Wednesday, June 01, 2005

setia INSTALLATION year 2005 - preparation

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its official! I am now the official Project Director of the Setia Club SMKSU and is ready to take on the challenge. Today, was the Installation Night.

the preparations are crazy! I know that the junior BODs did not have to handle the whole gala-wala of organizing the whole event. All we need to do was publicize it and welcome the people.

owh and besides that, come up with a 10 minutes performance. and you won't believe the shit we had to go through just for that.

it took us a LONG time just to come up with what we wanted to do.. it was abut a week++ before we decided that the performance is going to be a 2 songs sang by us performance. 3 days before that we actually decided what songs it were going to be.

many shits had to be taken care of just to settle in 2 songs. but practise hours were fun I agree..

first session were very eventful.. good progress too I might say. I got exposed to a song called Bila Rindu. one of those songs I never thought I'd actually like.. or even bother to hear anyway.

but its pretty good.

a meeting with the setia seniors that came afters were quite good. we also got a lot of things out of our chest.

I missed the second session. the dancing session. but the third one was.. quite fun.. I did get to learn the dance moves only to discover geleking is not my thang!

hey at least I was brave enough to try.

and after realizing it may be too hard for everybody to dance, we decided to skip the dance and the POp Yea Yea song. New plan : first song Bila Rindu by Ruffedge,second song Ain't No Mountain High by Marvin Gaye and Tammi.

The third practise was at Aizat's. I think it was a good progression. The food there was good too. I succeed in placing all of them in place and in the positions that they're suppose to be.

So it was good. So was the practises that came afters. Sure there were problems here and there but I think the fact that we can actually collect at one place and practise together, it feels good.

So the weird part is.. I had only known the song for 2 days or so and I've got a semi solo part. Its decided that the verses of the song are not meant to be sang by everyone, so only the max of 2 people are allowed to take them.

so iesqo took the first verse, and gg and I landed on the 2nd while OMar took the solo poemy part of the song. It was quite scary at first and G and I as we had the fear of screwing up. Fact that we're so new to the song. But we're up for the challenge. We both tried hard to make the song sound good.. and right...

fun fact : at one point Gg actually had bad stomach ache that she couldn't sing, and when it was time for us to go up there, I actually ha dto do it solo. It was scary! Having G with me is scary enough let alone I had to do it myself. Thank God it was just a one time thing.

So it was all good later on.

Rehearsal was on that morning of Saturday itself. Having to be there by 8 was bad for the eyes and the energy. And yet we made it. It went pretty well.. Only flaw was that when I found out how far our table was from the stage. Nyah.. other than that it was good.

I got back at about 11 something and headed straight to the showers. Surprisingly it took only 20 minutes for me to give myself the shampoo treatment and all instead of the usual 60 minutes.

I freaked out when my sister took too much time doing my make up.. BLAR BLAR BLAR.. I got ready… and of we go..

- and that’s not the fun part!

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