Friday, July 21, 2006

my love's LOVER'S lover.

I turned to the gate. I waved my goodbye. That is so very me to bid goodbye when I don't want to mean it, yet couldn't say goodbye when I want to leave. He was late for tuition so he had to leave. My two guests chattered behind me. I pouted. Sigh. That wasn't how I wanted that day to end. That wasn't when I want to say goodbye to him.

My guests and I sat outside around a guitar while I tried to hide my sadness to myself. The guitar tuned into Sway. On the occasion of a volvo car stopped in front of my house that made us stop. Ayah? Pak Su? I made my way to the gate to see a chinese lady around her 40s coming out from the car door with a bouquet of roses planted in her arms.

Another gift for mama was the thought that played in my head. Until I came face to face with the lady to be told that it was addressed to a lady name Bonnie.


I rejected the flowers thinking bonnie did not live in that house. I suggested that she have gotten the address wrong though she herself proved me wrong. She carefully examined the card again to offer the name Bernie.

I frowned. Bernie? Who would address a bouquet of flowers to Bernie. I was reluctant to accept the flowers as I was afraid it could be of another Bernie that it was meant to be for. My guests ushered me to receive it anyway and they had smirks on their faces.

I thought my female guest, who is one of my close friends, was responsible for the flowers but as I read the card, I stand corrected.

I almost dropped myself to the floor under the shining sun. Although my tears didn't do a good job from not falling. I cried. It was so sweet. It was something I have imagined since I could remember.

I cried myself more. "You'renot suppose to cry, you should be happy!" was what I could hear. Have one not ever cry because they were so very happy? I understand how it feels to be that way.

I cried more.

There has been only twice in my life that I cried because I am so very happy.

In form one when my mother started being curious. I thought she was hiding the fact that she had a fatal disease and that she would die. I cried out of happiness when I found out that we are to gain a life than to lose one.

And second, on the 18th of July 2006. When Shahrul Iman bin Shahizan bought me a boquet of roses for our 2nd year anniversary.

Many love shahrul iman. And thank you for the flowers and the photo frame. No one makes me feel more special than you can.

- I love you my love's lover's lover. ehehe.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

pak SU'S housewarming got me 50 BUCKS!

listening to : oon myung - bi

thank God mom woke me on time yesterday because I was suppose to make my way to school to watch the futsal competition hosted by Setia this year. The main idea was to watch how the new BODs work in action without us managing them but getting to see your boyfriend play sports is one plus!

Diana, Gg and I made our way to school and we got there just in time when SHahrul FINISHED playing. but we did get a chance to watch a few other good games. then we went to check up on the juniors. Some of them were real "sombong" but some of them even offered us free water. So that was pretty cool. In the middle of the event Diana and I went to see 5 GAMMA play tug-of-war with a bunch of form 3's. It was heeps of fun.

Then I had to make my way to Elyse's house to learn In-Design. The house was beautiful. And big. And it was fun learning In-Design. And for the record guys, Wen Ying is a fun and nice person. At least she is around me. I actually quite like her company. :)

Anyway, after that I was rushed to Pak Su's new house because he was doing a housewarming for his new house. Got there and apparently, NO ONE WAS THERE YET, and mom said we were supposedly late. We had to wait for almost 1 and a 1/2 hour before we got to start. It was until3 when we ate our lunch.

The whole time my cousins and I just talked and hanged out. The party was pretty boring. After lunch we exchanged ghost stories and jokes also riddles. I bet you won't be surprise if the kambing joke came up!? and it did. ehehe.

After that the 3 of us got extremly bored that it seems like the kuaci we were hopelessly consuming were the only entertaining thing at the time. Around 6pm all the guests have finally left and the whole family gathered outside the patio outside of the house. The deck was outlooking at a golf course so we were all just staring at the big green space.

Everyone had their own stations. Left, middle and right. All of us were into our own conversations at each station but all of us were attracted to the so called marathon that the kids of the family were having. Running, screaming and a-ride-down-the-hill game. All cheered for them. It was fun while it lasted but it got boring again when they were done.

That was when I challenged my Pak Ngah into a kuaci-eating competition. I have already gotten the title of the fastest cunnest kuaci eater in the family when I beat mama, pak teh and a few others. I took the risk because my Pak Ngah is known to be the kaki-penipu. My last encounter with him at a kuaci competition, he ends up throwing uneaten kuaci just so he finishes first.

To make it fair this time, each of us only had to eat 10 kuaci and we have to keep the kulit so there was no chance to cheat. I won of course! So now I'm like the champion of kuaci!

Apparently, Pak ngah couldn't take no for an answer, so he challenged me to eating a banana. The bet was rm5. And of course I won again. Next was 2 piece of watermelon for rm10. At the point, the whole of my family members were laughing their tears off upon seeing me camming my uncle's ass! And they thought the sight of someone stuffing food in their face for money was funny.

My uncle still did not want to give up. So he chanllenged me to comepete with his little tembam son. According to him, my 8 years old cousin, A'AM, eats anything! And the bet was rm20. So there I was stuffing another banana in my face while A'AM was eating it like it was no ones business. Bite by bite slowly. Everyone laughed because he seemed to not get the idea of the game. rm35 was in my hands.

Lastly my Pak Ngah bet me rm15 to make complete a 50 to finish half a bottle of water to my cousin. And I won though it made me feel like my stomach is going to explade and all whats inside were to come outside.

But I turned out fine and was happy that rm50 was the reward for the day! God knows I need the money. Well the rest of the dya was just spent watching tv and all. But it was a fun filling day. I love my family.

- believe it or not the rm50 was spent the next day.

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