Wednesday, July 14, 2004

my little PMR CORNER!

listening to : I have no idea what band's name is.. and the music sucks really!
mood : hmm...
current status : (does that tell you something?)

is having a whole jadual belajar for PMR means I'm really commited to my PMR now?


well.. at least I think so.. hope so..

today? hmm...

bgn pagi? just got ready mcm biasa! but didn't forget the watch! ahhah! important!!

sampai sekolah? I just got there.. and showing people my new really pretty watch.. but I din't wear it right away.. saja wanted to kenakan him.. make him think that.. "she's not wearing THE watch" but bila tukar for pj then I decided to wear it.. but my friends were pushing me to wear it so YAY! I did..

we just spend an hour in bilik APD.. doing what!? WATCHING A REALLY OLD VERSION OF ROMEO AND JULIET eww.. eww.. eww.. I mean.. I'm all about really cute teenager's love life kinda story but romeo and juliet is just.. RIDICULOUS!

eww.. eww.. eww..

(sorry if your a fan of romeo and juliet too atikah)

so then.. fire drill thingy.. we all had to just kumpul at the pdg.. whoo... we just lengang jer pergi pdg.. instead of the running around going.. "ARGH! I'M GONNA DIE! THE FIRE'S GONNA GET ME!!".. which is what we really should've done though.. but there are the whole "ARGH! I'M GONNA DIE!" but with A LOT of sarcasm!.. mhm.. mhm..

pj? FUNNEST! we played SKIP ROPE!! hahahha! best giler..

Hi Low Swing Dolly Pepper Anything Ordinary Blue Bell Blindlist

serious! the song pon best too! diana was great! zaty did the whole Dolly which is susah.. and me? So i wasn't BEST (so whats new right?).. but i did pretty well..

sains? got the paper.. damn.. the tension was running.. I got a solid 60! pray to the lord! but theres the whole.. mark salah thing.. so we're ADDING up more baby! woo-hoo!!

rehat? biasa...

bm? GOD! we had to rush to the BBM room.. or else dimerit! (ahh.. takutnya!)

when we got there.. we were given the time to change.. so we did..

changing? pon nak tahu jugak ker?

BM.. when I got back.. Ciang Shi Wei is already half through his Lisan! OMG!! which means I'm only 2 person away! ARGH! and I haven't done anything to prepare except the notes I took blindly out of the carta thingy-majigy.. PREASURE AND TORTURE!

after farah was done.. I HAD to bgn.. I was all.. argh malunya! and the class was all.. clapping and cheering for me like I'm gonna sing them a song pulak! I was blushing..

the whle presentation.. I was just reading and laughing and malu-malu-ing.. ahahha.. serious.. takut gila.. but it was kinda fun since farah and zahra and sachin were making it.. funny.. so it was pretty cool! then after that.. I just wasn't paying attention in the rest of the other guys punya lisans.. I was just talking to farah and melisa about our old crushes.. ahaahha... more interestiong that bahagian-bahagian bunga don't you think?

we got our paper! yikes.. A 74! SE-VEN-TY FO-UR! haih.. pleading need to be done.. navin.. will play my partner in crime.. since he too... got a SE-VEN-TY FO-UR!.. shafiq can join too I suppose.. 2 marks is ok too give free right?

I just wasn't feeling good after that.. I wasn't depress because I got a 74.. I was just depress because izzati was depress and didn't wanna talk to me.. I mean seriously.. what am I? a rotting tree who's just gonna sit there till she says sumthing.. NO WAY!

she didn't wanna talk to me so WHATEVER la kan.. I just went to teh front when Diana joined me.. argh! We just talked about.. stuff.. asrama and stuff... you know. those normal talks.. I still wasn't feeling to well.. so I went over to atikah's.. grab her from her class.. and write SALLY LOVES SHIICK on my clas board.. ahahha.. (ok diana did but same all same all)it was kinda fun lar.. atikah is the best angsty cure.. serious..

then when she got back.. I just got depressed again.. and farah HAD TO beli keropok and offered me.. you know me and my whole 'EAT when I'm depressed' problem.. haih.. geramnya!

got back.. biasa lar.. I masuk net for an hour.. it was all ok and stuff.. sahhrul tertinggal his bag in the class thats now locked so tak tau nak buat apa.. I invited him to come take his bag now.. masa ptg.. but he couldn't make it..

then I just got BORED! nothing to do! too bored.. need help.. need harry potter.. need cookies.. (and lucky I have them!)

so i just started on my jadual PMR!

I got so into it.. that OMG!.. it looked so official and ready to be.. followed.. and I can't wait to actually ikut the jadual.. I also did a whole calender counting the days till PMR! (I had lots of time)

so now.. on my room wall.. I have a whole 'PMR CORNER' hahah! weird huh?

Farisa's PMR CORNER : consists of
- the PMR jadual
- the Farisa's studying for PMR jadual
- the Farisa's counting the days till the PMR calender
- and a cute little pouch made out of paper.. to put pencils in it.. (seriously.. i don't knwo why its there.. but it makes it more.. official and makes me look more.. into it! ahahha)

after that.. I made dinner! SZECHUAN SOUP.. canned SZECHUAN SOUP! you know.. the 'icky looking' soup thing that was an 'issue' not very long ago.. with ashraf's uncle that is.. haih.. sedap!

and now I'm here.. telling people what I did today.. with the whole PMR corner thing.. I mean.. you guys read this stuff? its just what I did one whole day.. but its kinda flattering that you guys do baca.. never mind lar.. signing off!

- (still feeling like this..)

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WOW!! thanks you guys! seriously, I don't know many people come in here to read my blog.. I mean seriously.. most of them are just about my day.. ok.. with the exception of the whole.. songs.. and the gwen stefani thing.. and the whole.. wishes and stuff.. but still..

and I'm telling you guys.. practically all my posts are like.. 10 feet long.. (ok maybe thats exaguratting (or however you spell it).. but its still damn long!) and thanks for all the comments.. I mean seriously.. I didn't know Fawwaz, Omar and Saufi comes in here to read stuff about... me.. I mean I'm just me..

Its really flattering.. I'm touched..

awh.. tears.. hahah.. nah..

you guys rock.. hahahah...

owh well.. I hope I'd still have more time to update this little pink blog of mine.. what with all the PMR and going away to asrama and stuff.. owh well..

love you guys! thanks again!

- keep the comments coming baby!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

my birthday PRESENT!

wow! I came back really happy today! Shahrul gave me a birthday present before I went back from school.. I was just so eager to get back home to see what it is.. I was just hiding the nicely wrapped box-thingy so my friends won't have to boycott me into opening it there and then..

when I got home.. my maid was like.. 'asal happy sgt?' but who cares.. I was just smiling till I get to my room.. I bukak tudung and dumped everything on my bed and sat on my sister's bed to open the gift!

my heart was beating.. it was really exciting.. when I opened the wrapper (carefully).. theres was a blue box.. on it sayd 'Just For You".. wow.. I was all touched and stuff..


and I haven't even see the present yet..

and when I opened the box.. I nice blue colour watch rested in it.. I was all melting and stuff.. it was the sweetest thing.. and its pretty too.. serious.. I'm not just saying it coz shahrul was the one who gave it to me.. but really its nice.. I'm in love with the strap! and the bulat thingy has very cute shapes made out to form numbers 1 to 12.. (just come to me if you wanna see it coz it hard to explain)

I was like.. gila cair lar.. put it on right away.. and went to show my maid.. (I guess I just really need to show it to sumone and all my friends are like.. not there.. so maid pon.. maid lar..)

I called shahrul afterwards to thank him again! and then we masuk net sekejap.. but it was kilat-ing and stuff.. so we had to get off.. but shahrul called me and we talked for about half an hour but then I had to go bake cookies for my cpusin's party.. MENGACAU JER! but it was fun while it lasts.. wow!

after hujan.. I masuk net jap.. we were just talking..

it was one of the funnest day for me jugak lar.. very touchy and cair-y.. its just wonderful..

- thanks shahrul!

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

have you EVER? (sorry for the tiru-ing the title miz..)

have you ever..

-wish you have a twin?
-wish you could dissapear just for one day?
-wish everything would be fine the next day?
-wish you could take back something you regret doing?
-wish you can live in england?
-wish you could leave town for one day?
-wish your life would be better?
-wish you could be as smart as your friends?
-wish you have more money?
-wish you have your own room?
-wish that guy would call?
-wish your parents would understand you?
-wish you could understand them?
-wish the whole world would be a better place?
-wish rape-ing cases would just STOP!?
-wish all those posers to get a life?
-wish you could be the best cookie maker in the world?
-wish you could just pick up the damn phone and call him?
-wish you would just accidently bump into him and end up on a date with him?
-wish your day wouldn't turn out bad?
-wish you have nicer hair?
-wish you could have your own talk show?
-wish you could spend (at least) one day with Daniel Radcliffe?
-wish you could cry for no reason?
-wish your sister would be next to you in time you need her most?
-wish you wouldn't be critisized over small things?
-wish everyone are friends instead of those stupid clans?
-wish mom would allow you to go on dates?
-wish your grounding hours would be over NOW?
-wish there is something better on tv?
-wish you could just sit in your room and study?
-wish you are avril of hilary?
-wish you could have your own band?
-wish you could create musical fusion?
-wish you could blow your mind with your ROCK? (influenced by school of rock)
-wish your life would be more like Samantha Madison's?
-wish you have a boyfriend?
-wish your love life is.. real?
-wish you could eat something you can't?
-wish you own toys R us?
-wish you could make your baby brother shut up when he's suppose to?
-wish you were smarter?
-wish all you friends understand you?
-wish everyone would forgive you?
-wish you could be thinner?
-wish you were taller?
-wish Ron and Hermione end up together?
-wish me and sc end up together?
-wish wishing upon stars can actually come true?
-wish you could act in the Harry Potter sequels?
-wish your grades are better?
-wish school canteen's foods are better?
-wish you could be more polite?
-wish you could be less klutzy?
-wish your tudung would stay perfect all the time?
-wish the day would start in the afternoon?
-wish you could look good in yellow?
-wish you can dye your hair pink?
-wish your brother isn't such a pain in the 'dubur'?
-wish your tv is not rosak at times you really need it?
-wish your handphone's batteries are full at times when you really need it to be?
-wish farah could sit near you?
-wish you could sit next to your friends?
-wish you have 3-way-calling?
-wish you have time to bake cakes?
-wish you can be good at guitar?
-wish you can be good at drums?
-wish its already saturday so you can go jamming?
-wish you could pass ur music exam?
-wish mom wouldn't wake up so you can stay longer on the net?
-wish dad would stay up so he can tell you if your mom is awake?
-wish you wouldn't get in trouble when your mom finds out you're staying longer on the net?
-wish your brother would stop smirking when mom scold you about the net thing?
-wish your sister was there when you got grounded and no more internet?
-wish you have long distance pen-pals?
-wish you have a phone with voice recorder in it?
-wish you could have a clothing line?
-wish mom wouldn't ask you whats wrong when there is something wrong?
-wish you can play guitar in tuisyen class?
-wish the guys eyes would secretly look into your direction?
-wish you could have good eyesight?
-wish guitar isn't so heavy?
-wish your headset don't get rosak when you need it?
-wish you could find somehting when you really need it?
-wish omar didn't hear your singing?
-wish shahir could let you stay longer on the swings?
-wish you could even get to the swings?
-wish he comes to school tomorrow?
-wish you go to school tomorrow?
-wish all your wishes can come true?

-well.. you might never but I know I have..

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TOP ten reasons I'm GLAD I'm NOT gwen stefani!

10. I don’t have to go on tour. I can stay home with my internet. Plus see
shahrul at school all the time.. well, that is if both of us actually come to
school.. and theres the whole, PJ and KH thing..

9. Between school, tuisyen and music lessons, and my social life, I really don’t have
time to put that much thought into my wardrobe. Dressing whimsically is actually a
lot of responsibilty.

8. Gwen has stuff written about her in the tabloids and stuff. Some are not even true.
I don't think I want the whole world to know where I live, whats my number or even
what I had for dinner. Nor am I ready for the whole world to judge me base on my
music (which is not very appealing) and my style (which is also not appealing)

7. Gwen don’t have time, or don’t even stay in one place that long to be able to go on
a date or catch a movie with friends (or boyfriends).

6. Gwen wears a lot of navel bearing outfits. My navel isn’t exactly my best feature.
Fortunately, my mom told me if she ever catch me wearing navel bearing outfit, she
would never let me go to anymore dates or jamming as long as I live. Besides I have
the whole ‘tudung’ thing.

5. According to my sister, who reads a lot of girl beauty magazines, if I dyed my
hair as often as Gwen has, it would all fall out.

4. Gwen has to hang out all day, everyday with the rowdy boys in her band. The only
boys I ever have to hang out with are shahrul, my friends, my brother’s
friends and my friend’s boyfriends, and none of them, so far has expressed any
interest in playing the drums wearing nothing at all, which, if you ask me, would
be totally embarrassing.

3. Gwen may not be aware of this little known fact but geeks make the best
boyfriends.It sounds surprising, but it is true. You know those little smiles of
Shahrul’s, the little secret ones he always seemed to have on his face? Those
smiles, he says, are on account of me. Because, he told me, he never thought he’d
meet a girl like me.

2. Gwen’s sister, though she’s probably nice and all, can’t possibly be as cool as
mine, who, even though she can be a real pain sometimes, is actually pretty
righteous the rest of the time. I mean, she totally forgive me for the whole me
playing guitar (when its something she really wants to do) and the time she helped
me looking really pretty on the Setia night (at least I think I did). Does that
tell you something?

And the number-one reason I’m glad I’m not Gwen Stefani:

1. Because then I wouldn’t be me.

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birth ORDER!

First Born (aka ayong) : Bossy. Always gets what she wants. Kids most likely to end up discovering the cure for cancer, hosting her own talk show, stepping up to the alien mothership when it lands and being all “Hey, welcome to Earth” etc.

Last Born (aka Imran/Ajin) : Baby. Always gets what they want. Kids most likely to be CEO of a major corporation, dictator of a small country, supermodel, you name it.

Middle child (aka me) : Lost in the shuffle. Never gets what she wants. Kids most likely to end up a teen runaway, living on leftover Big Macs scrounged from Dumpsters behind the local Mc Donald’s for weeks before anyone even notices she is gone.

-Its true. I read this somewhere.

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