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setia INSTALLATION year 2005

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So again like last year, the minute the car pulled to the driveway, the entrance, the same tingling feeling crept in my body.. of course this time is of a different purpose. Last year I was nervous as to the fact that I were to have my very first date with the guy I really like.. and of course, this year is because I were to actually perform on stage!

I have all the right to be nervous.

So when we got there the first thing we did was that we made our way to the changing room. Settled in our stuff and try to be helpful afterwards. My first work was to actually help get the backdrop done. Sure it was hard work. And at the time we were running out of tape…

Plus the people already start arriving.

When its all done, I rushed outside as to give Shahrul his ticket. My first thought when I saw the guy.. was that he’s hot! Ahahahaha! I’m not ashamed to say is as I think he did look damn hot then! And we settled our ticket shinanigin!

I know there wasn’t anything that I had to do and yet I still can’t just sit around and do nothing. So I just stood outside and welcomed the people while ushering them inside. Only after a while when I was ushered inside.

We missed the first 2 bands since we had to the do the whole welcoming thing. But it was cool.

The next thing I remember, after I sat down, Aizat came up to me telling me it wa time for us to line up as to get our nametags.

Scary it was but I was ready and excited and nervous. So the whole installing gala came about. It was scary when we had one by one each of us going up and being INSTALLED!
My heart beat faster by the minute.

The only thing playing in my mind while I was walking up the stage was.. ‘ DO NOT MESS UP! WALK PROPERLY!!!! ’

And lucky I didn’t. We did what we’re suppose to and when it was time when we had to do our ‘ikrar’, I didn’t even get my tag on yet. The ikrar was pretty long and the whole time I didn’t know if I should be smiling happy, or be all serious. Instead I planted a stupid corny face! DOINK!!

So right after I sat down, the nest thing I know is that we had to get ready for our performance.


This time, I’m really nervous. Yes the thought of peeing did come to mind but the again I thought, I’ve been doing this performing thing for a lot of times before.. and it something I know I love doing.. And that calmed me down..

So there we were performing the Bila Rindu song. It was fun but we thought that the music was too loud for our own voices.

So it was scary when it was G’s and my turn to go up.. And yeah we did get our own mics.

Fun fact : we actually forgot one line of the verse and it was so embarrassing although I think we covered it up pretty good.

It felt somehow good to actually have the mic to my own. Having to sing the part having people listen. It is a good feeling. I do wish for it to happen again, or perhaps longer..

So anyway… so the performance continue.. I think it was quite fun though I realized that it was pretty messy… But it was THE BOMB!!!

So after that we made our way back to our table.. Finally no more hoopla to handle. The food has already arrived.. and it was pretty good.

The same it goes for the next 30 minutes. We eat, talk.. and watch performances.. When I thought it was quite too long that Farhah took to change so I decided to go see her.. Since I bought changing clothes, I decided to put them on. Until I realized it made me look fat and that I rather wear my blazer instead.

Since somehow it made me look and feel more.. mature and official. I liked the feeling. Of being able to walk in the blazer and the boots.. looking so very.. important! Eheheheh.

Fun fact : I actually wore my blazer over a black blouse that I was suppose to change into. The funny part is that fact that I wore the exact same blouse to setia day last year! So I was in all black!

After everything was settle, we continued eating. And then we head down for our prayers. Unfortunately, I lost my wuduk so I had to wash off my make up.. to which I so very much regret!

I decided to let down my hair after that and I think I looked good at the moment. That made me feel good! So I was in a good mood.

At one point the only highlight were the music and at one point, the band stinks, so we decided to have a picture gala! I know the time wasn’t appropriate and stuff but nevermind.

Fun fact : at one point we were so bored that miza actually offered me a flower that they used as decoration for the table. She asked me to put in on my head and I actually had to take a toothpick as the tangkai of the flower just so I can fit it somewhere on my head. It looked weird.

So we just sat there and listened to performances while I occasionally strike up a conversation or 2 with shahrul. We also cracked few jokes in the table. It was quite fun.
This one performance actually attracted me. It consists of 3 girls.. A lead guitarist cum singer, bass player and a drumist. What attracts me is the fact that the girl was my friend in primary school. And it attracts me that she sanf an Avril song. Jealousy strikes as its always been my dream to actually play in a girl band as the lead guitarist cum singer and people actually hear me sing. And who knows, maybe someday I will get to do that.

Another performance that perhaps can be called the best performance of the occasion is by a band called Uranium Chocolate. They’re not your typical rock band kind of band. They sang a quite interesting song called Wallahwey! A malay song that based on a life of a teenage boy, using a very ‘budak zaman sekarang’ language. Fun it was.

And so it goes on… until the highlight of the occasion for me came. The dance. Of course being stood up for the dance last year, made me keen-er to get one this year. As so I told Shahrul. So when the dance floor was open, practically everyone on the table were pushing Shahrul to go. And he being him, was so shy.

It took about 6 seconds or so before the first couple actually made their way to the dance floor. And who else would it be if its not our best friends, Fawwaz and Gg. And at that point most of the girls were already mad at Shahrul for not going there. I actually had to drag hi to the dance floor.

It was a lot of fun to get something that you’ve been waiting for your whole life. A dance. A proper dance, on an occasion, with proper music, and a dance floor. IT WAS MAGICAL!!!

It was my dream come true…..

So after that, it was picture time. The pictures we took were unimaginable. I think I got a headache due to oversmiling. I kid you not.

It was the best!!! Taking pictures and having good conversations and stuff!!! Other than the dance, and the performance, I’d say that that was one of the best part of the occasion.

It was weird that at one point, this girl requested a picture with me though I barely spoke 3 sentences to her. When I told that to miza, she said that the girl is very morbid. God knows what that has to do with wanting a picture with me. Although.. I am flattered.

And so that’s how it goes.. Wasn’t so big or anything but I did have the best of fun! It was a magical day! It was good, clean, fun!

Here are a few shots of the day. Note : the amount of camera that were used are countless, we don’t even know which picture we posed for which camera. So these are the ones caught on mine.

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here is the junior BOD's performance. I wouldn't say it was our best but I can say that I had fun..

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miza and diana posing elegantly..

Image hosted by

we were bored..

Image hosted by

syahirah, nashrah, diana and farisa..

Image hosted by

fawwaz and gg

Image hosted by

farisa and shahrul

Image hosted by

the whole gang..

we had fun..

- being asked for a dance (check) have a great date (check) had fun (check)

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