Sunday, April 06, 2008


Meme-ing this simply because Atikah tagged me.

1. I am getting fatter by the minute.

And this time I am not exagurating. I eat all the time and is slowly having no guilt whatsoever. I'd sneak a few biscuits into my mouth during first period. Then during my first 10 minutes break, I would drag my friends to the cafe to have breakfast. Then in my second period, I'd sneak in a few sweets/candies (but usually this is to stop me from sleeping). Then I'd have my lunch with a plate of rice before buying more sweets to eat during third period. Then I would go back in the evening and consume way too many junk food before dinner time. In which after that, I would study with a basket full of more junk food. Yeap. Food is love. I do not eat a lot at one time, I just eat little proportions of everything, many times.

2. I only have ONE bright coloured bra.

I am serious. I have 5 pairs of ugly shade of blue coloured bras that are similar. I buy many of those because that one is most comfortable on me. I only have one pair of bright yellow polka-dotted bra that my mom bought for me without my consent. Although the design is pretty, I do no particularly favor it because I do not find it that comfortable. So I do not wear it. The rest of my other bras are black in colour.

3. I keep to myself a lot.

Which if you see, is actually hipocracy. Because I have always believed that whenever you have a problem, share it with someone. Although they might not be able to do anything, at least you're not carrying the weight alone. But, somehow now, I just keep things to myself and cry alone. I just feel like even if I tell someone about what I am going through, there is nothing that they can do about it, but instead, I'd just burden them with more things to worry about. They have their own troubles to deal with so what iss the point in having mine. Plus, whatever they say, it might just be for the sake of saying it, things won't change. Sigh.

4. I need to pee.

At this very minute. So excuse me.

5. I have a tendency to loose my handphones and my current handphone is almost fully KAW-ED.

Yes. I have lost 2 of my favourite handphones. Consecutively. One was a Motorola Razor that mom got from her vendor and gave to me somewhere around September of 2005 and I lost it during our holiday trip to Sabah somewhere in May the next year. We were at the airport and I took it out during the time when we had to scan every single piece of belonging we had. I mispalced it and turned back to look for it except it was too late. And it was 40 minutes to boarding time so there was no time to go look for it. I was crying in the airplane. But it was lucky of me since it was nearing my birthday so mom and dad got me an LG flip phone to replace it. Which I so happen to loose exactly one year later during my trip to the premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow. It was with me the whole trip and when I was on the KTM ride back, it was gone. I remember keeping it in the front pocket of my handbag. I guess it was pickpocketed out. And my current RM300 Motorola phone just WON'T go missing so I have been stuck with it for almsot a year now.

6. I have only 5 interesting things about me.

And one was about me peeing. Yes. I am that boring.

- sugar sugar how did you get so FLLYYY?!?!?

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