Saturday, June 12, 2004

Harry Potter TRL!

OMG!! thank god shahir sms-ed me and told me about HARRY POTTER TRL!! ok.. so what if I've already seen it.. but I haven't taped it yet.. and thank god.. just now.. I DID!! omg!!! I can just melt away looking at the three of them..

Daniel - OMG!! I mean seriously.. he was soo simple and adorable and CUTE!! I mean seriously.. he's too cute to walk this grounds.. I mean.. seriously..!! ARGH!!! u guys gotta go check him out in TRL UK HARRY POTTER!! he looks so hot and yummy! hahahahah!! he's gotten really matured and guess what!? he is as tall as 58 stacks of the tape boxes.. I couldn't have guessed.. that lucky Greg guy! CURSES!! (ok now that I've read it again.. I said seriously like byk kali.. but seriously.. see how serious I am..)

Rupert - I love his hair.. its really cool and FUNKY!! its ike covering his eyes and like.. his cutie smile is soo.. cute! hahahah.. he dresses normally.. like he always does.. he's just plain rupert in there.. the way he talks and act.. hahaha.. its soo fun to see him.. and figures.. he forgots to do the essay Alfonso Quaron asked them to do based on their characters.. hahahah!! typical!! but he is soo cool looking in TRL!

Emma - pretty as ever OF COURSE!! I mean.. I LOVE HER HAIR!! I've been addicted to side-parted hair and now here she is.. having side-parted hair!! GOSH!! I just wish I could just rip off that pretty flawless face of hers.. just to make it.. less pretty so I don't have to be VERY MUCH jealous.. AAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! and OMG!! she did 16 PAGES of that essay! FREAKING 16 PAGES!! and she acted soo cool in TRL! very lady like and that "I'm just emma watson" attitude.. its soo CUN!! With capital C!! and her style.. hmm.. I'm sorry to say but her styles aren't very.. tasty.. I mean.. she wore like a red.. police uniform jacket kinda thing.. It looks nice on her.. just.. kinda weird.. but I LOVE HER HAIR!! (have I mention that?) at least I can agree with her on that!!

So basically all 3 or them are SOOOOOO COOL in there.. OMG!! I was like watching the tape over and over and over again.. OMG!! best nyer!! they're the best man!!

- rip that pretty face!! but its soo pretty to be jealous of..

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shopping SHOWDOWN!

istening to : cute little jeremy sumpter's voice in Frailty
mood :dandy!
current status : BORED!!

ouh kay.. so I don't know why.. my mom ajak me pergi shopping today.. out of the no where.. owh well.. so me and my mom and my auntie went shopping today! I was soo excited! KLCC some more.. heheheh.. KLCC + money + mom = new clothes and new shoes!!! right!?


guess what I found out when we reached there?

WE WERE SHOPPING FOR OFFICE CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it loosened my semangat already.. but.. u know.. optimistic.. I thought that.. 'okie.. it might be fun.. girls day out.. looking for OFFICE CLOTHES! u know.. it could be fun..'

It was okay at the beginning.. i got to help my aunt and mom find neat clothes.. and funky ones.. I never thought there were so many different types of suits.. oooo....

After lunching.. we went to this shop called the Edmundser.. sounds kinda cool.. I've been there a few times with my mom.. and from my experience.. It wasn't fun!!.. but here come the optimistic again..

Ok.. at first I helped my aunt find navy suits.. it was ok.. until we run out of navy suits to browse.. but my mom went SUIT CRAZY!! she was practically browsing through every baju in the store and I'm like.. MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok.. at first it was ok! UNTIL WE SPENT ONE HOUR IN THE FREAKING SHOP!! I had nothing to look for.. I think going to the lingerie store would be FUNNER for me.. at least they have 14 year olds' stuff there.. here.. they don't have 14 year olds' office suits!! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

after that.. I just went haywire.. I got really tired.. my legs are killing me.. my brother macam giler menangis.. ARGH!! and thats just it..

when my uncle came pick us up! the only decent thing that happened to me today.. is that I got my roti BOY!! not even one decent blouse.. not even shoes.. NOT EVEN A MANGY BRACELET! I was sad.. and tired.. and frustrated..

but I got home and rushed to kids choice award. HILARY DUFF!! so that got me happy again..


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SILLY signs

listening to : frankie whoever.. i dunno.. but she has nice song..
mood : okie..
current status : bored

wow! u see.. its kinda weird for me actually.. lemme tell you.. for the pat 2 weeks of the holidays.. I've been seeing a lot of the word SC!

weird or whut!?

today.. I went shopping with my aunt and mom.. and on the way back from KLCC.. (my uncle was driving us!!) I was just starring outside the window.. hands on my chin.. really boring.. then.. out of the WHO-KNOW-WHAT.. a car came past me.. and I saw the letters SC on its plate and was like.. "whoa".. of all the time.. place.. and letters the car could have.. it had to come that time.. that place.. with SC on it..

I'm telling you.. Its weird.. thats not just it.. I'm like.. I saw a lot of those SC thingies trough the whole 2 weeks.. I mean when I saw it for the first and second time.. I went like.. "Ouh.. okay.. u know.. thats kinda cool.. what a coincidence.." and now.. Its just.. weird.. don't you think?

- SC?

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11th June 2004!


this day has been one eventful.. BAD ASSS day!!

- I will arise and go NOW! and go to INNISFREE!!

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singing SOLUTION!

listening to : some woman explaining something about computers..
mood : bored!!!
current status : Wondering..

U know what got me thinking!?


U know what MALAYSIAN IDOL got me thinking!?

Am I that BAD when I sing?

Well.. my sister says I have bad tuning.. my voice I mean.. AAARRRGGGHHH!!

And do U know what this got me THINKING!?

How the heck am I suppose to sing MY song if I have a BAD ASS voice! broken down record!?

So basically.. thats my fear right now.. not being able to SING my song.. nicely.. sure I can sing.. but I DON'T want to be like the guy on tv. AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! seriously.. my grandma sings better.. (not that I ever heard her sing before..) see how bad it is..?

Haih.. So what am I to do? I want my song to be HEARD! AAARRRGGGHHH!! let SOMEONE ELSE sing MY song!? NO WAY!! So I've got only 2 options now.. ok make it 3..

1. never sing my song EVER! its not worth RUINING it..
2. dump the RUINING and the BAD ASS voice and sing in FRONT of my friends.. (and
embarrass myself, but still walking away feeling proud that I SANG it..)
3. play the guitar REALLY LOUD to cover my voice..
4. (ok one more).. let SUMONE ELSE sing MY song..

can u guys give comments on this blog.. what i should do and stuff.. I'm really lost.. well not really.. but still.. help is GOOD!

- should I sing? or should I NOT!!? no ONE told me once.. so I never had a CHANCE to FORGOT!

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disturbing DOOZLE!

listening to: some commercial on the tv.
mood : disturbed..

I don't know why.. but I'm excited to see someone else standing 2 feet away from Daniel Radcliffe (only the love of my life!).. I mean.. I'm suppose to be all envious and like.. feeling angsty and "I HAVE A DULL LIFE!".. but I'm not.. well, I'm forcing myself to.. but I'm just not.. kinda weird actually..

So anyways.. whats new.. hmm...

miza.. just told me she broke her guitar pick.. very interesting.. she bit off her pick whilst surfing on the net.. WEIRD or what..

AAARRGGGHHH!!! my sarcasm just isn't with me now.. I cannot write like I usually does.. disturbing ain't it..


OK.. theres one good thing tahts happened today.. is that I am ALMOST done with my folio perdagangan!! HOORAA!!!!!!

ok.. recap of today!

- got up! helped my brother settle down in front of the tv..
- started on my folio..
- still doing my folio..
- folio half way done..
- my brother got burnt down at the back of his neck..
- still more folio..
- its like I'm getting married to that folio!
- mom and dad comes back..
- the whole "KENAPA TAK JAGA ADIK!!"
- feeling really angsty..
- feel really bad..
- wanna do my seni.. kena marah for doing it masa maghrib
- did my folio..
- made really bad sotong balls..
- back to the folio..
- folio again..
- and now I'm here on the net..

BORING AIN'T IT!! haih.. and miza and atikah! u thought ur life was boring..


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Friday, June 11, 2004

burnt to the CRISPS!

no.. I'm not talking bout my cookies.. my cookies are perefectly fine! well, I didn't make cookies anytime recently so basically.. there are no cookies to be fine of! does that make sense?

so anyways.. I actually was talking about imran! who's that u ask!? he's just my innocent 1 year old baby brother who happens to be very cute like me.. hahahah.. so anyways.. back to the main point.. refering to my title.. we can all conclude now, that my cute baby brother imran, has got burnt..

ok ok! maybe burnt to the crisps is too strong.. coz he takdalah sampai kena rush to the hospital.. (well, we didn't anyway).. but still, he got burnt at the back of his neck.. It looks so painful and like.. icky and gross.. argh! I swear if that happened to me.. I'll go all berserk! I'll run around and call a taxi to the hospital right away.. thats only coz I like to exaturate but still its gotta hurt.. does crying VERY loudly tells you that!?

so anyways.. guess who was to blame for that!? NOT ME! thats for sure.. but guess who blamed me!? my MAID! thats right! the word maid and blaming DOES NOT go together.. thats right.. she's the MAID here.. and why? lemme tell you..

my 10 year old brother ajin just 'sunat'.. so anyways.. here I am running errands for that boy.. you know.. "angah I want air".. "angah the remote".. "angah I'm hungry".. "angah wheres my pokemon cards".. I'm telling you its starting to get to me.. who am I? your possy? (or however you spell those..) I'm like.. never nice to my brother.. (only when I want sumthing).. and here I am.. running up and down making sure he's all comfy and satisfied.. ARGH!!

so anyways.. his friend called and I went up to give him the phone.. and of course its only normal to wait there till he finishes coz I won't be coming up again just to put down his phone for him.. puh-lease.. so I waited up there.. when I put down his phone.. I was ready to go down again.. and thats when I heard the CRYING! freaked out of course!

I went down and I saw my maid running to her room carrying the crying baby? guess what I did.. ran after her duh! so anyways.. the whole time she was putting lotion on the baby.. she was like.. "haih.. adik kena minyak.." in that ungrateful tone.. you know.. one that has a hidden meaning saying "ITS YOUR FAULT! YOU TAK JAGA DIA WHEN UR SUPPOSE TO! AND HE CAME TO ME AND KENA MINYAK WHEN I WAS COOKING!" like puh-lease.. why is it my fault!? the baby was right there with you! YOU! YOU!! YOU THE MAID!! and I was upstairs doing favors for my brother.. I'm not superman you know.. I can't take care of both my brothers at the same time.. thats her JOB! she's paid to do that! I'm not! and I can't even take care of myself properly.. argh! bite me!

So now she doesn't wanna talk to me.. or hand me the baby. I was like.. "tak nak bagi sudah!" so I went back to my seat.. and sang my song LOUDLY!! that'll teach her.. hmph! whatever!

My brother just woke up now.. I wanna go see how's his doing with his well done skin.. hahahah.. (ok thats mean!).. bye!

- wasn't my FAULT you didn't take care of him properly..!

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my first SONG!

I'm guessing that this was how gG felt after she finish writing her first song! I felt happy! I can't stop singing it! hahah.. The song just came to me.. I finished doing it in like.. 20 minutes.. weird.. I guess you just have to have these moments for these kinda tings.. owh well.. here it is.. I haven't have the music yet.. but I wil..

You Weren’t There..

I just, want you to know
That you were my boy
It was you I adored

But you had, to turn your face around
You act like you’re not found
To make that silly sound
When I am around

And you, pretend that I’m , invincible
And you, don’t care that I’m, breakable
You fight,
With all you might,
And I’ve waited all night,
But you weren’t there

I just, want you to know
That I just got bored
That I am just sored

But you had, to come and, apologize
To act like I’m alove
But really, you just critisized
I am just tired

And you, pretend that I’m , invincible
And you, don’t care that I’m, breakable
You fight,
With all you might,
And I’ve waited all night,
But you weren’t there

I cry
Thinking that
You weren’t mine

I fly
Knowing that
It’ll all be fine

I lie
Believeing that
Its the end of the line

And you, pretend that I’m , invincible
And you, don’t care that I’m, breakable
You fight,
With all you might,
And I’ve waited all night,

And you, pretend that I’m , invincible
And you, don’t care that I’m, breakable
You fight,
With all you might,
And I’ve waited all night,
But you weren’t there

No you weren’t there
No you weren’t there


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Thursday, June 10, 2004

knick knacks on the RACK


So much for dieting.. I have been eating a lot lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sumbody stop me.. I find myself constantly around food all the time.. ok so maybe it was just because of the period.. but now its over.. and I'm still eating.. GET THOSE FOOD AWAY FROM ME!!

But you see.. theres just one problem.. I CAN'T FREAKING CONCENTRATE ON MY STUDYING IF I DON'T HAVE FOOD NEXT TO ME! torturing ain't it?AARRGGGHH!! this kills me.. just today.. I had a whole bunch of knick knacks and chicadies on the table I was studying on.. I felt kinda embarrassed when my mom's friend came to drop of her son.. but what the heck.. ARRRGGHHH!!!

Anyways.. I made my first pop corns today!! YAY!! it was really exciting.. to just throw them in them in the microwave and hear them go "POP".. hahahah.. owh well.. it tastes kinda nice actually.. butno caramel means its not BEST! no 'umph' as peple like to say.. or no 'kaw'.. haahaahha.. why 'kaw'?

So thats it.. It won't be a surprise if I have gained a few pounds!! here come the AAARRRGGGHhHHH again.. I guess maybe part of the whole me being the 'FOOD MACHINE" (its soo icky to say that).. is coz I've been stressed out.. with all this studying.. isyh!! I love studying.. ok maybe love is such a strong word.. but the fact that.. its kinda fun! yeah! fun wehn I did it 2 weeks ago..

And my mom is taking me shopping this Saturday!? why? because I've been goofing around for the past week? puh-lease! and whats worse.. is that I don't feel liek going shopping! I jsut wanna saty home. and study! pathetic ain't it! AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGH!!!!!!!!! BITE ME!!


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the problem with next door UNCLE!

listening to : Diffuser - I Wonder
mood : getting less bored.. hey this thing does help!

ok.. this is a story of me and one faithful day I went to ashraf's house.. and his uncle came over..

as usual.. me and my two guyfriends always hang out at ashraf's place at nights for guitar playing.. (as if we don't have enough time with each other masa petang).. I had some work to do that night.. so I had to eat dinner pretty late.. just when I thought I could peacefully eat my tinned can szechuan soup.. shahir had to call me and invite me to go out.. reluctantly.. I agreed.. (even though I have Harry Potter on MTV screen that night..

so i cooked up my soup and brought it over to ashraf's..

the 3 of us just hang there.. me enjoying my soup.. and the guys playing guitar and at the same time feeling disgusted over my icky looking soup.. (which does not look icky by-the-way) .. its only the lighting and the fact that its brownish in colour.. doesn't make it look icky.. well it sure doesn't taste icky though.. thats for sure.. so./ ignore the yappy-doodle and just ate my soup..

10 minutes later.. ashraf's mom pull out of the driveway.. and along came his uncle and form 4 cousin! AAARRRGGGHHH!! I'm in my jammies for god's sake.. the uncle came up to us and was like.. "class guitar ker?".. we were all just putting on our sweet smile masks.. and seeing me being the only girl.. and the only one with a spoonfull of soup in my hand.. asked me "what is that!?".. I was just smiling and politely saying 'some sort of soup!" -being nicey and all next-door-girl type.. is hard.. (even though literally, I am the next door girl)- ARRGGHHH!! BITE ME!

so basically we just hung out that nite.. the uncle made a few visits outside.. asking us about guitars and insisting me on playing a P. Ramlee song! heylo! as much as I love to do that.. I just don't know how to.. I barely made it through "My Immortal".. and as I return what was left of my szechuan soup dinner.. I came back to ashraf's and hung out with the addition of his cousin.. (cute but nah..........)

and when I thought that was that.. I recently met up with his uncle again.. when he picked us up from tuisyen class.. he had to remind me of the soup! I was just smiling again.. his uncle made attempts to talk to me and made funny jokes.. and being the nice person I am (with grown ups) I laughed.. some of them were pretty funny though..

and 2 days ago.. me, ashraf and shahir went on our daily basis walk around the padang.. and ashraf's mom came to the padang to talk to ashraf.. and who else is better to be there than his 'joke man uncle'.. the minute I saw the uncle.. my feet just went jello.. (do I have to go to them? yeah DUH!) so ashraf's mom made him go have lunch at 6 o'clock.. the mom was insisting on taking us to the mamak store "asam pedas' near there.. and the uncle.. suggested I take him for a round of SOUP!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!! whats with the uncle and soups.. or in this case.. MY soup.. pirsh!!! weird... I'm starting to get creeped out by this person..

and tonite.. we hung out outside again.. and his uncle and mom came back from buying dinner.. both of them came up to me and commented on my 'WHOA LOOK AT THAT GIRL' hair.. I'm telling you.. Its starting to get to me.. just leave my hair ALONE!! and then.. guess what the uncle did! He invited me to dinner.. WHOA!!! I mean.. what the heck.. its nice and all.. but dinner.. I'm starting to think he's planning on my engagement with ashraf already!! puh-lease.. I sweetly declined and my body just went up to chills when he went in the house.. both of the guys teased that the uncle 'likes' me.. EEWWW!!! the uncle is not bad.. and I don't hate him.. he's not the type yg.. "HEY LOOK.. TEENGAE GIRL!" kinda type.. just the fact that.. he's been obsessed with all this.. and my soup! argh!!...


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FUNKY hair drama!

listening to : sway, bic runge
mood (I'll make a point to write this in every post) : BORED!!

the only decent thing thats been going on with me is my hair.. it looks nice right now.. since I am obsessed with hair styles.. once again I come up with ways to make my hair looks more.. shaped..

I have side-parted my hair.. and have braided it into little pieces.. you know.. like one of those black people's hair.. the one where you just braid ur whole hair kinda way.. yeah.. my hair is like that rite now.. just messier.. but it looks good.. one of those moments when I kinda agree to the fact that I look.. nice..

Mom said having my hair parted at the side makes me look.. grown up! heylo! whats wrong with that!? I think I look really nice having my hair side-parted.. despite anyone's comment.. ok.. or maybe until after about 20 "U LOOK UGLY IN THAT HAIR" comment..

Is it me.. or up till I'm ADDICTED to side parted hairs, a lot of stars have been having that style.. and EMMA! OMG! have you seen her hair! If I was a guy.. I'll definitely fall for her.. (though its not like none other 10 million guys in the whole world doesn't).. AARRGGHH!! but it still looks SOOO DAMN PRETTY!! I just love her hair!!

So right now.. I'm just waiting for another 5 days before I can un-tie these little braidies thats in my head.. and It'll come out like how I want to.. (and by this, I don't mean Alicia Key's).. sorry to her.. but her hair in her single.. You Don't Know My Name.. is just.. revolting! horrible! I think cats look better.. and I don't like cats!

Having my hair braided like this, I've been getting "WHOA LOOK AT THAT GIRL!" reactions.. Isn't this normal!? heylo! Its called stylin'! Just today.. My mom invited all my uncles and their lovey-dovey families) to come have dinner at our place.. and all my uncles and aunts gave this.. "ARE YOU SURE WE DON'T NEED TO RUSH YOU TO THE HOSPITAL" look! PUH-LEASE!! sweet smile is always a good mask!

- Is it wrong to have FUNKY hair?

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when evil DR. Boredom strikes!

Finally.. I finish with my blog.. nothing biggie.. its not even as GRAND as I thought it would be.. but being the optimistic person I am.. looking on the bright side.. at least its pink.. and at least now I have sumthing to write my thoughts into..

It would definitely help kill evil DR. Boredom!

Who's that u ask?

Evil DR. Boredom is the most.. filthy.. disgusting.. menacing.. most boring-est villain known to man kind.. and I am it's no. 1 target.. joy.. I have been kidnapped by this so called DR. and need help to get free.. free cookies for anyone who helps! and trust me.. they're good!

And now.. what else is better than for me to write my thoughts in... and defeat DR. Boredom once and for all..

kinda dumb thinking about it actually.. so whats new?

My life hasn't been much of a "PARTAY" mode.. its more of a.. "SIT AT THAT TABLE AND FILL UR BRAIN WITH USEFULL EDUCATION! LIKE WHY THE EARTH IS ROUND!"..


I haven't been talking to SC much lately and its getting pretty upseting.. (ur question of why DR. Boredom chose me, has been answered).. I miss him loads lately..

My cous is here.. next to me actually.. discovering the wonders of friendster.. ahahahaha.. and I'm here.. filling in my thoughts on how I can make my world a better place..

- Kill Dr. Boredom please.. sumbody!

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-the opening-

my first OFFICIAL blog.. yay.. look out blank page.. here I come!!

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