Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Internet Explorer VS Mozilla Firefox

Gosh its hot here.

I realized as I visited my blog using the less preffered Internet Explorer, that the allignment of the posts and profile description is a bit offputting. Originally people would assume that I have put on a wide spacing in between lines and have enlarged the size of my profile description. The sizes and colours of most of the other parts of the blog is accurate to my liking however the double spacing does not make it appealing to read.

I have not realized or bothered about this since I have been reading my blog through my beloved browser, Mozilla Firefox. And on this channel, the allignment is perfect. Please avoid reading this blog using the Internet Explorer if you can help it at least until I figure out how to fix it. As of now, I really still coudln't be much bothered. My assignments are already piling up as much as my laundry is.

Will fix later.

- Can I be the girl that you met at the coin laundry?

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