Thursday, December 08, 2005

don't LAUGH at me! BUT...


ahahahhahaah. OKay don't think I'm lame or crazy but the other day I watched an episode of Oprah where she made someone's WILDEST DREAM come true. And I was so wow-ed by it. The person looked so happy she cried all the way. And I felt that longing of wanting to get the same thing.

Of course, its not a new house that I wished for but I requested to spend a day with the Harry Potter casts.

Yes yes. I know it may sound impossible to happen. Or probably you'll go like.. GET REAL FARISA. Well guys, I am getting real. I mean, if that lady can have HER dreams come true, why couldn't I?

On the event of Atikah's recent post when she said that some things just DON'T happen to some of us, well, I don't know, maybe certain things don't happen to you, but certain things does.

And I am keeping my hopes up to have this wish comes true. I'm not saying that I'll die if I don't get it. I'm just saying that, I made my shot. I tried. And if ever I am lucky enough, maybe I would get to spend a day with them. And if I don't, well, I'd still see them on the big screen.

So no big. I just had to try. Try my luck. Work for it. And thats what you need to do to get something. You can't expect to get something, if you don't even do nothing for it. So there. All I need know is a whole lot of luck, and a ticket to England. Ahhaha.

Now don't lecture me about "You do know that its not OPRAH who reads your emails right?"

I know its not Oprah. I don't care. At least it gets to them. And hopefully, there will be someone who reads it, and get moved by it. Therefor gving me the opportunity to live that dream.

Just perhaps another crazy stunt I pulled, but at least I tried. And I am happy that I did. I'm fine with not getting it, and I'd be thrilled if I do.

Tthings don't happen to you, if you don't do anything to make it happen. Just remember that.

- pray for me.

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fast FACTS

one person asked me once what or how an orgasm really is. I really couldn't answer as I was not that sure myself. But I went to do some research and this is what an orgasm really is. Don't look at this as something gross and don't see me as someone pervertive who checks out stuff like these. Its a fact and I think there is nothing wrong about wanting to know.

* * *

An orgasm happens at the height of sexual stimulation and pleasure. Both men and women have orgasms--usually through masturbation or sexual activity with someone else.

When you have an orgasm, your genital muscles tense up until there is a sense of fullness in your pelvis. The release that follows is the orgasm: basically a series of involuntary contractions radiating out from the genitals, uterus and anus.

No two people have orgasms that are just the same. Some describe orgasms as a great buildup of tightness followed by an explosion. Others say they are like a sigh of relief. Orgasms can be noisy, sometimes even involving screaming, or they can be silent. Some women are able to have multiple orgasms, and some don't have orgasms at all. Too many orgasms is not really a problem.

For women, the primary pleasure center is the clitoris. But some may also experience orgasms when areas of the vagina are stimulated.

You may hear a lot in the media about women faking orgasms. This probably isn't that uncommon, as only a small number of women are able to have an orgasm from intercourse alone.

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my FIRST period

a little story I came through while surfing . Just a little humour story. Can skip if you want.

-a true story by Karell Roxas-

The maxi pad was folded into itself in thirds. My mom unfolded it to show me how to put one on. "You take the adhesive strip off," she said, "and then put this part onto your underwear." She was holding a clean pair of panties, inside out, and the maxi pad fit perfectly into it. "Here, now you try and practice."

I was 10 and my mom could have been speaking in Martian. I had no idea what I was doing, or why I was doing it. She had called me into the bathroom and said, rather mysteriously, "I think it's time I showed you something." I thought it would be something cool, like a hideous birthmark or an extra toe, but no.

I mean, I knew what a period was. I knew that all ladies had it--that they bled for a certain number of days--and that sometimes their stomach hurt. But I didn't know what that had to do with me.

Until one day, some time during the summer, I woke up and there was dark red blood all over my underwear. Did I hurt myself? I thought. Do I have a cut? What is going on here?

My mom was at work. My grandparents were home, but there was no way I could talk to them about this. I mean--come on--grandma's old, what if I showed it to her and she keeled over?

So I did the only thing I knew to do. I changed my underwear. I hoped that maybe the bleeding was temporary and it would go away if I just stopped thinking about it. I went about my day like normal. I ate some lunch, read some books, watched some tv.

Every time I went to the bathroom I changed my underwear. The bleeding wasn't stopping and I was worried that there might be something horribly wrong with me. If I'm losing all this blood, could I die? I wondered.

I hid the underwear in the bottom of the laundry bag. I didn't want my mom finding the underwear and know that I was dying. She would be worried. I must have changed my underwear at least 7 times that day.

And then, my mom came home from work. She looked at me and immediately knew something was up. "What's wrong?" she said. I started to cry. I didn't know how I was going to break it to her that I was bleeding to death.

"There's blood in my underwear and I have no idea why," I bawled at her. Her eyes lit up in this knowing way and her voice changed. She spoke softly, "Does your stomach hurt?" Now that I thought of it, yeah. It had been hurting all day.

She took me into the bathroom and sat me on the toilet, "You have your period," she said, "You're becoming a woman."

My period?? THAT'S what it was? How did I miss that? And whoa--what's all this becoming a woman stuff?

My mom kept talking, "Your body's going to start changing. When a woman gets her period, it means that her body is getting ready to bear children."


"This doesn't mean that you'll have children now," she said, "it just means that you'll be ready for it in the future."

I was so happy I wasn't dying that I didn't even care about the rest of the stuff. She handed me clean underwear with a pad already in it and told me to put it on. Then she showed me how to wash the blood off my underwear so it wouldn't stain.

"What did you do all day?" she asked. I took her to the laundry bag and showed her all the underwear I had hidden. She laughed and told me that I could have called her. I looked at her a little sheepish and didn't say anything.

My mom treated me nicely all the rest of that day. I laid down in her bed to watch tv, and she ordered my brother and sister to leave me alone and not bother me. I could get used to this period stuff...


- the first time I too freaked but I knew I wasn't going to die.

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pink is NOT my only colour

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but of course, I still have to have a bit of pink in my blog.

so here it is, my new skin. I think the only reason I chose this skin is because of the picture. I love it.

its just a road in the middle of a forest somewhere in the world. the blurred effect of the picture gives you a certain feeling of uncertainty. You're not quite sure who you are or where you stand, but you know one thing is for sure, it gives you this feeling of freedom.

and there it is in front. the way to get out. the light. but how near it is, you just can't help to feel thats its too far to reach. or probably, you have that feeling of NOT wanting to get out, because in there, you know you can escape from the pressure of the world.

You're alone. free. independant.

I guess thats how I feel when I see it. I have always dreamed of a place where I can just go to, a peaceful place where I don't have to worry about anything. Somewhere calm and free. This is not exactly the picture that I imagined myself to be in, but if I ever did get a chance to escape here, I would never miss it.

I know this doesn't really scream perky-ness or as atikah prefer it, fifi-ness. but hey, theres always two sides of a person right. for me, I'm a perky happy girl, but yet sometimes, I need my solitude and I need to calm down.

- not wrong is it?

ps : actually the only reason my tagboard is still pink is because I'm having problem changing it. but just consider it as me keeping my own colour.

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