Friday, October 21, 2005


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well. I made it. 2 weeks of hardcore examing. and yet still have a week more to go.

life has been nothing but school. books. and sleepless nights studying.

note to self (for the thousand times) : Do Not Study Last Minute.

I'm telling you. I can't. I mean. Even if I tried. Theres this voice in me that always go.. "there's still time" or like "I don't care".


it sucks that my thought takes over me. A lot. Sometimes, I think or do things even I don't want to. Because my mind wants to. Made me actually. And it sucks.

I don't have self-control. Sometimes I do it because.. because I just did. Even thought I don't want to. Regrets. I get that a lot. sigh. I need one those little self-control device thing when I can zap myself whenever I think of doing somehting I know is either bad, wrong, or just something I don't want to do.

so anyway. back to my exams. yeah. I can't study early. I don't know why. I made this little 'jadual peperiksaan about a month before my exams'. guess what. I didn't follow at all. I mean I tried sure. I suppose to finish Bm and Eng. like 4 weeks before exam. And I only did the night before the exam. Thats just me. I cannot study early.

And I know its like a really bad thing. I mean. I have SPM next year. And it ain't gonna be easy or like 'theres still oher exams'. THAT IS THE BIG ONE!!! urgh.

I made plans for next year. Study plans. Pray to GOD I get to fulfill them as plan.
Which reminds me. The plan is now I am suppose to bury myself in study books. But look where I am.

well I figured it out. I have to study throughly on Friday and Sunday. Coz Saturday.. I'M GOING SHOPPING!! I can't wait. We're going to shop for baju raya. *jumps up and down*

so anyway. I have to study really good this time. the papers that has yet been sat for is accounts (1st paper) add maths (2nd paper and the killer) physics (1st paper) b. melayu (1st paper) sejarah (1st paper) and my mod maths (1st paper)

okay I lost hope in accounts - I did so bad in the 2nd paper, even if I scor full marks in paper 1, I'd still don't have an A. I'd get 69. How fucked up is that! so I am trying to get those full marks so I could PLEAD the teacher for one mark. I don't count on it though. the teacher is a bit -------

add maths -well first paper was quite easy. I mean, its okay. but the first paper is the real killer. so I need to really do well there. I mean if I do good in 1st paper and not so good in 2nd paper, its still not a sure A.

physcis - I mean I have to get an A right.

b. melayu - well I need to buck up on my second paper jugak. coz its not a sure thing my karangan the teacher like. So I need the other paper.

sejarah - my 2nd paper sucks! so I need my 1st one.

mod maths - I'M FAILING MY MOD MATHS BELIEVE IT OR NOT! My second paper was so bad I don't think the first one can support. But I have to do it good. URGH!!!!

I am so not getting top ten...

- I am having a semi-brain-damage. this post doesnt make sense.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

comics from GURLS

I went to the other day and found a page on comics. Despite having exams and all I still checked it out. Some of them are funny. Some doesn't even make sense. These are what I've read so far. Enjoy

Image hosted by -do not attempt this at home

Image hosted by -this one is quite funny, weird and a little gross

Image hosted by -do not attempt this at school

Image hosted by -its not really that bad. just embarassing

Image hosted by -no its not a special comic shrine for diana. its this girl who has a friend name diana. the story si nothing sangat. I just picked it coz we have our own diana. but don't worry diana, I don't think any of us are like her.

Image hosted by -there is nothing wrong or weird about it.

Image hosted by -its times like this I THANK GOD I have boobs.[my personal favourite]

You can check out some other comics Image hosted by and also other features at Image hosted by

- I am addicted to icon linkies.

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