Friday, July 02, 2004


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school was biasa I guess.. for 2 periods the teacher semua meeting so all of us just hang out and stuff.. It was boring coz.. GOD THERES NOTHING TO DO! I got restless I actually pergi tandas for the sake of walking.. I gave shahrul my Pokemon draw book.. (a book where I actually drew all these Pokemons in it.. back to the time when I was obsessed with them.. seriously, Pokemon best lar!) so anyway.. we got BORED BORED BORED!! we just pergi miza's and shameen's class...

It was fun there.. we just talked about a lot of stuff..
- cikgu awang (particularly shameen..)
- my b'day party
- slumber party and how they all are gonna pamper me! what am I? Molly the Manequin?
- books (books?)
- other stuffs..

Best lar! then kena balik kelas coz dah masa sains.. so me and diana went back and the whole class was going to the makmal.. so we just cepat-cepat pergi ambik our book.. the form 4 class is already there.. so mcm whateverla kan.. and then.. OMG! I saw on the board! IN BIG LETTERS! saying shahrul loves farisa! OMG! I quickly run to the borad.. padam my name.. and ran out of the class! ZATY!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!

we got there and we just buat our sains paper.. can you believe it.. we actually was doing kerja! and its not even compulsary for that day! I mean we don't have to hantar it today! so why bother buat now right? kan we can just put in aside like we always do.. WOW! maybe we are changing.. (moulding?)or maybe we're just rajin that time.. so we just finished out work jer..

then when we got back from sains.. cikgu engliah takda! so we just hung out summore.. GOD REMMEBERS WHAT we were doing tadi.. I tak ingat! so anyways.. we just hang around tahts for sure.. making fun of melisa again I think!

recess : was biasa.. just normal.. I feel those.. sumthings bad gonna happen feeling again.. (I'm telling yah! its getting really annoying now.., asyik dpt jer!) then it was ok.. came back to class.. and terus pergi bengkel KH.. for bonding time with PN. Majenah!

we stayed there for one period I think.. talking about grades.. marks.. behaviours.. farah (my favourite subject.. ahahahah).. how pandai diana is.. how we're suppose to finish jahitan by this monday (AAARRRGGGHHH!!) and stuff larr.. best jugak lar.. not bad.. beats listening to sangeeta and her 'tanduki' talk.. or watching melisa doing math WHO-KNOWS-WHAT.. or hear shafiq make stupid jokes.. or being around the group of chinese gals .. studying! GOD!! we have 2 days guys! 2 DAYS TO BE FREE!!

so when we got back.. we jsut hung out with tan yang.. he's really cool! then we changed our time table.. I got really bengang! we took 4 months to get use to this one 'which happens to pernah kena tukar jugak dulu'.. and now they're chancing the times.. Puan Safinat for sains!!?? DAMN!! PJ 3rd period.. and PJ AND SENI SAME DAY!!! ~!@#$%^&*!!

once again.. they found ways to make our lives miserable.. AND SUCEED!

bite me!

or in this case.. bite the whole damn anybody who tukar the freaking timetable..

so whateverlar kan.. masa dah nak balik.. melisa gathered every tudung gals.. and shooed me of! like WHAT THE! she said it was baout me! THAT SOO MADE ME FEEL BETTER MELISA! argh! then masa balik.. I senyap! MALAS NAK CKP! Ur not telling.. I'm not talking.. Diana being her NICE self.. told me what it was about.. I just laughed.. turns out it was sumthing I already knew.. Melisa said I am really lucky.. I'm like.. WHAT...

then masa balik.. the guys ajak miza pergi tgk spider man.. I wanna go.. but takda orang ajak! I'M NOT GONNA BE THE GILR-WHO-COMES-WHEN-PEOPLE-TAK-AJAK-BUAT-'AS-NAWAL-SAID-THAT-DAY-TO-OMAR'-KACAU-DAUN-JER kinda girl! hahahha.. (for anyone yang tak paham what I just said, it just basically means, I don't wanna be penyebok!)

we waited for G for 30 minutes or so.. she had to finish her exam.. we waited so she don't have to walk back alone.. such good friends she has.. she hugged me when we were parting! that was really sweet.. btw.. miza told me sumthing about 'matahari akan timbul di barat di bulan marikh pada bulan depan.. BULAN FREAKING DEPAN!OMG! I got scared coz earth is dekat ngan mars! and the tanda tanda kecil kiamat dah tunjuk! and al-quran pon dah hilang ayat! TAKUT NYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't want to believe it.. but takut that I have to.. ARGH!!!!

so when I got back.. It got really boring.. I just played Harry Potter the whole day! nothing else to do.. whilst wondering what they all were doing at piramid and wished I could be there.. haih.. so instead of one day with SC.. instead I get to watch my brother POOPED! DISGUSTING!!.. so tahts just it..

I did get to CONDITION my hair today!! YAY!!!! its really nice now.. hehehehe.. so.. hermione! argh!
I looove my hair..

so then.. pergi tusyen.. it was boring.. and it got fun.. then got boring again.. then it got fun! thats just how it went the whole night.. masa balik.. I had a talk with fawwaz.. he asked me why I didn't come.. and I gave my reason.. and he got apologetic.. he said he didn't know I wasn't invited.. he thought miza had ajaked me bacause shahrul was going and stuff.. but its no problem! much!! hahaha.. no problem lar miza..

then I talked to shahrul tonight and he said he didn't have a very good time without me there.. OMG!! sweet nyer! miza, G, fawwaz and fanid sure had a good time.. I didn't care sgt pon.. what to do.. I don't think my mom agrees pon kalau I asked her to go.. so.. abaikan!!

SC just said really sweet stuff to me tonite.. and one that got me stunned and flattered and like.. cair.. or sumthing.. i was just.. OMG! he's soo sweet!

so its just that now.. I'm really happy now! seriously.. and tired too.. SC dah off.. so I'm going now.. ciao!

- I feel happy!

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Confessions of a Teenage Girl Who Got EMBARRASSED in Her Own Area

again.. we had to sit for another 2 hours of 'all-time-with-rosemary'.. I'm telling you.. spending you're saturday, in school, tengah hari, panas, rosemary, 2 hours.. is actually kinda fun! haha! It was pretty ok the last time (only that then was 4 hours).. so we got there.. don't know why I was so keen for melisa to come! but she got here eventually.. then off we went to the class.. as usual.. we have the 'sitting' problem! I HATE THAT! why can't they have chairs and tables in 3-s..

its evil I tell you.. so masa tgh.. am I to sit here or here.. I got malas (coz I don't want it to spoil my mood).. so I keluar class and asked them to pick sendiri.. when I got back, zaty was sitting next to diana.. typical.. so I sat there alone.. then got my mood down.. so the whole time everybody is taking their places.. the chair next to mine remains empty.. like it has always been.. (is this a sign of sumthing??)

so for the whole time I was just masam jer.. I didn't want to talk.. I was sad! tgk semua org ada all their little friendsies next to them.. how I wished atikah's (and mine) sarcasm was with me then.. give mercy! it was soo boring..

and then the most shocking thing happen! plus embarrassing! shahrul and omar came late to class.. like 30 minutes late or sumthing! AND THERE WAS NO OTHER PLACE LEFT TO SIT! to make matters worth! everybody (particularly melisa and farah, diana and zaty) kept asking the teacher to put him next to me.. at the empty chair NEXT TO ME! OMG! he hesitated.. I neglected! it was such an embarrassing moment! and when he sat down next to me! EVERYBODY CHEERED OUT REALLY LOUD! (since we played truth-or-dare, a few number of poeple know about my crush) so tehy cheered loud! LAMA! I was BLOOD RED! nad shaking.. I felt like exploding! we were both embarrassed and can do NOTHING about it! ARGH!!

then the tecaher asked omar to sit one table with him.. making him shift more closer to me! OWH MY GOD!! I'm just like.. 'o..k.. omar.. ur not fat.. right?' omar kept nidging him to go further inside.. I was just sitting there.. feeling like the main attraction of a show in the zoo! everybody laughed and cheered for me! one more time and I swear I'll go KA-BOOM!

nawal said that omar was only 'kacau daun'.. what! no way! so it just got really awkward at first! I was staring at my book, pretending to read.. but my mind is still frozen after the shock! need gumballs!

after a while or so.. we got ok.. we started to talk.. not like.. 'so hows ur day' talk.. more of a 'have a read pen?' talk.. but its ok I guess.. after we finished.. he wished me luck for my jamming and like.. ARGH! naik giler! I was happy when I got home.. (not becuase of the fact that he sat next to me ok guys.. the fact that he said things to me)

ok so thats it! it was a happy day for me! honest! more over after the jamming! IT ROCKS!

- 'cikgu.. letak dia kat situ cikgu!','cikgu kat situ kosong!','cikgu, dia nak duduk situ cikgu','cikgu, tu makwa dia cikgu!' PUH-LEASE!!

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Monday, June 28, 2004


It was brutal.. ok ok! so maybe this is what I get for doing it to my friends but it came as a shock! I didn't even see it coming! it was like.. a flash of thunder and tiba-tiba..I'm wet all over! OMG! I mean.. wheres the rain you guys! They've been trying to get me for months now and ok ok! safe to say! YOU GOT ME GUYS! congratulations! owh well.. then when I thought it was over.. hamiza came to me a splashed her half full bottle to my face.. OMG! I was soaking wet when I got home! It was really weird walking back like that.. it was a pretty big 'camotion' there and then.. me being me.. I shrieked really loud! twice.. and it was really embarrassing and SC was there.. OMG! malu giler! ok ok! it was fun lar! BUT NO MORE!

- takda angin, takda hujan, tapi badan basah!

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

14 and a TEENAGER!

I'm officially 14 now! woo-hoo! they all scared me by not coming in the net.. only shahrul was in.. and he was baikin-ing his mike yang rosak! and miza mandi! and its 2 minutes to 12! ARGH! freaking me out!

shameen wished me first! then comes adlina! shahrul was one minutes late! then miza did! diana next! shaen wished me too! fawwaz came in after that! atikah then!

it was ok lar! they masuk last minute! buat me takut jer.. and I had the sweetest birthday gift ever.. I was like cair when I got it.. its soo sweet! OMG! this turns out a fun birthday actually! not that bad.. not likelast year when i only ate order in pizzas on my b'day! kesian!

so thats it! I gotta go to sleep now so I can wake up tomorrow and see if my mom and dad wishes me or not! haih..

-I'm no longer a baby dudes! I am farisa! hear me roar! RROOOAAARRR (cough cough) ok ok! enough roaring!

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