Thursday, January 18, 2007

only because YOU asked

how long has it been then? a month or so? I have gone missing for much longer than that once before but no one complained until recently when my friends come up to me and reminded me that my blog is indeed, dead.

ahahahha. well I can't make excuses for myself. because the simple truth is, I had been very much lazy to blog. Trust me, I have all the things to say, just don't have the mood to pen it on. or type it on, in this case. I admit that I was actually considering to kill it off permanently. but decided against it when I realized my friends actually read them.

well, I am writing back now. and it has reminded me of how much writing is fun. So you most probably would hear a lot of me again.

actually I am at the office now. how grown up do I sound? ahahhaa. I am currently working at my uncle's office as.. a..

an extra help we can say. he gave me a project to update a manual on a program that the company created. It is a system called the DanaManager designed by Meridian Diversified Sdn. Bhd. It is a system to manage your financial as well as your customers. Or at least thats what I think it is.

basically what I do is I change the pictures of the previous sample pictures to the new sample pictures and explain what the pages do and how to use it. I am required to format it accordingly and arrange it in a way it is easy for anyone to read. Actually my uncle is inside his office evaluating the results now. And it is raising my pulse up high.

my friends did not forget to ask me about the payment and truth be told, I have no idea how much it is. When asked, my uncle would say that it is rm2.50 per DAY. Miza calls it slave labour while Atikah suggested McDonald as a better option. Even though the work environment would totally change from air-conditioners, cigarette smokes and weird cologne, to sweat, meat and kids. total opposite.

but need not worry because my uncle MUST me kidding. he HAS to. so I will just have to wait till my job is done or when the month is over. but suppose the amount is based on the work that I did. I hope I did fairly.

well so that is that. that is what life is now. Not dorky school uniforms, no more shitload of homework, no need to be in any teacher's good shoes anymore. Life now is about work and.. work. Shahrul Iman has started his. He is currently working at Kenny Roger's branch in Subang Parade. Might not sound as fancy as Farisa working at an office, but I bet it pays better, and the job is much more fun than what I am doing here. At least he has friends his age there. I am surrounded by people almost 10 years older than I am. Though I don't look like it.

Gg got herself a job but then decided to quit because the job was not as interesting as she hoped. Miza is sitting at hope doing yoga and pilates she got off the internet. Atikah is doing as much as she can at home blogging and photoshopping and it is such a great improvement that she invited us for a bowling game next Wednesday. Diana is currently doing nothing. I mean seriously nothing because has has not contacted me so I have heard NOTHING from her. While Farhah told me she is going to look for a job but I do not know how that one is working for her. I forgot to ask.

Aiman is currently roasting chickens at Kenny Rogers as well while Shafiq is trying to bag a job at a local Hospital. I am not sure how he is doing though. Fawwaz however

So we don't see each other as much as we use to but then that is what it is like after high school no!? next thing we realized we are getting ready for our tenth reunion. But we all know how that one is going to end now don't we? ;D

I just got out from my uncle's office. He did not like my work only because he said that it was not as he expected. I defended by saying that I have no idea what the whole thing is about. So he came and explained what it does. (Reading the manuals did not make me understand a single thing)

So he changed my job. Or rather, gave me a temporary one. After he explained to me what the whole thing is, he gave me a new project. So my new work now is not as hard and it does not require me to understand any system. Just yet.

I have to find informations on some of the company's customers and later on, after they have finish developing this system for loans, I am in charge to key in the informations and stuff. Doesn't sound so hard. I hope it won't.

He agreed that after I am done with this project, he'll let me continue my old one. Back to the manuals then. But for now, my job is to play the internet. So I am available at all times. I like working here. It's pretty cozy and at least I have soemthing to do. It just sucks that I have NO driving capabilities therefor I have to carpool all the time. And its very hassling because my mom does not go to the same road as this company neither does my dad. My PakSu's house from my house is further than his house to the office. While my uncle, Ayah, who happens to be the Managing Director, always comes to work anytime he pleases. So I haveto hitch my PakNgah but he doesnt come to the office everyday coz he usually work outside the office. So tuh yang malas sikit tuh.

Other than that. It's fine.

I better go start on the customer services now. Get it? Customer service!? ahahahha!!! Omg! I've just made a lame adult joke! I'm so growing up!!!!!!!!!!!!

- girls, regardless of me working now, please do not forget to invite me to any outtings.

ps: set a date to go see shahrul iman and aiman at work.
psss: (if there is such thing) I'm working now.

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