Wednesday, November 30, 2005

open HOUSES are fun. when you're in TROUSERS that is.

okay how lame is that!?

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so anyway. being as COOL as one possibly can, i was invited to a few open houses this year. Make it this month. here is a combine-into-one post about all the open houses I've been.

in order.

18th November 2005 - Nur Izzah Farhah

it is acually the same day that Miza, SHahrul and I went to watch the fourth movie of Harry Potter. again. It was tiring, but I was excited to be there. She had quite a cosy home. When we got there, we all settled in in front of the tv. Talked and well.. mingled and stuff. Her food was delicious. I adore her laksa and her lasagna was good. I think I gained a few pounds just sitting there for 2 hours. The chocolate cake was really good.

We took a few pictures as well as looked througha few pictures that night. Then we ended up having a nice conversation. Miza, Gg, Atikah and I. At about 10 something, Syahirah's dad gave me a lift home.

19th November 2005 - Hamizatul Nisa

well. we were of course forced to wear baju kurung. Not that I am complaining. Well I was asked to come early that day so I could help out with the open house a little. But too bad I had an open house that morning and also a few hours before hers. So I failed to come early. But unfortunately, my unearlinest is still early because when I came, there were only Atikah and Diana and the 3 of them were watching Sky High.

well the thing is, I had my raya kurung on. And its a plain pink baju kurung. My mom told me that to make the kurung look a little, well.. nice. I must wear it with a dang funky tudung. well, my tudung was funky alright. It was the tudung where you kind of belit here, belit there, stick it up here, roll it back there. And voila, You get Farisa looking weird. Shahir couldn't stop laughing.

Miza's chocolate cheese cake taste fine except you can't really taste the cheese. Good first attempt though. The Spagethi was great. and I enjoyed the weird drink. Well, we spent the day chatting, and watching people play piano, taking pictures and well.. socializing. It was tiring but it was fun.

22nd November 2005 - Iman Ishak

well actually before we headed to Iman's house, we had a YEP dinner. well basically Pinnacle Enterprise's people get to have a nice buffet dinner at Sunway Hotel sponsored by GE Engines. Best part was we got certs too. Atikah's mom dropped us off and we had to actually go looking for the bloody Atrium Cafe. In heels.

when we got there, Sonia, Atikah and I went berserk over the food. Sonia was literally crazy that night. But it was a fun time. The food wasn't all that good but it'll pass. The soup was awfully great though.

Mama picked us up and sent us to Iman's house after that. The floor was wet as an outcome of the rain so it was quite hard to go in on account of the heels I was wearing. But when I got in, I saw a lot of people there. The funny thing was, Iman was wearing sarong. Apparently, dressing up for the occasion wasn't a big thing to him.

The Laksa Johor was really nice. Craving for it now. Just that at the point I was kind of full so I only had a small serving. It was quite flattering that this girl named Nadhrah that I met at the 2005th Sumbangsih, actually remembers me. She was Iman's date for the night and so now I met her again at Iman's open house. We talked for a while before Miza joined us. Then we all talked. Then Gg joined us. Then we talked again.

After that, we all went in and I got into a conversation with Shafiq and Shahrul. They were fun to talk to. And then Atikah joined in the conversation. So we talked till about 11.30pm. Thats when Sonia parents came. So I rode with her. Tiring but it was a fun time at Iman's. His bathroom is really nice.

26th November 2005 - Noor Diana

Well, Miza told me that her mom cooked some food for something somethng and now she has had a lot of extra so she invited us to her house before we head to Diana's. Luckily mama said yes so there I was on the way to Miza's. Apparently, only G and I made it there. So when I got there, I grabbed my plate of Spagethi and joined the other two. Thats when the 2 of them started getting me crazy about palm reading.

after that Gg invited us to her house before we head to Diana's. And so we went. The mom made some kick ass muffins [no offense to anyone who IDND'T get to taste it. ahahahah] and tasnim too came. The four of us just hanged out and talked for about an hour before we went to Diana's.

So well, then we made it to Diana's. We went for the food when we came. Even though we're already so full. Well at least I was. But the roti jala was really nice. At one point we were all back to crazy-fan-about-palm-reading-mode again. But at one point, I really didn't know what to do.

fun fact : well, Diana, Miza and I ave been trying to get our hands on Atikah's so called out-of-limits phone, and at one point there, the phone was right there in front of our eyes. So we stole it and were planning to look through it. And if she suspects anything, we would hide it in miza's bag, and pretend it was my phone we were checking out. yeah well, the worst part was I was the one that was holding the phone, and when she came near us, coz she suspects something, well I freaked and well, screamed. It was quite embarrassing. Scream on the top of my lungs according to gg. But I don't know, again I said, I freaked. So yeah. So much for that.

Then we started hanging out with the boys. All went fine. So then, we went home. Diana, G and I did have a moment where we possed really corny for the camera. Diana I want those pics.

26th November 2005 - Wan Muhammad Ashraf

Well, funny thing is, I wasn't officially invited to the open house. Well actually I was just that the msg he sent never got to me. I got to know he was doing an open house when Shahrul told me he was going. Thats when I asked Shahir if he was invited, and apparently he was, so of course I freaked.

But all was fine, because, well... OF COURSE I WAS INVITED.

When I came back from Diana's lace, I really had nothing to do before I go to Ashraf's. Shahir and I planned to go around 8.15 so I kinda have an hour, so I decided to spend my time freshing up. And plus there was a Harry POtter the making, so there was how I spend my time waiting.

then I went to Ashraf's place. met Shahir and his family there, so we all sat at a table Shahir's family, him, my family and I. was kind of boring. ON account that I was really wanting to go sit with Shahrul.

after about an hour or so, mom finally allowed me to go sit with Shahrul. and at the time, the only one left with him was Fawwaz. The rest of the gang kind of, went somewhere. So the three of us just talked and stuff. It was quite fun to just catch up the 3 of us.

so well, mom curfewed me at 9.30pm. Thats when I got back. It was a fun time but I wouldn't say it was my best. I liked how I dressed though.

27th November 2005 - Muhammad Nasriff

well actually I'm kind of bummed out that I had to skip this out because mom wanted me to go with her to her friend's open house. Kind of got into a fight with her but the it didn't turn out that bad though. The journey to Putrajaya was suffering though on account that my mom and I weren't in talking terms. but I got to taste laksa pahang there. wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

apparently, on the way back, mama agreed to send me to nasriff's house evn though its about 20 minutes to 7. luckily my friends were still there. s we got to hang for a while. the spagethi was nice though.

end up calling mom half an hour later. she got mad. she told me it was ridiculous to be there that late in the first place. felt kind of bad.

30th November 2005 - Muhammad Omar

well I was kind of glad to be able to go. The house is gorgeous. Well its big and comfy at least. Made my way to my friends when I came and then I went for the food. The ayam masak marah taste incredibly good. I really liked it. And then OMar offered us this icky looking jelly thing, which really didn't turn out that good.

we spent the rest of the night talking to each other. suprisingly, the only girls that were present there were us. the three of us. again, we really just hanged out and talked but I really admire the house. so at around 10.30pm, mom came to pick me up. it was a quite a fun night.

so there. that were my invitations. well actually I got invite to iesqo's open house but mom didn't think it was neccessary for me to go. so yeah well. now I am stuck at home, taking care of my brothers jer lar. But it was a good year. had a blast going to open houses. I love my life now.

- VIP. pfft.

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