Saturday, November 15, 2008



saya akan KEMBALI selepas lapan belas haribulan november dua ribu lapan.

nantikan EVOLUSI bloggasi ini.

I would have designed a better banner except I'm on a public computer with no Photoshop. Hence. Paint.

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do you wanna be my date for the Grand Dinner? :)

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Friday, November 14, 2008

something nice

I did something nice today. something I enver thought I would dare to do. I feel very good inside. I'm sure GOD is proud of me too.

- I give a two thumbs up and a pat on the head for me 8D

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

hey YOU! yeah you!

1. List 20 things that you want to say people, but never will
2. Don’t say who they are
3. Never discuss it again


Satu. Stop being mad all the time.

Dua. I look up to you and all the things you do. I've always wanted to be as good as you.

Tiga. Stop pretending you're so nice and innocent. You're actually annoying that's what you are.

Empat. I wanted to be you.I am jealous of you.

Lima. I never understood why you did what you did to me! I never knew what I did wrong because you just stopped and walked away. I am so hurt by you.

Enam. But I seriously still like you. I want you all the time. I can't get over you.

Tujuh. You are actually a bitch who doesn't care about other people but yourself. You push people around and you say what you want whenever and that's not right.

Lapan. You are a sucker upper. Stop following their asses and stand up for yourself.

Sembilan. You are a bitch who likes to flirt with boys. You think you're so great but you're not! You suck! I hate you actually.

Sepuluh. You are horrible. What kind of a Melayu/Islam are you!? eii. Melayu pon dah tak macam Melayu dah.

Sebelas. I wish I could sing like you and make my mark in the scene as well.

Dua Belas. She's playing you. She will leave you once this thing is over!

Tiga Belas. You and I always have our ups and downs. But I appreciate you as my friend. I actually very much feel comfortable and grateful we're closer to each other than others.

Empat Belas. I'm sorry but I think your boyfriend broke up with you because of me. And I don't even like him or anything.

Lima Belas. You are gedik. I love you as a sister but you need to stop trying to be so cool and be yourself.

Enam Belas. Thank you. You've made me grown up.

Tujuh Belas. You are such an ass. You play around girls. You think everyone likes you. You just pretend to be a nice guy but you're a PLAYAA!!

Lapas Belas. What the hell are you staring at!? I don't like that guy and I don't like you! Get out of my life!

Sembilan Belas. You're actually kinda cute ;D

Dua Puluh. I'm glad you're happy but I really really miss the old you.

- It wasn't hard for me ;D

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3 more days!

four papers have been dealt with. now I have 1 more paper to go and I will no longer have to call myself an AUSMAT student. somehow, not being an AUSMAT student just doesn't seem right to me. I have learned so much coming to INTEC, being an INTEC, being an AUSMAT student and it just seem very sad that I have to leave it all behind. I mean, good and bad memories are shared. It'll be over soon.

Anyway, I'm guessing I should talk about being emotional later when AUSMAT is really over. now I should just be happy. I have many many things scrambled in my mind but one thing that is really significant to me now is this new video by B U T T E R F I N G E R S. I bought their new album KEMBALI already and it is the bombiest! ahahha. if that is even a word! Although highly influenced by Encik Faza, I come to really like Butterfingers. Their last two albums though. I was never a hard rock girl so their grungy days doesn't interest me. But now, they have evolved into more laid back music, more folk-ish and easy going and the cd is stuck in my car's player. Even my girl friends are starting to sing along to them.

On another note, my previous papers were not exactly HARD but I'm hoping that is not just my confidence talking. I just really want to score this and fly my butt to Australia. I need this. For my parents, my family, myself. My last paper is ACCOUNTS on the 18th then I will be B E B A S! I already have a few things planned with my INTEC friends. I saw Atikah's picture of her being in KL at night. There was one picture where it shows the roads are ALL empty and all you see are the lights around the streets of KL. THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO DO. The whole lot of us planned to drive to KL after the paper and spend time there until night. I don't want to sleep really. I just want to be in the heart of the city in the early morning and do NOTHING. ooooohhhh. M E R E M A N G.

Oh just so everyone knows, my friends and I are in alright terms now. We are like how we used to be, close and comfortable with each other. I know some people will think I'm stupid for being friends with them again after what they have done to me. But I felt that the whole shit that I went through was a neccesary shit. I've learned SO BLOODY much and I have matured. I am glad to have reached this stage. I'm sure there are so many many more shit that will come my way. But I know I will look at it in a different view and I hope to go through it in a better manner now.

Also, I have been asked by INTEC to represent them in the national UITM sports competition called KARISMA. This is where all UITM branched around MALAYSIA send in representatives to compete in various sports events. Yes, bet you are wondering 'FARISA MAIN SPORTS KE!??!'. ahhaha. Don't worry, I am still the lazy fat friend of yours who doesn't run around with a ball. I was asked to represent them in BOWLING. Much more of my thing don't you think!? Oh well. Training starts next week and I am uber excited.

Other than that, nothing much except studying 24-7 at the study room. Now the place is empty because everyone else has finished their papers. Left is just me and my classmate Ayin. I can't wait for exams to be over. Although I don't think I'm ready to say goodbye to INTEC just yet.

- The only remotely bazaar and exciting thing about my life is that I slept 12 hours flat 2 nights ago. yes. My life is boring.

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