Saturday, October 08, 2005

seven THINGS

Miza did this.

Seven things I plan to do before I die

1. Have children of my own
2. Tunaikan my haji
3. Write a best seller and turn it into a movie
4. Go to England
5. Get my first official kiss
6. Perform on stage an official song in an official band
7. Make a family recipe book and descend it

Seven things I could do

1. Be a good friend
2. Be someone you can hate
3. Mess my room so bad
4. Have it REALLY clean the week after
5. Cry without any reason
6. Write my own songs
7. Daydream all the things I want when I want

Seven celebrity crushes

1. Daniel Radcliffe
2. Ryan Keys(Yellowcard leadsinger)
3. Adam Levine
4. The guy who played Shakespear in "Shakespear In Love"
5. Oliver James
6. Benjamin McKenzie
7. John Cusack

Seven often repeated words

1. Right..
2. Whatever
3. Alargh..
4. Ahar..
5. Please lar
6. Huh?
7. Hahaha

- what are your seven things?

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Monday, October 03, 2005

shahrul has got COMPETITIONS from camp

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{before you read this, I recommend that you read the other 3 posts before first because then you wouldn't understand}

ahahaha. this is nothing big though.

guy #1

situation one

Syahirah and I was on our way to lunch and we were walking with Omar, guy, and some other people. We're all in a group. We were the last ones to go for lunch that day because we came back late form our jungle tracking adventure.

me : Syahirah, I'm so scared to do the flying fox thing. I takut nak buat sorang.
guy : Aku naik ngan kau. Kita naik dua orang. You and me.
me : What?
guy : Kita naik mcm date arr.
me : Haha. You want to date me?
guy : Takde ahh! Main main je arr.
me : Alar, nanti karang ada orang kat belakang tuh marah.
{a girl from our group that I think has a crush on him}
guy : Siapa?
me : Tuh budak yang panggil kau busuk tuh.
guy : Eee.. bodoh ahh dia tuh.
me : Hahaha.
omar : Kau kan ada rmai peminat. Tuh budakl kat belakang yg besar tuh
{a kind of fat girl who is also in our group who also calls him busuk}
me : ahhaha. betul!
guy : alargh OMar. Aku tau lar kau suka farisa.
me : Bodoh ahh!

Of course Omar denied. And he should.

situation two

it was that night when we had to come up with names, logos and stuff to put on paper. I was wearing my baju kurung and was sitting in a circle. The guy was apparently next to me.

guy : kau pakai baju kurung lawa ahh
me : *stares at him with a sarcastic face* thanks
guy : tapi kalau ikat rambut penuh lagi lawa
{I had my hair tide half}
me : okay *and of course think less of it*

no I did not change.

situation three

it was almost time when we had to go back. the people were giving speeches in front.

guy : alar. aku mesti rindu arr tempat nih. rasa sayang nak balik.
me : hahaha. mesti nanti you rindu that girl kat eblakang yang suka you tuh
{again the same girl}
guy : alargh kau tengok lar nanti sapa yang rindu sapa. mesti kau yang call aku dulu.
me : please lar. what for I call you. I don't even have your number.
guy : nanti kau mesti rindu aku punya.


situation four

guy : weyh, tulis nombor kau kat sini.
me : what for?
guy : ye arr kalau nanti aku nak call kau ke
me : buat apa!?
guy : alar. sombong. taknak kasi sudah ahh. macam aku takda nombor kau.
me : macam mana dapat my number?
guy : ada ahh.
me : owh tgk Hannah punya buku eyh!? {a girl Hannah asked for my number}
guy : mana ada. aky ada psychic power lar.
me : ye lar tuh.

guy : so nanti aku call kau arr..
me : what for?
guy : ye arr.. nak tany khabar. dah makan ke belum.
me : buat rugi duit jer nak call. what line do you use?
guy : 016
me : lagi lar mahal. takyah rugi duit
guy : lar. takpa ahh.. duit aku jugak yg habis.
me : hah! then takyah arr. where is your house?
guy : banting
me : berapa lama from here? {bukit lagong}
guy : satu setengah jam kot
me : hah. bapak jauh. takyah rugi duit.
guy : alargh takpa. aku call tgh malam ke. kau tunggu arr call aku.
me : takpayah lar!
guy : owh nombor Syahirah 016, baik aku call dia lagi murah.
me : okay good! have fun!
guy : e-eleh.

end of guy number one.

guy #2

well he is in fawwaz's group so I don't know him. but when we go to the dewan, fawwaz's group was next to my group, so at certain times, when I looked around the dewan, I saw him and he would be looking at me. it felt weird of course but I thought I perasan jer lar. So nohting lar kan.

situation one

we were on teh day for a quick drink before we meet up back at the dewan to work on our names, logos and stuff lar kan. on the way to the canteen, Syahirah told me she wanted to go abck to get her sweater. So I told her that I would go off first. And I would meet her there.

was walking alone to the canteen, at night..

guy : hi
me : {terkejut} hi.
guy : awak dari sekolah mana?
me : sekolah menengah kebangsaan subang utama, daerah petaling {bangga gila}
guy : owh.
me : and you? what school are you from?
guy : blar blar blar {as if I care enough to remember}
me : owh..
awkward silence..
me : what group are you in!?
{guy's friend came and was walking next to him smiling}
guy : purple
me : owh.. sapa in your group form smksu?
guy : urm... fawwaz
me : owh yeah, fawwaz is in purple.
awkward silence. friend still smiling.
me : so do you like your group?
guy : urm.. okay ar.. biasa jer.
me : mm.. sapa your group leader?
guy : huh?
me : group leader in your group?
guy : owh. ntah tak ingat.
me : whats wrong with you? macam aman tak ingat!?
guy : owh owh.. tanesh.
me : owh.. right. okay ke dia?
guy : yeah okay lar.
finally reaches the canteen.
me : okay bye.
walks away.

situation two

I put my bag down and went to get the food. it was sugar biscuits and it wasn't that nice.

guy : suka ke biskut nih
me : tak. tak sedap sangat tapi lapar.
guy : owh okay
me : okay bye.

and then I realized that I was sitting alone, and I got scared thats when I asked Nasriff to sit with but instead he asked me to sit with them. Him, Fawwaz, Aizat and Azizi and the others. Though their table is the table opposite where the guy is.

note : guy #2 has freaky eyes. he has long girly eyelashes and it kind of sparkled somehow. made it scary to look at him when we talked.

ahahahha. of course Shahrul knows about this already and of course they didn't get to me. It was nothing anyways. I still love Shahrul as much.

- Diana and Syairah got their share of admirers too. Heheehehe. Even Omar, Nasriff and Aizat too. So did Atiyah. And the rest ntah lar. Mesti ada jugak! Hehehhe.

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camp EVIL was FUN!!!

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LAST DAY!! I woke up early because we had to do our morning exercises again! I had a very short shower that morning. And then we made our way to the field. Lucky today no one was missing. Changkar did come back, and he told us that his muscles terkoyak so I felt so kesian to him!

And so our exercises went normally. That morning I already pacekd everything since it was our last day and I know we would have not much time to pack after that. After exercising we had our breakfast.

After that all of us went to the dewan because that day we had to present our manilla cards. Ours wasn't all that nice or unique. But I am quite please with it.

The only flaw thing that I could find bafore we went up was the fact that the Malaysia flag that we drew in our logo, only had 12 lines. WHOOPS! and it was made such a big deal.

Each group were to go in front and present their manilla cards as best as they could. And after their presentations, members of the floor were given opportunities to ask questions {or better said "kenakan" the other groups} and each group were 'dinilaikan' by their actions.

Group #1 - Purple group. {Fawwaz, Farhana, Fatihah}
name: Lagong's Lion

Their logo was of a lion in the middle of a circle, something like Arsenal's logo. And after their presentation, people questioned their creativity because of the logo. BLAR BLAR BLAR. I could say that they really got it bad for them. I mean, there were questions that they coudn't answer. But of course all group got that! And I kind of felt pitty for them.

And the fucked up Comander {who is always trying to make everyone fail} asked wether the lion was a male, or female. LIKE WHO CARES! and it took the group quite some time to come up with the sex and the reason. And the answers that they gave, were questioned again! It was so kesian lar.

Group #2 - Green group {Farisa, Syahirah, Omar, Sheena}
name : Evergreen
moto : Evergreen is Everlasting
logo : some sort of shield. in the shield theres the Malaysia flag, Setia Logo, and a tree that represents our group.

And so all of us went in front and we already picked different people to say different things. And when it was my turn to go up, I felt like I ruined it, so I didn't want to say much after that. I most regret that when wepassed the mic to certain people in our group, they rejected it. And it was embarrassing because it is showing that we don't have teamwork.

And then of course when it was question time, we were hit HARD! Especially on the "kurang-2-lines-on-the-Malaysia-flag". Our patriotisme were questioned. PLEASE LAR!! You could say we did really badly and I felt so bad after that. Our fucked up question was -"What tree is that!?"

I was glad that we expected this question and we were ready with the aswers. BUt then he had other ways of hitting us back. ASS!!!

When our turn was done, I felt that the only way of getting back the supervisors' trust, was by asking a lot of questions to each other groups to show that we are on guard! And thank God we made sure we did.

Group #3 - Blue group {Nashrah, Gg, Ashraf}
name : SkyHigh
moto : pantang mengalah, cepat dan tepat
logo : there were hands reaching the sky and there was the sun showing that they are cheerful.

this group were hit hard too. but most of the questions they could answer. but we did see a certain kind of uncertainty about the presentations in some of the group members. OMar especially saw this and went up for a question.

quote {what I remember}:
"All of you have teamwork right? *they agree* Then can one of you tell me whats the matlamat tanpa memandang belakang. Saya nak Ashraf."

And of course he got freaked. And at that moment, I felt so happy. And when Ashraf stood up, I could see that a guy next to him were mouthing the questions. That's when I stood up to say that he could not get help from anyone. I know that was total and pure hell especially for Ashraf, and I did pity him, but I felt that showing them what we've got is more important.

He could not asnwer. {I know even I couldn't have}

The fucked up question was 'why was it that only people from certain schools answered. why are they dominating the group?!"

I hated that person and the question!

After this we were sent for a quick drink..

Group #4 - Yellow Group
{Diana, Atiyah, Aizat, Nasriff}
name : 3V
moto : We Come, We See, We Conquer
logo : there were about 20 hands circling 3 hands on the inside. and the other 3 hnads were reaching out stars.

This group was mostly presented by their leader. The leader talks the most and poeple thought that he was dominating it. everything that was questioned to them, the leader would answer and even thought other emmebers did answer, the leader would finishs their answers for them. And people thought it wasn't fair.

Changkar told me that the moto was a moto from someone before. So I went upfront and said..

"Okay back to the part that you said about the hands reaching our creativity right? Are you guys sure you are creative?! If so, why is it that your moto is not original. It was taken from someone else. Alexander the Great if I was not mistaken."

And I was corrected that it was Julius Ceasar who said it. The answer I got was pretty lame.

The fucked up question was "You know that Julius Ceasar lost when he used the moto. Why did you use the moto of somebody that lost?"

Group #5 - Pink group {Azizi, Iqbal, Hani, Syuhada}
name : Generasi CAUSA
moto : Be On Edge
logo : wasn't all that nice.. i don't remember it

CAUSA is the combination of 5 words that represents the group. I forgot what they were though. But I thought it was kind of cool the word CAUSA but NOT the name Generai CAUSA.

apparently, all four of the poeple in SMKSU went infront to speak of the logo, and OMar felt that it wasn't right. He went up to ask why did they choose poeple for SU to do it but the asnwer was lame. He was stopped before he could make another comeback.

Aizat on the other hand asked a question that made me so happy!

"Why did you right, be on edge!? Isn't it easy to fall off when you're on the egde. Orang tolak sikit jer dah jatuh"

And apprently, their interpretation of being on the edge is being on top. But everyon else sees it as being at the end of a cliff kind of thing. So we thought it was not appropriate. I do understand what they tried to say but thought that it was not the correct word.

I forgot their fucked up question but I think it was somehting about being on edge jugak.

At the end, the person was telling us our flaws and everything. And then it was Majlis penyampaian sijil. After everyone important gave their speeches and all that is. And then they were to announce the best guy, best girl, and best group!

Syuhada won the best girl and I was so proud of her because she has gave SU a great name. Changkar won the best guy and I was surprised and was more glad. I never thought he would win and I after he did, I thought that he really did deserve it!

And the best part was that EVERGREEN won the best group!!!! I was screaming so loud!! I felt so happy. You'll never expect us to win since we've seen such better groups and we started out so weak! Even the person said we started of such a dissapointment. And we builded up GREAT!!!

I LOVE MY GROUP!!!!! We took pictures!

At the end, we were asked to line up in on straight line, and the supervisors walked along the line and shooked hands with us all. So I basically got to shake hands with everyone! After that, all the SU-ians took one big picture of only us.

I think SU did a great job at proving to the people there that we are a GREAT SCHOOL!!! We really did shine!!! And we had the most fun! Apparently, all the penolong ketua in each group were SU-ians.

Green - Omar and Me
Yellow - Atiyah
Pink - Syuhada
Blue - Nash
Purple - Farhana
Penghuluwati - Gg


ANd apparently, we had tpo rush through pour lunch because our bus were already there. I didn't have time to shower and was really sweating. And I packed everything as fast as I could. Thank God I dind't leave anything. At least I hope not!

But I was kind of bumped that I never really had a proper goodbye with my teammates!


- I HAD SO MUCH FUN at one point I didn't wanna go back.

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camp EVIL was not so EVIL afterall

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I was woken up by Gg at about 5 o'clock. Somehow I didn't mind waking up but I was tired. Since I couldn't pray, I took that time to pack my stuff properly, before I went to take a quick shower. I HATED THE TOILET.

Then we all had to go to this feild for our morning exercise. Being elected the girl penolong in my group, I had to make sure all the girls were there. It was bad that one of my girl team mate wasn't there. Even though I checked her tent and everything. When this was told to the supervisors, I found out that there is another girl in the PInk group that was missing also. And it was weird that they were the only two in their tent and both were missing.

The supervisors made a joke about kidnapping a few members so we thought it was one of his tricks. But then after I asked the girl in my group that wa missing, she said no one woked her up. And she denied being kidnapped. So it was weird because G checked her tent and she was sure they weren't there.


Exercising didn't take that much time. After that we went for breakfast. The food today sucked the most! And today was the "jungle tracking" day. After breakfast we were to kumpul at the dewan. We found out that we were only allowed to bring 5 bottles per group. And I thought it wan't enough.

So after that we were given time to get ready and were to meet up to go. My group brought 3 big bottles and 2 small ones. Syafiqah were nice enough to carry the 2 small ones while 3 guys took one big one each.

And so we went. We were the last group unfortunately. And after about 10 minutes of going up hills, I was ALREADY TIRED. I don't know how people could do this for fun. But I know if I don't do this now, I never will. And I made sure I don't complain soo much or else poeple would think I am weak. {there is no reason to show people you are right}

But I was already sweating so much! And it was tiring but fun. The trip took about 2 hours. We were scheduled to be back by 1.30pm.

In the middle of the trip, the supervisors decided to change group leaders to see if we can corporate with others. Gg ended up being mine and I was so glad. I did "ABSELING". God knows ho's that spelled but I had to go down a hill with a rope. It was fun but scary.

And then we were to climb up a 200m hill thats steep. It was so steep I thoguht I was going to fall and die. But of course I didn't. When we reached the top, there were a few supervisors and they explained that we had to pretend a girl and a guy in our group had borke their leg and we had to find a way to carry them back to campside without letting them touch the ground. The guys chose Ashraf {this reallky skinny guy} and the girls chose Ka Boon {a small chinese girl}

And so we set off. IT WAS SOOOOO TIRING TRUST ME!!! We tried so many different ways to carry her. {The girls and guys had to manage themselves} And off we went. The trip was soo long. It was suppose to be a half an hour journey. Imagine carrying a person for half an hour. And of course we took longer than that. We were the last one to reach and we took almost an hour late. But we thought it wasn't fair to blame us because we did start off last!

We only had about an hour before we had to set off for another set of activities. OUCH. So we went for lunch and I didn't even have time to take a shower. We were all set to meet back at the dewan. The supervisors then told us that we had to go through 3 courses of activities.

-River crossing
-Flying Fox
-Comando Training

I was so excited to go for river crossing because I thought it was us being on 'pelampung' and pulling our way to the other side of the river with a rope. BOY I WAS WRONG.!!!

My group and Diana's group{yellow} were to go for the river crossing first. Diana's group had to go first. I could see form Diana's face that she was scared when it washer turn to go. That made me even more scared. But when she was done, she told me she had a fun time. That excites me.

And indeed it was fun. I thought I did pretty okay! I actually had to put all of my body inside the water, like lay down on it, and bring yourself to the other side with only your hands. IT WAS SCARY BUT FUN!!!

Even though we were very very wet, we made our way to the comando side. It looked scary because there was about 5 sets of obstacles. First we have to walk through a moving plank. After that there was the monkey bar. After that we had to walk across 2 really thin planks across water. The we had a wall that we had to climb up. Then we had to crawl on mud under a set of sharp wires.

It took our team quite a long time to do it. Of course for me, I couldn't get through the monley bar, and the wall was hard too. I think I am so heavy!!! But then we had loads of fun, and we also got loads of dirt on us.

After that, it took us more than an hour before we got to ride the flying fox. I was so excited and nervous when it was my turn. I have a little fear of heights and that is one of the reasons I agreed to do this flying fox. When I went up to the top, 2 guys were handling the place. I told them that I was so scared and that it was my first time, and one guy who was controlling the movement of the rope told me that he was going to stop me in the middle.

Of course he was kidding but I was still on guard if he was going to do that. But going down it was FUN FUN FUN!!!!! after that we all washed up throughly and the SMKSU girls planned to wear baju kurung for the night's get together.

And we ended up having almost ALL the other girls wearing it too, only after we planned to do so. We were kind of pissed because we thought of being dfferent from them. So we thought of wearing a cap with our kurungs to different-spape us with the others.

That didn't work! 2 girls even asked me for another pair of my kurung for them to wear!


After dinner, we all set off to the dewan.

So that night, groups were suppose to tell about their day. Each leader of each group had to pick a person and they were to tell about the trip. Apparently, the mike landed on a girl name Tash and she was telling them NON-STOP about things and it was like BLAH!!! I was quite embarassed because she was repeating what she said and it doesn't really have things to do wtih the questions that was asked.

And she also told the everyone of this secret that our group had. While we were on our 'carry-the-broken-legged-person' task, this one guy who was suppose to be on guard for us, kind of tlld us what to do! and he wasn't suppose to. he kind of helped us and all and we were all grateful.

BUT TASH TOLD EVERYONE THAT. And the supervisors got really pissed. After Tash were told to be seated, I went up there to re-tell the story even thought I was dead nervous. I complimented my group, and Gg. And told how wonderful our group worked together. AND WE DID.

And then Gg were asked to go infront to tell her experienced prking with us. She covered up the HELP story Tash let off. THANK GOD!! And the night went on and on until everyone was done. After that the supervisors were telling us our wrongs and rights. What we've done and what we should've done.

I was practically sleeping. At one point, Changkar had to go to the doctors outside so he put Omar and Me in charge. And after the supervisors were done talking, we were given 4 manilla cards to draw our group's name, group's moto, group's logo and our matlamat.

Omar told us that we should all go for a drink before coming back to do work. And we did. When we came back, we were all seated in a group, and Omar took charge. I was so glad at that point because EVERYONE actually paid attention and actually contributed to his ideas. Everyone helped and it felt so good that everyone actually gave opinions, ideas and attention.

We discussed everything that we had to do and we did it, we put it on paper. Everything was done. And I was glad!!! I was happy and I liked it!!!

I end up sleeping at 2.30 am waiting for Diana. Of course that was my desicion to do that. It was a fun, tiring day!

- 2nd October 2005 ~ 6.10pm ~ Saturday ~ Bukit Lagong ~ Setia Camp. I AM A POWER GIRL!!!!!!!

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

a trip to camp EVIL

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{I would just like to say that I just got back from camp and I am still in my camp sweats.But I just want to get this OVER with}

even though I packed everything the night before, there were still so many things to do before I go to this camp. the morning I had school and it took quite a long time and I was only left with limited time before I had to leave for camp.

after I got back from school, which is about 2 hours after the time I planned to go back, i was in such a rush. I have so many things to do in 2 more hours. So it was hell for me to have gone so haywire getting everything ready.

and so I set off to school with my incredibly HEAVY backpacks. The first person I saw was Mahfuz and he wasn't even going to camp. NO ONE was there yet and I felt weird. So I just went to the pay phone to say goodbye to Shahrul. When I came back Nasriff, and Iqbal was there so I just sat with them. Until Diana and Gg came. Thats when I went to sit with them. The three of us were going trough the list of what we have to bring to check if we got them.

Blar blar blar then the bus came. I was so nervous that time. I was so scared that I would forget something important. And I was so scared that any of my stuff would be stolen.

The bus ride was boring. Most of the time me and Diana were talking about life and stuff. It took us quite a long time to reach there. But when we did, I wanted to go back instantly.

The place didn't look that bad. But then again, it didn't look like its going to be fun. After we registered ourselves and was sorted out to our groups and tents, we found out that there was NOBODY in our school that ended up in the same tent. for girls that is. And all of us felt scared. Especially me, diana, gg, syahirah, and nashrah. We're not used to this kind of environment.

But I did end up in the same group with Syahirah. Thank God. And my camp was near Gg's so I wasn't that scared no more. When we went to our tents, we were all seprated. I thought my camp wasn't all that bad considering four people are sleeping there. It wasn't stinky or dirty. So I was quite glad. There was already a set of bags at one corner. But there was no one there. So I took my corner and settled down. One by one the people came. So at one point all of us {me, Haziemah, Ying Ying and Diana} were in tent and all of us introduced ourselves. all of us came form different schools in different daerah. I'm glad I got them as my tent mates. They're not bad.

After that, all of us were sent to this dewan. And the facilitators introduced themselves, welcomes us and all. All of us thought it was going to be hell and all of us were scared. Diana, G and I were sort of complaining. {sort of - okay guys}

When we went back to our tents, we were asked to clean up and everything so that, we can have our ice breaking that night. THE TOILET WAS PURE TORCHER. It was sooooooooo dirty I couldn't believe it. I tried to spend as little time there as possible. Then we went for our prayers. After that we went for dinner.

The canteen wasn't all that bad, but the food were. I never could finish any of them. It ends up being in the garbage can. The again we headed off to the dewan. The Pengarah Penerangan herself came and gave a speech. AND IT WAS SO LONG I PRACTICALLY ALMOST SLEPT. But when she was done, the real fun part began.

Kak Ela, our supervisor first sorted us into girls and guys. First we weare given 10 seconds to be sorted into a group that has the same first letters of our name. And mine if F of course. I was lucky because there wasn't many people in my F group so it was easy to remember their names. It was hard for the N's and the M's because there were so many of them. And then we were to sort out in the months of our birthdays, and I was so glad that I had Nasriff with me.

We were asked to come up with sifats that we all have. And one person comes up to tell the everyone else. I was the one who were chosen to represent June. And it was scary to go infront. After we give what we've got, the Kak will read what she found out about June people. And I found that almost all them were me. Trust me. It was cool.

Then we were asked to sort out by the colours of our nametags. And I was green, like Syahirah, so we made our way to the green group. I was glad that Omar too was in our group. And the rest of the people, I do not know. We were given about 5 to 10 minutes to know the name, age and schools of all our team members. And then we were to elect a leader. It was hard of course considering we have 20 poeple in our group. But I manage to memorize all except for their schools. And then I suggested Omar to be our leader but everyone else thought Changkar {a 19 year old Indian guy} would be better. I'm guessing its because of his age.

Then every group leader {there are 5 groups} were to go infront and introduced themselves. Green-Changkar, Blue-Gg, Purple-Tanesh, Yellow-Fakhrul, and Pink-Sashi.

After that we were to come up with a name for our group and a moto. I HATED my group because none of them can corporate. Of course maybe the fact thats its almost 2 o'clock made us sleepy, but we must come up with at least a name. But no one seems to want to sit still. And our group leader was so... YISHK! He couldn't even get the attention of us. And he doesn't have a very loud voice. YISHK! But finally we agreed to the name Pinnacle because we want to be on TOP!!!

Then all were invited to a drink at the canteen before sleeping. Then we all went to sleep.. Wasn't all that comfortable and it was hot. And it only lasted for 2 hours. But at least I did sleep. {but its bad that a girl in my camp SNORES}

ps. I was the girl penolong in my group and g was the penghuluwati of the camp.


from the mind to the fingers of Farisa Roslan | 4:11 pm | 2 Comments