Friday, July 15, 2005

anticipation KILLS

listening to : i want you to want me - letters to cleo
mood : good
current status : excited and nervous

in prescisely...

3 hours and 45 minutes : I'm going to have my beauty bath
4 hours and 15 minutes : I'm going to tuisyen
6 hours and 15 minutes : I'm coming back from tuisyen
6 hours and 30 minutes : I'm going to go to diana's house and get ready
9 hours and 15 minutes : I'm going to go to the sumbangsih dinner

knowing me, dinner parties really excite me.. no matter how lame I know the performances might be... But I just LOVE the idea of dressing up elegantly, putting your hair together and looking absolutely perfect and actually look.. beautiful..

well this time I'm quite happy with the outfit I am to put on! and I quite have a nice idea on how to do my hair.. and I can't wait..

What can be more perfect than to go to a dinner party, with an outfit you love, with your friends and your boyfriend there, and with your parents not anywhere near..

the dinner is at 7.30pm today and I can't wait to go.. part of what I'm excited about is having to go to diana's house and do each other up! we're going to have loads of fun!!!! i hope..

So I thought of curling my hair since I tried it on yesterday and its quite cool.. if it backfires on me, Diana too will be trying it on.. see how it looks like.. then maybe if it both backfires.. we're heading to the saloon for just a quick blowdry!

so all and all I'm just excited to go.. see how everyone dresses up and feeling adultish enough for a fancy dinner party!


And imagine how HAWT shahrul will be.. ahahahhaha!!!

so guys.. see you there! and miza!! have fun here.. We promise pictures aight!!! mUAHS!!

- a picture perfect fake up

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