Tuesday, April 03, 2007

one MOMENT please

I am depressed. I am sad. I am lonely. I am depressed. I am so going to be joining rempits. URGH!!!!!


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Monday, April 02, 2007

gypsy WOMAN

It is 7 o'clock in the morning. Not my usual time to wake up and blog but since today, I managed to wake up for my Subuh prayers, I couldn't find myself sleeping again. I am in my towels, my eyes are puffy, my hair is everywhere and my eyes are booming with the sound of Hilary Duff's voice. I am currently listening to Hilary Duff's song called Gypsy Woman from her new album Dignity. Hence the title. I like this song. If you hear it first time you'll go, what is up with the Arabic madness?? But I love it instantly. Couldn't say the same with some of her other songs though. But I know I'll learn to love it.

So if you're wondering why you have never seen this CD called Dignity in stores yet, well that is because it hasn't been in stores yet. In fact, it will be in a day or two. That is why I am way excited. I have received my monthly allowance and I couldn't believe I'm blowing half off on a piece of CD but with Hilary Duff, it is worth it. By the way, I must completely thank posting up Hilary Duff's songs from her new album so I could listen to them even before I get the CD. But I am still purchasing the CD for 2 reasons.

1st) I am a fan of her so it only makes sense that I buy her CD.

B) I need to support her! Not that she needs supporting with the rate she's going.

3) I love Hilary Duff

So thats over with. Whats next? Owh yeah! My dad just finished burning the OC season 3 dvd (the first cd). My uncle was so nice to buy my sister and I a complete full set of The OC Season 3 DVD but the first cd got screwed up so I have waited for months before the we finished burning the first CD. And trust me, I have had my share of OC for one day. Yesterfday, equivalent to the 1st of April, Farisa binti Roslan have made history for herself because she has spent around 7 hours of OC madness. I had an OC marathon and it was so awesome!! I cursed, I cried, I melt, I love! After 7 hours of that, my sister and shahrul thought it was weird that I started to sound like them. I shrugged it off.

On top of that, my life has been as interesting as a piece of tissue in a tissue box. To say the least. I am looking forward to a course I am going though. It is an RM30 course in 2 days where they teach you things on broadcasting, graphic design, and creative multimedia. I don't promote it much better than the advertisement did, so check this out : IACT College's Discover Your Passion Workshop. I am currently looking for a friend to go with, so anybody interested (and please say yes coz I have no other friend to go with), then call me. Besides, it is only RM30, you get a certificate and you get to learn a jig or two about what they do, regardless of you pursuing the career or otherwise, it's always good to gain more knowledge. :D (that was skema but I mean it)

Lam daaa deee.

Also, I was planning to try to make pineapple tart ever since I learned it in the cooking demo I went last year. I already have half the stuff and half the enthusiasm although I do crave from some good pineapple tart right about now. My brothers are die hard fans of pineapple tart so it is only natural that I have to learn to make it. On the other hand, my sister being home for Easter break really widen my range of food. From asam pedas and ikan goreng twce a week, my sister made Quiche, Tuna Casserole, Loh Mai Kai, Tiramisu cake, and Ayam Nyonya. That was awesome.

For those of you who have not already known (if that is even proper grammar), I have straighteend my hair. Yes I did it. I look 20 pounds more fatter in the face but at least my hair doesn't get all bushy anymore. Easier to manage at least. Although I am not allowed to tie it for about a week and it has been a hellish week for my hair. I sweat more now with the long thick hair behind me everytime. I went to do it with Lynn though. A little moment we can loook back and share together.

I guess that is that. It is 8.15am now and I have a loaf of bread as well as a very hot Ryan Atwood waiting for me to drool on him some more. By the way, I must remind people that I was told that the Sunway Lagoon trip is back on so I would like for you guys to make a date free so we could have that experience together. Also, I remember that I owe somebody a meme, so that will be posted up when I can find 6 weird things about me (its hard you know :P)

Alright. Chaaa...

- try to run away with the gypsy woman, here today then gone for good.

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