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wow. It's been ages since I've posted anything up here.! I have just been the busiet of person lately. And I'm also kind of mad at that fact bcause I've missed soo many events of my life, I haven't written it up yet. And heck I don't really remember it as much now. well I'm summarising whatever I can remember.!! (for future purposes. ahaha)

camp at Bukit Frasers-
wow! this camp was the funnest. I did many things that I didn't think I could do. I walked the Valley of Death! hahahah! It was late at night around 11pm or later, we were brought walking along the road about 2 metres away from our hostel. At one point these people stopped and told us we are to walk back 2 metres ALONE! I froze! I was horror stricken! But I did it. Torch light-less mind you!

I also past the brutal jungle there. Many obstacles. They also got me to try parasailing! It was the BOMB! Best gila. I also did river crossing. That was scary but was easy. And I got my hands on wall climbing. Yeah I might have not suceeded that one. But I tried.! And it was so wasted that I didn't get to see shahrul in a 'harness'. He was in another team! Damn.

And the event that I am most proud of, is that I took the biggest challenge of my life so far. To walk in another jungle trail, alone without light! I almost forgo the challenge. It was to bloody scary for me. But because of Diana, I got my courage and went ahead with it. I also want to congratulate Shahrul because he also took the challenge for my sake! Love yoU!

Luckily they never did make us walk alone. But they did leave us lightless. They made us walk in a group of 5, and we have to make our own way back. It was fun! I thank Diana for being the leader and leading us back to safety. I thank Omar for making me not feel all that creepy with his supposedly not funny jokes but it cracks me up all the time. I thank Shahrul Iman for being there and having my back, literally. aahhaha. And I thank my God for letting nothing happen to us.

So Camp was the bomb! It was sooo much fun I dread going back! So many dramas and woo haass but it was one of the best I've ever been to. I love camp! I love Frasers Hills. I love Adlina, Michelle, Fallon, Pragash, Azroy, I love Diana I love SHAHRUL!!

Sports Day SMKSU-
I was ready as the Ketua Pengakap to lead my troop to victory for the marching competition! Of course my team sucked, but they're the best of people! We had loads of fun and we were brought closer to each other. But thinking about Pengakap and the competition really made me loose my mind. I broke down crying out of stress just thinking about it.

That day itself, we found out that we forgot the flag! The most important element. Thank god Yung Hung found a way to get it back! God the morning was such a hassle but all was fine! Everything went okay! We lost though.

I just spent the remaining of the day scouting around, looking at people run, having the most of fun! Until the bad news got to me when somebody told me my bag GOT STOLEN! I was almost fainting. The effort of trying to get it back basically filled up my time. And when I realized, sports day was almost over. Everyone collected at the field and were cheering for the winning teams and everything.

After the event was over we all had lunch at burger king. Now I am pink bagless. My pink tropicana bag that I love so much is lost. My favourite jeans is stolen. Also my best white long sleeve blouse is gone. Not forgetting my purple t-shirt. I'm soo emotional now! That day was just pure hell for me! So much for my last school Sports Day.

Unity Dinner-

I understand I have posted up pre unity dinner but I was tooo malas to write a whole one for the event. Now I'm just summarising it. I was so rushing 2 hours before the event. All my pengakap people were already there and were supposedly doing the parking but apparently, we didn't really need to monitor the parking. So I ran home and got ready. It was such a hassle because I was in such a rush and the rain outside was pouring cats and dogs.

But I got myself there and everything was fine. We all settled in there and I was so nervous because Classic Geeks was suppose to make it's debut that night. Shahir was monitoring my eating because apparently I cant sing if I get too full. So I end up not really eating that night.

Then it was our turn. i was ready to pee in my skirt but I got friends calming me down and everything. Then there we were. In front of everyone ready to perform. I was so nervous but I had the best of fun. Before I started our first song, somebody by bonnie mckee, I dedicated the song to shahrul iman, and everyone cheered at it. It was such a good feeling. Then there we were, playing and performing. I felt like my head wasn't even there. I was concentrated on only the song and seeing happy smiles on familiar faces made me really comfortable. I felt good.

Shahir told us that Sook Yi allowed us 2 songs. So as little as we practised, somewhere only we know from keane, we still performed it. And true enough we sucked. I sang wrong, shahir stopped at the wrong time, shafiq had different counts. Everyhting was wrong. We were laughing our heads off at the video that was recorded of us. It was embarrassing but it was soo much fun!

The rest of the night was spent taking pictures and mingling. It was such a fun event and I was sooo glad that I was a part of it. I was one of the organizers, and one of the people that have made it happen! The gave me full recognition, and I'm getting a cert. Nothing is better than that!!! It was a goood night!

A Day of Attempting to Get Thin-
Ahahahha. The title says it all. My friends and I found a day in the middle of the 3 weeks long exam of ours, to go relax. It was the saturday of the second week. We decided to go to my Sunway Club and do some swimming, work out at the gym, and melt some fat at the sauna. And we did just that!

We got there in the morning and settled in. Then we made our way to the gym. I was excited. I worked myself on the teradmill for about 20 minutes then did some cycling. My thighgs were seemingly smaller then. ahahhahaha. After we were sweaty enough, we made our way to the pool. The pool was fun! We played race. Tried to play kejar kejar. And let me tell you, playing beach ball in the pool is not easy! Trust me, we all tried and had the worst of luck! Then we just soaked ourselves for long in the pool.

After crinkle-ing ourselves in the pool, we dried ourselves in the sauna. Omg! 30 minutes in the sauna not only melts your fat, it melts your brain and all your sanity. By the 20th minute we were already high. it was sooo ho and the smell was.. drowning me. The heat was also making me hard to think. And the after result didn't exactly make me all that thinner. SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!!!!

And then we stuffed ourselves at the diner. IT WAS FUN! it was tiring. it was no success at all!!

We did talk about how we wish Atikah was there! We wished beyond the stars that she could be there!

Setia Futsal Tournament-
God after months of planning the shindig, the day finally arrives. There was a problem about not having enough teams signing in but I guess all was fine by the time the day arrives. Went there and saw that some of my BOD members were already there. We set up everything and put everything in order. I didn't have much to do so I spent my time eating my breakfast. Then I helped get ready the dispenser, and the drinks that we were to sell. Miza and Sheena was in charge of that.

It was about 9 by the time people started to arrive. All I did was waited for the thing to get ready. And then Shahrul Iman came. Around ten or so the matches started. I was put in charge to take care of pitch 8 with Gg, Diana and 2 juniors. We had our system and everything was alright. Everything went fine at our part until Atiyah came and told us that we needed somebody at pitch 10 or something so Diana transfered.

Apparently the PBSM people couldn't come so we were put in charge of aid. And that day I treated about 3 people. It was gross but it was cool. At least now I know what to do when I get a scratch on me. Wee hee. First round went fine. It was after that that went bad. Apparently scores were taken wrongly so the whole thing screwed up. We had had to have rematch to determined the proper scores. This as a result of Junior BODs that weren't really paying attention to the briefing.

I spent almost 2 hours just doing nothing so I started to get really pissy. Didn't help that a few incidents really poked my button and I got real mad. But all was fine by the time everything was over. The winners were announced, prizes were given and pictures were taken. Everything was fine by the end of thing. Then my friends and I went to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at A&W. Sitting with Aiman is a load of fun!!!

So that was "Ale'Ale' Setia Futsale' II". It was hot, it was frustrating, it was fun. And it was way better than last year as our prizes were the greatest. And the management was much better than last year. So all was fine. But for those of you who missed it, no big deal. The only real hot guy there was Shahrul anyway. And oopps, he's taken! ahahahha. Although I heard the brother is single. wink wink.

- that was 2006 more or less? YOU HAVE THE LAMEST LIFE!

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