Tuesday, January 03, 2006

post PETER PAN concert

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wow. I made through it. Back, alive and still a virgin. WOOHOO!! I made it through my FIRST CONCERT.

Well, there was this unsigned agreement between my mom and her kids that we are not allowed to go to concerts. Which I have to say it scared me a bit. I mean, what if Hilary Duff comes, you can't expect me to just sit and home and just listen to the tapes. UH-UH.

Well, I suppose that contract is broken now thanks to my uncle. My sister is actually the big fan of Peter Pan. I have heard a song or two from them and I quite like it. But when we heard that Peter Pan was coming to KL, we immediately begged my uncle to bring us. Because believe it or not, he has been to almost all the concerts hosted in KL or near.

He at first was really reluctant to go as he wasn't familiar with the band, but my sister and I begged him till one day we received an sms saying YOU'RE GOING TO PETER PAN CONCERT. yay!

So there you go.

The night before, was actually new year's eve. So my other uncle, Ayah, invited my family to his apartment to watch the fireworks. The apartment is at the Sunway Lagoon. So we watched the fireworks that were coming from there.

It was the funnest. I love fireworks. So anyway we spend the night listening to The Eagles and watch some movies. Then my mom, my dad and my brothers left, my sister and I stayed to sleep in. Before we slept we watched this tv showcalled world apart. It was so much fun.

So anyway,the next morning we had some leftovers from last night. For lunch Ayah brought us to a chinese restaurant (halal) at Rothman Roundabout. I think. The wantan and assam fish there were to DIE FOR! I am going to bring my friends there when we can drive later.

So then, Ayah went back to his actual house for my cousin Along to change for the concert. Then mom came to pick us up and brought all 3 of us back to my place. I really had trouble deciding on what to wear. I mean what do I know about concerts outfit. Never been to one remember?

Well, at last I ended up wearing my signature outfit. Well sort off. I put on my fit jeans, my long sleeve white top and slid on my bright green Tropicana Life top. I looked good and I felt good. So when we were all ready, we had out tea. The bad thing was it was raining like mad. I mean real bad rain. We ensured ourselves that it would last only for a short while.

My Pak Su came after that and he decided that we should Maghrib at home before we went. Then after a while we decided to go against it. It was still raining hevaily and God knows the jam. So we went and had our prayers at the Plus Stop. On the journey there, my sister blast on her Peter Pan cd. I kind of tried to memorize some of the song so that I could sing with them at the concert. And like.. it failed. It was hard to cram all songs in about an hour before the concert.

The journey was tiring. Rain was heavy. The jam wasn't any different. But at last we got there. And guess what! My uncle missed the entrance! So he took a U-turn that was quite far from the entrance, and ended parking on the pedestrian part in the middle of the road. He surprised the 3 of us but we didn't think that he could be any cooler!

So there we were on the way! My heart was pumping! I WAS SO EXCITED! But the line to enter was UNIMAGINABLE!!! Probably as long as the que waiting for Harry Potter's 5th book at Kinokuniya KLCC. And it was already almost time that the concert would start. The 3 of us were left at one corner while my uncle went to search for a loophole in the line.

Well, he didn't find it but we did manage to SQUEEZE (literally) through the crowd pushing to get in. The rain still as bad as before. My ticket, well, it got.. smash. It just turned into a blob of paper as result of the rain. But I gave it to the dude and he just rushed me in. It was such a scary time while squeezing. Especially for a phobic-freak like me. I was constantly trying to keep my ass and my chest untouched. And I was always looking out for people who might just snatch me, or my phone, purse or IC.

But thank God I got through with all my stuff unstolen. My chest was still untouched. But I couldn't say the same for my ass. Sadly.

When we got in we rushed to find a suitable spot. The whole stadium was damp. It was gross and we were so wet. Howevere the rain stopped which was the only good thing so far. We made our way on the field but it was so wet and our shoes were instantly covered with mud. I regret wearing my nice clothes.

Well according to my uncle, when the lights go off, these people will be pushing off the railings that divided the RM45 people and RM80 people. So my cousin, sister and I decided to go to a spot where the people will easily bang the railing down so we could go along with them. Well, that was a mistake.

The place we went was full with yucky black metal, grundgy, my icky long hair is the coolest thing I have kind of guys. The were disgustings. While waiting for the opening bands to perform, they were all making noise and trying to get attentions. Smoking, laughing, cursing. They were extremely disgusting! And worse they were rubbing against each other. Yucks.

The three of us were inexperienced at being at a concert so we really didn't know what we were suppose to do. Didn't help that people were eyeing on us. It was such an uncomfortable moment. Then Pretty Ugly the first band went on and people were roaring through their singing. We coudln't even see the screen. We reckoned that teh railings ain't going down as there were no sign of it. So we decided to go back to the seats. It was all the way across the stage but we could actually see the stage people better from where we were sitting.

So we just sat there enjoying Pretty Ugly and Gerhana Ska Cinta. 2 good bands. Everything was settled until the bands went off. The lights were off as a sign that they were ready for Peter Pan. And then we saw the thing that made us so mad.

THE RAILING DID GO DOWN! And people were 'leaking' towards the RM80 side. And the 3 of us rushed to get there in time. In my head I was like.. 'IF ONLY WE BLOODY STAYED WE'LL BE A WHOLE LOT NERARE TO THE BAND. BLOODY SHIT' yup. But apparently, we didn't get through. The guards blocked us in by the time we got there. Dammit. But to look at the bright side, we were actually the first of the RM45 people. We could touch the railing and the people infront of us were a few meters away so nothing blocked our view. We could see the band and considering, it was quite a good spot.

So there were ARIEL and the rest of the band. Argh! I was on top of my head at the time. I was so excited. I was just a few meters away from PETER PAN! WOOHOO!!! Then they started playing their songs. Of course my over-excitement felt kind of weird as I didn't even sing along to their songs. I DON'T KNOW THE WORDS. But I recognized most of it. SO I ended up screaming and singing parts of the songs that I knew.

It was so much fun. I screamed so loud that it choaked me at once point. But I still felt so happy. My sister was on my left while this other guy was on my right. Again I was constantly reaching in my pants to make sure all my stuff was there. I bet the guy felt weird that I kept doing hat but I wasn't going to risk trusting him to keep his hands away from my stuff.

After an hour I relaxed because he didn't make a move. In fact, he didn't even look happy. No smile, no screams, no feeling. He had a straight face while looking at the stage. Puts down my mood a little but was all fine. The girl next to the dude howevere was the complete opposite of him. I couldn't tell if she was Indonesian or Malaysian but she was SCREAMING AND SINGING so loud that I couldn't even hear my own screams. ANd she put my mood back up.

And the Yucky black-metal dudes behind me kept trying to push his way infront. NO WAY. UH-UH. At one point however the guy actually put both hands on the railing and it had my sister in between his hands. Looks like he was about to hug my sister. I felt like punching his face and ask him to step off. But luckily he did even before I got to lift my knuckle up.

So that was the concert. They played killer songs. I made killer screams. And the atmosphere was a killer. But I had the best of fun. The songs were awesome. They were awesome. And my uncle was awesome. We went back with soaked pants and Peter Pan songs stuck in our heads.

We then went to Hartamas to have our late dinner. The Ikan Bakar was great. Went home so tired and dirty and yet I felt so complete as I already experienced going to concert.

- I love PETER PAN. woohoo.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

way to START your year EYH?

in only a few hours, I will be back in school. URGH!

first day of school in 2006. I must say I am not really excited to be back to school. Imagine the books, the food the yucky subjects. But I am excited to be back and see my friens though. To go back to the life, the year I am so use to.

Atikah apparently is really excited. Se called me to express her.. excited-ness. Well, I think its good that she looks forward to school. But of course we ALL know the ACTUAL reason she is excited to be back. AHahhaha.

Well, I suppose by the time you guys read this, we will have already passed our first day of school. Well, have fun you pople, and SEE YAH BACK IN SKOOLL!!!

- am not ready, am not ready to be back to school. am no ready, am not ready to sit for SPM. yagagaga.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

on a PETER PAN high

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can you believe it? in a few hours I will be on my way to the Peter Pan's concert in Kuala Lumpur Stadium Merdeka. I'm part excited, part anxious and part nervous. I am going to my first ever concert. I have no idea how the atmosphere is.

- pray I come back alive and still a virgin.

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happy NEW year

wow, I just read through my post of last year's new year and I just want to say the exact same thing.

So now here it is. A whole new year. A whole new blank scrap book to be filled with pictures, words, memories, and adventure. A new book where you can fill with a whole new you, a whole new life, and a whole new colours and decorations. A whole new YEAR!

You can re-do what you enjoy doing in the last scrap book and yet leave space to start something new. Add more new faces in there and still keep the old. Enjoy the past memories and make new ones. New start, new goal, new way of looking at things. Broaden your mind! AND JUST START FRESH!!!

So there you go people. Open up another book and take out your pens and inks and get ready to fill another year. Year 2006. As for me, I am going to close up my 2005, put it on that shelve, and refer to it once in a while. And my 2006 scrap book, hopefully would be clean, fresh and full of goodness.

I must say I am not really a big celebrater for the new years. The past few years I have always acknowledged new year but have never actually went all out to celebrate it. Truthfully, I don't even realy send out SMS wishes to people. To me new year means another year of school.

But I guess it really isn't just that. A new year means a new chance to create new things. Explore other things you have never experienced before. And by this I'm not saying anything about drugs or free sex.

From how I see it.. another year is doing things you know you have to do.. like school, tuition, homework, bathing and yada yada. But there are other things that you just don't expect to happen. Thats what makes life a bit interesting you know. A few little surprises here and there.

Well, I enjoyed last year very much. I get to keep my old friends and get closer to some new ones. I gained a lot of experience, with YEP, with incidents in life, friens and family. And these experiences are ones that I wish not to throw away.

I admit that I have done mistakes that wish to take back. I have said things that perhaps have changed a person's perception of me. But I suppose I would prefer not to change any of those events.

Why? because now I can take those mistakes and make sure that I do not repeat it. I learn from it. All I hope for is that this new year, this people will forgive me and we can start again. A new year. I new view of life. A new goal.

My goal this year, is of course to score very much all As in my upcoming SPM exam. And my other goal this year is to be the best that I could be. Alhamdulillah.

I am going to forget all the bad things in life and move on. I pray that God will smoothen my way to accomplish my goals. And the same goes to all of you.

- my 2006 scrap book is filled with little hearts and the word SPM all over it. PYAH!

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