Thursday, December 13, 2007

a new interface. a new start.

procrastination is the best word to describe what I have been doing lately. YES. This plan to start a fresh new blog with a fresh new interface has taunted me for almost 2 months now. But procrastination had a whole different plan for me. Now. I succeed.

ahh. I should have started this blog about six months ago. It would have been perfect to start a new blog on account to me starting a new life in college. I often make things sound more melodramatic than it really is but bare with me. I'm loving it.

I won't promise a constant update. heck. I actually owe almost a million posts on things that have happened to me and yet missed to write about. I suppose those memories must just stay in mind. I'm going NEW.

so I suppose starting it now is better than never right. My new interface is not completely done yet. I just got the muse to work on the new blog and suddenly, got the urge to write. I won't launch it just yet. Not until I am done fixing the loose ends of this blog. Like that horrific font they have. THATS GOING DOWN.

come pick up a glass of sprite and toast to a new start.

don't be mad my friends. I love you anyway.

- I'm waiting on the world to change.

from the mind to the fingers of Farisa Roslan | 4:56 pm | 1 Comments