Saturday, July 01, 2006

my memoir of SETIA CLUB.

aiyaiyai!. It's been about 2 weeks this thing have past and its only now that I have been in the mood, or free to post about it. owh well. here goes.

SETIA INSTALLATION 2006! wow. mention this to me about a year ago and I'll straight out scream to your face saying it will be one of the best event of the year. Why? because me and my group of friends will be the one organising it.

wow. it only seems like it's yesterday that gg, diana and I were in front of OMar's house (coincidentally) and was vowing to each other that we will join Setia in 2005 and try to be a part of the board of directors of the club. And true enough, we did. I still remember the interviews we had to go through.

Diana and I didn't get the part at first, but we sort of pulled some strings and the seniors re-considered us. And there I was, Project Manager Setia Club 2005. It was an amazing feeling. I remember where we were, how I felt, what I was wearing at the time I was told I got the part. It felt good.

And then we went through Futsal tournament. That was one of the many great experiences I ever had. Of course the management was horrible and almost everything turned out wrong. But I had fun.

And then we got installed. Setia INstallation 2005. Wow, that was one great night too. I was then the official Project Manager of Setia Club. Woohoo.. and then.. that's where this whole shananigin really started.

Yes, having 17 ppl to manage a club is NOT the best of idea. 17 heads means 17 different opinions. And at one point the BOD was actually divided into 2 parts. Half of us hate the guts of the other half. But we sometimes pretend like its nothing though we all the time talk bad about each other.

Motivational Talk-
Wow, that was our first real project on our own. We got the speaker. We handled the food. Place was done. And it was exciting. The response really wasn't all that great but at least the event worked out. I'm soo glad. And the whole 17 ppl worked together. The day turned out great.

And then there were little projects like Hari Merdeka Celebration, Kempen Budi Bahasa, Larian Lebuhraya. Setia handled them well.

It took us almost a year and a futsal event to reallyt get us all working together. I guess by then we had had already pick our Juniors therefor we felt that we needed to show a good amount of respect for each other so that the Juniors can take note of it.
We all worked out great during the futsal tournament. We depended on each other. We made sure everyone did theier job, we made sure wvweryone was a part of it, and we made sure everyone has a fair share of opinions.

By that time, I love the club more. I love everyone of the people in the club. I love Setia.

And then it was time to organize the big O. SETIA INSTALLATION 2006. This was actually what Diana, G and I was talking about that day infont of Omar's house. The day we get to host our very own Dinner Party. We went thorugh a lot of hell finding a place, getting it booked, getting the money, doing the tickets, getting the theme, designing the place, selling the tickets. And I was so glad that we got it alllllll done in time!

But I must say the Installtion that we oprganised this year wasn't as much fun as the past ones I had. Maybe because half the time I was prancing around the hall trying to make sure everything turned out fine.

And I can't believe that we pulled our performance off. It was Gg, Diana, Nashrah, Farhana and I on the stage. We choreographed a dance move to 2 songs and we danced like we had no care in the world. It was so much fun and a little mebarassing but we had fun on the stage.

Then when everything was settled, we all sat at the table and enjoyed the rest of the event.

I didn't have that much of fun. Seriously, I felt like it was pretty boring. And I didn;t really like the way I looked that time. Maybe it was because Ayong applied a little too much mascara on me. Not that I need any anyway. But if anyone asks, I am proud that I have organised the event. I am proud that I was a part of setia. I am proud that I got to work with those 17 people. And I am proud that I have gained so much experience through it.

I am proud that I am.. a SETIA.

- I'm so dramatic.

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