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Kehidupan di Melbourne, Australia.

I admit that I am probably 2 weeks late for this post. I meant to write a few posts regarding my move to Melbourne University except I didn't have the chance or the time. But I'm at the Giblin Library now waiting for my next tutorial to start.

A little anecdote for you guys. I have only started lectures and tutorials on Monday but I already missed a lecture. Haha. I am so horrible. I stayed up until 3am last night knowing I have an 11am lecture the next morning. Yes, I am a super lazy girl.



I got here on the 18th of February and I was lucky that mom, dad and Imran were able to come with me. We settled in an apartment at College Square on Lygon. It is a nice place. Very clean and proper. I actually feel very comfortable in that place although a separate room would have been nice. It was too expensive and my roommate (Ayin) and I were not able to afford it. We settled in just fine.

The same day dad immediately took the liberty to walk around the streets of Melbourne with me to find the National Australia Bank. We must open a bank account and they don't trust that I could handle that on my own. I'm kind of glad that they didn't. :P

The next day we went to Academic Advice Day where I stepped foot for the first time in the prestigious university that I have longed to go for the past 2 years. Its very pretty and massive as well. I got my way around with Ayin and Ili (thats another close friend that I made during the pre-departure briefing). Old friends were met and new friends were made. Truthfully, I admit that I was very much overwelmed by everything that happened that day. It was still surreal to me.

The next day Mom and Dad took Imran and I around the Melbourne city because it was their last day there. Dad apparently got very familiar with the trams around the city so he was the one who ushered us around. We went to many different places particuarly shopping areas. It was a good day spent with my family and as much as she won't admit, I knew mom was sad. That night, mom invited Abang Azrieal and Ayin to have dinner with us. Believe it or not, when I passed him at the lobby where he was waiting for us, I totally ignored him because I thought he was a Chinese guy. When he called out my name, it still took me a few seconds to register him. I was wondering how a Chinese boy from China would now my name. AHhahhaAH. No offense to Abang Azrieal.

The next morning, mom, dad and Imran came over to my apartment to say goodbye. Before that, mom took me to Safeway to buy last minute things. Before they left, they introduced me to Mom's friend, Mark Freeman. Apparently, he lives about a kilometer away and invited me for Pizza and Movies. I didn't decline but I'd fully consider the offer first.

Surprisingly, I didn't cry when my family left. I didn't cry when I left for Australia. I felt so guilty and did try to force out tears but it didn't work. I didn't cry. I think it is simply because I am the second cucu in the family to go off (after my sister) so the whole family kind of already know how and what to expect. Plus, my sister comes back about 3 times in a year so they knew that they would be seeing as often and very son as well. Whats more I live in Melbourne so my uncles promised that they would come visit me here. So its not that I'm too far away. I guess thats why none of us got really overwhelmed. Except probably my cousin Along but she's always the emo one :P ahahha.

We spent the rest of the days finding places to shop for food and stuff. We didn't really go all out tour around the city but we did go to the Museum. It was very interesting especially when I got to learn A LOT about the reproductive system. Hehe. The same afternoon we were invited to our senior's house for a high tea. Our sisters of Islam lah kira. They ushered us there and offered so many nice food. Apparently, the high tea was a welcoming session for all the juniors so there were juniors from all universities around Victoria. Melbourne Uni, Monash, RMIT and such. Apparently, almost half of the juniors were from INTEC. hAHAH. But the seniors were very nice as they made sure they made friends with us.

The rest of the week was Orientation week. Orientation week was dull and eventful. The first Orientation was a tour around the campus in groups. My group sucked so I spent 3 hours walking and listening to crap. The next day was better because I got to spend it with friends around the uni. We went around for briefings and games and even ate nice BBQ. The rest of the Orientation days were similar. Then Ayin, Ili and I spent one whole day going around the city. Well, we almost got all. We did find a mall called Direct Factory Outlet where we found cheap clothes. A shop named Cotton On was having a clearance sale so some prices dropped from 30 dollars to 5 dollars. We went totally berserked shopping for clothes. I got myself a dress and a sweater. for just about 17dollars. BEST GILA.

Last weekend, FAMSY, an islamic federation for student around Melbourne invited us for BBQ at the Hampton beach. I was so excited to hear this because we got to go to the beach, get free food, meet new people and the best part is that Rashid (my ex classmate) was going to be there. The whole morning we ate, laughed and played tip toe in the beach water. It was great. Later we went shopping again before retreating home.

Classes start last Monday and I have had such trouble figuring out and constructing my timetable. I was debating on whether I should take my Arabic classes first or do my Music first. So this week I went to both lectures. Arab was simple because they were teaching me the simple letters and characters of Jawi. Alif, Ba, Ta and such. I didn't want to go through a semester learning what I already know but being able to score well in it would really help for my Scholarship Application. Then I sat for my Music lecture and you guys know how I can fall head-over-heels over Music. Sadly, it wasn't as simple as I hoped it would be and I do need to score these subjects as it will be counted in my overall CGPA. I cannot mess up my first semester because I need to score that scholarship. So I thought of taking the Music subejct next semester except they only provide that particular subject in first semesters meaning I have to wait for next year. There was so much confusion so I wasn't sure whats what now. I can't wait for the week to be over so I can sit and figure out what I really need to do. We have until next Friday to finalize our subjects and timetable THANK GOD.

Oh by the way, my classes are all askewed so far. Most days I start at 9am and have 3 hours gap for the next. Last class would finish at 6pm. I prefer that way as I have more time in the middle to go back, have my prayers and read some lecture notes. Plus, waling back and forth more often would help with my ambition to get thinner. Except, I'm not sure if I would agree with this in the future when workloads start to pile up. At least I have Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off. I will post up my timetable when I have the official one.

Oh by the way, I went out with Azfar the other day. We went out for dinner and he brought me around the city. It was great to see him again and he never changed.

Oh I have to go now. Just so you guys know, Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur differs by 3 hours (Melbourne leads) so if we are going to chat, it'll probably be about 7pm or 8pm for you guys because I don't think I want to sleep late anymore. I shouldn't at least.

Ps: I'm working on getting a date with a guy :P More info on that later.


- Melbourne is very cold and windy, my umbrella Broke :(

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