Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Wish.

Farisa Roslan wants to be 15 again!! :)

"you begin to wonder why you came"

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Popular Mechanis for Broken Hearts ;)

Thinking about all these housing business is really making me sick. I am consumed over the thought when originally, I wasn't. I knew it was sort of pointless to be looking for accommodations now since people haven't generally moved out yet. But Ayin got me thinking about it and now, I'm bothered, consumed and tired.

I've got a lot on my plate right now. I'm running for the Cultural post in MASCA this weekend and Zia wanted me to finish my speech. I'm glad he is giving me the push and I don't really have anything else to do anyway. I just haven't found myself writing it just yet. Maybe a window shopping trip would do the trick.

Next I need to find time to practice my performance for PETRONAS Grand Dinner also this weekend. I have just gotten back from break a week ago and here I am already biting more than I can chew. I'm quite happy to be doing this performance with Rina though, but the time commitment is a bit taxing. What more, I haven't practiced the guitar for months now. God knows how rusty I am around the metallic strings.

Next, I am busy looking for a summer job. I really do need to gain some extra money most probably will even work during term. This is necessary if I want to stay afloat. What's more I am going to be living only 2 people next year as oppose to the original 3 that we planned. Ayin has backed down. I am furious at her I am. But I love that small girl and I will let her go since her heart won't be into living together anymore anyway. Long story. I just wonder how I will manage the rent, the job, the post and the university workload. I guess God really wants to test me.

Other than that, everything seems okay. The trip to Sydney was a lot of fun. Perhaps that will be explained in another post. I got to spend Raya with my sister and family and that is the highlight of my life so far. I volunteered for Graduan the other day and have gotten to know a few very nice people. Getting exposed that way was great because now I know what is it that I want to do. What my target for the future will be. If I am able to achieve it would be another issue.

It is also the season of Lovin' here in Melbourne. Three of my friends are already changing their status to being "in a relationship". I'm just greeting the season with a big fat smile :D. One day some day, I will find someone who treats me the way my Shahrul Iman did and someone who gave me what Encik Faza gave me. The combination seems almost impossible but at least I am not aiming for a boyfriend like how I have been for almost 2 years now :)

Now, I am concentrating on being in the Student Council like how I want. Live my life the way I like. No more trying to impress. Trying to please. Trying to be adequate. And to get a good job this summer so I could get some extra funds. Next is to start studying for my upcoming end of semester exam. This is necessary to get me a scholarship. All fingers crossed, all hands cupped for prayers. May God show me a silver lining through all these hurdles.

On top of all that, I miss Shahir :(

"It was always you and me, just me :)"

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