Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello Stranger.

I'm sick of having to explain myself everytime I stopped writing in this blog. I have given many excuses but truth of the matter is, I sometimes get too busy or I sometimes get too lazy. A friend of mine suggested that I terminate the blog whole, that way people won't be expecting anymore updates. I contemplated but came to the conclusion that this blog is a part of my life. How could one delete a part of them off?

I initially started the blog because my friends had them. I went on a few years writing this blog with the simple purpose to write and tell the stories to my closest friends. Honestly, my naivety convinced me that only my close friends read this blog but when I entered INTEC, I found that there are people whom I do not want to read my blog, actually do. I guess that's when I stopped caring so much. INTEC was a dark, necessary period of my life but I reduced to feeling pathetic to myself rather than share the thoughts on my blog, or as you can call it now, my companion.

I discovered along the way that I loved writing. Well, I actually love to talk and this blog keeps listening. I also love it as I know I can go back to my past. It's good to be able to see how much you have grown up through the years and boy I did. My thinking, my writing, my opinions and my beliefs.

Now I'm not going to promise that I will update more often now that I found my love again. I can't commit but I can say that I have found a long lost friend. And I would need it to accompany the ups and downs that I'm facing here in Melbourne. I guess I have to accept that there are people who might be reading this even though I would not want them to. That's fine for me. I will now write and open my thoughts to a bigger audience. I'll behave. :)

Anyway, I'll end this post by sharing a current favorite song of mine.

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