordered.. A one scoop of vanilla ice cream.. Shahrul ordered IceHouse or sumthing.. and isqo ordered a one free one scoop Pastachio ice cream..

I did eat some pita bread.. NICE! When shahrul ice cream came.. I was starting to wonder what happened to MY ice cream.. its only one scoop ice cream.. All you need to do is scoop it up.. dump it on the plate and serve me.. But I dind’t make a big fuss of it.. until a Pistachio ice cream came.. and guess what I saw..

Isko chowing down my ice cream! Hahaha! I was laughing.. I mean.. couldn’t he tell the differences between Vanilla and Pistachio? Weird..

I just ordered another one then.. We sang Isko his birthday song.. he looked like he enjoyed it.. That’s good..

Masa tgh makan.. we just sembang2 jer.. Shahrul offered me his ice cream.. Atikah.. I think I can eat the ice cream myself… he don’t need to suap me.. its okay.. his ice cream was nice though.. then I felt like I shoud’ve ordered sumthing more.. grand! But whateverlar kan!

We spent about 2 hours and 30 minutes there.. 30minutes for the whole kumpuling duit from everybody thing.. thanks MIZA!! Isko’s birthday dare was to gulp down some tabasco sauce.. its not much but its still pedas! Iqbal joined him too.. they were really red after that! Hahah!

-Its too long already.. I’m continue-ing on the next post!

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