Friday, November 25, 2005

a day FULL of SEXAYNESS!!!

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well I made it. I got through the whole two days with my brothers alone in our house. Can you believe that after almost 3 years of hard work to avoid it, I still end up having to clean my brother's poop.

Yeap. My first time experience. HORRIBLE! trust me. and by the way, babies' poop smells twice as much as normal poop does. So yeah. I almost fainted. But I'm so use to it now. I'm not saying I enjoy it now that I've done it so many times. Or that I still don't feel like puking whenever I do. Just now, I don't cringe. That much.

so anyway, for my reward. I get to go out with my friends. to the movies. for Harr Potter. again.

yeah I know that Ive only watched it 2 days before but you know, its so good I actually looked forward to watching it again. Believe it or not, even after I watched it the first time, I still get all tingly and excited when I watch the trailer. And I looked forward to watching it again as if I have never watched I before.

yeap I love it THAT much.

That morning, I just wasted time. Cleaned the house a bit. Then when its time, I got ready to go.

Miza and her cousin Safuan came first. We were to take a cab from my place. After that Shahrul came and we called the cab. Then we made our way there.

It was really exciting. In my opinion that is. Because we were too early, the cinema hasn't even open yet. So when the door actually opened, I was practically running to the line. I got first of course. Until I found out that I was in the wrong line. Kind of embarrassing though.

When it was our turn, we found out that the tickets I booked yesterday wasn't recorded. I got pretty pissed. That goes the money for the phone bill. I mean seriously, that thing took ages to get done with.

Well lucky enough, we got our tickets. But unfortunately, it was the side line. Again I got pissed.

After that we went to have some snack at A&W before we went into the movie.

The movie was as exciting and triling for me as the first time I watched it. Only when times get a little boring, I paid less attention to it.

It was already 1.30pm when we got out of the movie. Shahrul and Miza's cousin Safuan went for their Friday Prayers at the Masjid in front of the mall. Mw and miza, well.. lets just say we did something ENTIRELY different.

Well miza told me she needs to get somehting from Top Shop. Well I reminded her that we should use that time to perform our praers but no. Miza wants to play dress up instead. And truthfully. I fell for it.

We spotted this adorable mini skirt and dared Miza to try it on. Unfortunately for me, Miza had the same idea. So we both ended up in mini skirts. We took a picture of us too. Its in my phone.

After that we headed for the surau. Then we met up with the boys again. We had lunch at Secret Recipe. Food wasn't that god though. Miza being Miza couldn't resist having a say at the suggestion box. Some of what she wrote wasn't even true. But you can't stop Miza from being.. well.. Miza.

We did get to eat one of the most DELICIOUS chocolate cake invented.

Well after that, we just have NO WHERE to go. Seriously, we were roaming the place not knowing what to do. Well we made a stop at the computer game shop. Found 2 games I was planning on asking ABAH to buy. Then we went to the MPH bookstore. Well, we found this Desperate Housewives book or somehting like that. And they had a test on WHICH DESPEARTE HOUSEWIVE ARE YOU!?


You may HATE her but I am glad I'm her. I can see myself as her. Miza turned out to be Gabrielle Solis. Shahrul claimed that she wasn't honest. She cheats on her partner. AHAHHAHA. You judge.

Then we did the craziest thing. Well Miza dared Shahrul and I to do it.

Okay Miza and I have this crazy idea of how we would want Shahrul to dress. So when we got to Esprit, Miza dared me to pick out somehting for Shahrul, while shahurl pick out osmehting for me to try on. Then we have a look at each other and voila. Happy.

To my luck, Shahrul was wearing a normal t-shirt, so I picked out a normal long sleeved shirt for him and asked him to wear his t-shirt on top of the shirt I picked out. Sort of a.. I'm a cool geek.. kind of look.

And well, he chose a short skirt for me. The good thing is, the short skirt was too big for me, so Miza went to pick out another skirt thats longer than the one he picked, so it was good.

When Shahrul got out of the changing room, I PRACTICALLY MELTED. OMg! Seriously. You know when people say 'soo good I can eat you up?!' well this ain't that. This is somehting more! Makes you wanna jump and him and chew him like a mad dog!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!

the point is he looked good.

then we changed and everything and we made another trip to Top Shop. I didn't try on anything this time, was too lazy. Miza put on a dress though. only to brag about her invincible FAT.

Then we went back. So that was my day. Fun and tiring. But the amount of SEXYNESS I got from Shahrul that day, tops it all off!!!

Muahahhaha. Too bad he hates the style and won't wear it again.

Never mind though. I still have Imran.


- Im gonna eat you up! And swallow you down you can't even feel the pain!

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

harry POTTER premiere night

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well mama decided to drop of my brothers to mak ngah's house again. on account that I was suppose to have a job interview that day. well turned out I didn't have to do an interview so thats that.

anyway, started the day miserably because of what happened the night before. I was still contemplating on who I should bring. my mother told me she would join in if they allowed babies into the primere show. and the only way I could know that is when I reach there and ask the person in charge.

and by the time it would be too late to just offer anyone the tickets. so yeah, its messed up. I got a list of a few possible candidates for the ticket but then again I wouldn't want my mom to miss it either.

I also didnt wanna put hope on people just in case mama ends up having the ticket. So yeah, there was a big dilemma there. and again, shahrul wasn't much help.

started out the day with having cereal and watching hilary duff's new movie "The Perfect Man" [thanks miza]. I was still in my singlet and shorts when I heard someone calling out my name outside. the voice just too familiar.

I opened the door to gg. She was telling me stuff about Setia and everything. And we ende up talking for a few hours. though at that point I was still feeling like I would collaspe and break down crying anytime.

which at one point I did. I felt so stupid doing it in front of her but the day was just so depressing that I couldn't help it.

After that it wet all well. I just talked to her and more. At about 12 o'clock Diana gave me a call and invited me to school. ahahaha. the sad thing was I still hadn't had my morning shower. and surprisingly, Gg can stand 3 inch near me and still haven't fainted. around there was when Gg left me.

It took us about half an hour to get ready. thats when I went to meet Diana in school. She told me she had some stuff she needed to do for Gemala. so yeah as I was doing nothing anyway, I followed her.

after we went to see the principle, we headed for Shell. I am just addicted to this plum candy called PIKIN. I mean seriosuly addicted that even-though-I-already-have-luka-on-my-tongue-I-still-can't-get-enough-of-it.

so when I got back, Diana stayed. we called up some people to join this job thingy. at the point, I was real tired and like feeling so bloody malas. then we talked for a while or so and thats when I couldn't help it. I went to cook my lunch.

my canned szechuan soup. it was the BOMB!

in the middle of lunch, Diana excused herself.

so I went back up to finish my movie. with lunch. I really lazed around the whole day having nothing to do. but at one point I feel so messed up that I don't even WANT to go to the primere. Yeah its that bad!

then suddenly the mix fm lady called me saying that my primere instead of 9 o'clock has been reschedueled to 8.30pm. I don't know. I'm kind of bummed but like I didn't exactly react like how I thought I would. but its okay I guess.

then the best thing happen. atikah called. okay no thats not the best part. ahahah. the best part was that diana too called me at the same time. and atikah called me on my cell. while diana reached me on my housephone.


It was the funnest but it was really tiring for me. know why coz I gotta sit in a certain kind of angle that hurts mind you, just so the three of us can hear each other. but non-the-less it was fun.

thats when I told them about my time change news. I don't remember their reactions though. then Atikah dared me to wear my Hermione Granger full Hogwarts uniform with the robe for RM50. We discussed more about the dare after wards and it was fun. Then we had to broke of the conversation because Diana and I hadn't had our prayers.

but after that, it boost up my wanting for the primere again.

BLAR BLAR BLAR. I got ready and everything. and then I waited for Sonia to come and pick me up. we were headed to the LRT station in subang. thats how we're going to Mid Valley.

when we got there, we saw Ainul, Gg, Diana and Shameen. I was really glad to see them. then suddenly, all of us turned into FREAK mode because all of us started acting like a bunch of bandar girls that talks really loud. we had peopel staring. BUt what do you expect when you put 6 city girls together and on their way to watching Harry POtter. We'd be crazy NOT to be all loud.

the ride there was plain. kind of boring. but luckily we got to sit together so we really talked a lot.

when we reached our stop at KL Central [thats where we need to change our train], I realized that we might not make it in time. I freaked as I needed to pick up my tickets in a certain duration of time. So when we actually reached mid valley, we were practically running to get to the cinema.

I puffed out loud when I got the table and claimed my tickets. It was great coz they said that babies were allowed in. ahahahahah. and I got the side seat so it was fine I guess. I also got a new cap. A Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire cap.

fun fact: when I claimed my tickets, they presented me with a list of names and I had to sign in my name as proof that I took my tickets. funny thing was, right below my name, was a person named Shahrul Fawwaz. I laughed myself there.

the feeling of being there at the primere was so overwhelming. just ebing able to stand on those gournds and looking at the flock of people all aorund, people like me. Crazed POtter fans too. and it kind of bummed me seeing a few peopel were in their robes while I had the oppurtunity to do so, and yet I didn't. Hey at least I was at the primere.

we went for our prayers after that then I emt up with my parents at food court. thats where I was hanging out with my friends before the movie. apaprently they were all eating, whilst I had no time to.

after a while my parents called me up and we amde our way to the snack bar. of course purchased some YUMMY popcorns and made our way in. we were stopped to hand in our cells but mom was apparently mad about it. then we went through the whole body-check-with-actual-sensores-and-policemen.

after the check we went through a line of policemen just guarding the place. NICE! I was really excited.

we settled in our seats and was ready to watch the movie.

IT WAS THE BOMB! the starting of the movie I felt like crying because I felt so WOW that what I am seeing on teh big screen is something I have read before. and its coming to life. I know its a bit too late to feel that because thats what happened to the previous 3 movies. But I don't know why, maybe because the time when I read the fourth book, I acually were matured enough to really appreciate it!? I don't know. BUt it was great!

the movie was awesome, I really didn't want it to end. and to see Daniel, Rupert and Emma grow up is just overwhelming. As if I have been growing up with them. the new additons to the movie is nothign to complain either. The buff Victor Krum has a sense of machoness thats to die for, the ever so pretty Fleur Delacour just makes you wanna rip her face off and yet still be her best friend and well, Cedric Diggory.

also scenes that went up to my liking were also there. The Yule Ball and who could forget the semi-naked Daniel in the prefect bathroom scene. ahahhaha. I'm not saying I imagined, I'm just saying it might be a weebit tempting. ahahahahah. and to get to see Lord Voldemort in person just adds to the whole BEST-NESS of the movie.

I enjoyed it loads.

Even though I don't get to watch it with my friends, I know I have the whole cast to make me feel happy already. And having mama and abah there was nothing to complain about too.

after that we waited for Sonia and Ainul. then we all took cabs to go home. it was tiring but I had a lot of fun.

well, that night I found out that I did not nee to go throught eh interview process before I start the job, but I also lost my job at performing for my cousin's pet sister's prom night. dang. was looking forward to it.

but the other best part, was that I was automatically allowed to go watch the movie again this Friday with my friends. well namely Shahrul Iman. but the sad part part was, I had two days of playing maid for my brothers before I get to go.

- yay! what could be funner than washing poop and cooking rice?

ps: my maid bailed on us that effing bitch. I'll tell you guys about it later.

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