Friday, September 23, 2005

box number TWO - Macbeth play

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the next day was dedicated to a play in Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre. I spent the morning trying to finish as much homework as I could and then I got ready for the trip. English society club hosted a trip to the place for a Macbeth play that day. I was interested and so was all of my friends so we all decided to go together all of us.

I decided to wear my stripe-y dress that I love so much. And I felt somefortable wearing them on top of my jeans and white top. I likes how I dressed. So then I made my way to school with Shahir.

Got there and I saw Diana. We started talking and stuff before I went to register myself. And so it goes on with waiting for the arrival of everyone, and the bus. One by one my friends came and we sat down just talking while waiting. Until Miza told me the shoes I was wearing was not allowed and so I ahd to call up my dad to pick me up to change. Kesian my dad.

So when I got back, everyone was there. Mr. Jaacob gave a brief talk about what the movie is about and then ushered us into the bus. Sadly we all dind't end up in the same bus. Gg, Fawwaz, Shahrul and I ended up in the same bus while Shahir, Miza, Diana and Atikah ended up in the other. And I think they should thank the lucky stars they werent in our bus. Especially for those who are bus sick.

Why so? Because oh my God. The bus sounds like a carnival is taking place inside it. Practically everyone's voices were heard. It doesn't help wiht Emelia, and Sonia in it. Their voice echoed the whole bus. But I don't deny its a fun ride. Everyone has their share of laughs. But seriously, its not healthy to be around the cRACKs so much. They'll turn you into one.

So when we got there, we rushed to get in so we could get the best seats. And yet I still don't think we did. But the seating arrangements were fine. We all got to sit together.

I did enjoy the play. More if I could fully understand them. Their english is quite weir. Irish or Scottish english. And of course, it's Shakespears english which makes it even harder to understand. But of course i enjoyed being there. I love to see how they can pull off the efects on stage, Live! So its cool. The storyline changed a bit so it was quite hard to understand a few scenes. But Iheard a few of us stole a few naps in between. Ahahha.

After that I realized that I was hungry, so Diana and I shared a plate of garlic breads. After that the whoel of us went outside to take pictures. There was a place that you could hang out and facing a lake. The scenery was nice. So was the plce. And we went crazy taking pictures of different poses everywhere. I will post them up in my fotopages soon.

So thats how we spent about 1 hour whilst waiting for the bus. But I don't complain. It was loads of fun! Too bad My camera ran out of batteries. Thank God for Miza's.

So on the way back to school, we all ended up in the same bus. It wasnt as loud as it was before, mainly because I think people are exhausted. Or maybe because they were busy taking pictures. When we got to school, my friends and I found ourselves way too hungry too keep it in anymore so we all headed to Syed. We had a lunch cum dinner thing. And then made our way back home. It was so scary that I had to walk home alone all the way from Syed. Mom refused to pick me up.


- tomorrow - and tomorrow - and tomorrow. I will check my old english before I join anymore Shakespear's plays.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

a box of MY life

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like always, I'd always wait till the hype is all out before I actually post up about a party or an event. Well thats just me. Well I'm still going to write them anyways. You can read it if you still want.

So I'm going to CRAM a few things in this one post yar!

Puan Sapiah's Retirement Celebration : well the minute I woke up I knew it was going to be a long tiring day. Well I was quite right. Well just when you thought that you can forget about early wake ups on Saturday, the school had a session on Saturday that made us wake up at 6.30am like normal (well for some)

Well, it was Puan Sapiah's retirement celebration so I decided to pay her some respect. It wasn't a bombastic event but I had quite a bit fun. It was sad. Not that she'd be leaving, but that she was crying at the time. And I was touched about the thought of her (and how I am if I am in her shoes), of not coming to work no more. Like suddenly your whole life is rescheduled. It was scary.

Well performances were not that great except the one from Cikgu Awang and 2 form 4 students. It touched me when they sang Kau Ilhamku to her. And a group pof Form 2 students screwed the moment by playing a Lame song and was played really badly.

After that, Setia Board Members were assigned to handle the football game that was taking place. And for future references, I DO NOT MAKE A GOOD LINESMAN!

So G and I had to sneak outside of school so we'd make it in time to Michelle's party. Apparently the sneaking out options weren't so.. confortable. I had to crawl right on my back to get out. It was't a pretty thing to do.

Michelle Rajasooria's Birthday Party : So apparently we made it here the 3 of us. Miza, G and me. When we got there we couldn't see Michelle anywhere near so we went window shopping at Roxy. Until we got a call from Michelle indicating where she was. Thats when we made our way there.

When we met up with her, Rooben, Marcus and Aaron, realized how hungry I was. Thats when I suggested lunch. Well, the different thing about picking out lunch this time, is that we have a vegetarian with us. Rooben. So it took us a while before we picked out Delifrance for lunch. The lasagne there is great! I recommend.

We hanged out there the 7 of us for almost 2 hours. Eating, talking and having some cake! Its good! Michelle mom made it. So then after that, Michelle's friend Sarjit came and they decided to go watch a movie. Seeing that G, Miza and I had Shameen's house party in another hour, we decided to skip the movie. So the three of us went to look for G's sister, Shasha's birthday present. And Aizat's.

Diana, Shameen and I shared the present. A cap. I think he likes it. But I'm not sure. Ahahahha. So after that, mama and abah picked us up and dropped us at shameen's new place. Before I end this event, I would like to say that I am so proud that I pulled it off. I finally wore my short skirt that my sister got me in France. Outside. It felt weird but its all about feeling good about yourself.

Shameen Aizza's House Party : So we made it here. My first impression of the house was. WHOA! Its exactly the kind of house you pick out of a magazine. Its so nice. I wouldn't be surprise if my own house would turn out something like that. I really like the theme of the house. Very classy kinda.

And her room was so! YISHK! It was so the room I wish to have for my own. It wasn't that big but its good enough for one person. Its so girlish and me! Shameen did a good job decorating. But I bid her luck trying to keep it together. I know it'll be a little hard for me. Its just me.

So the first thing we did when we came were sitting together outside. And talking and going to her room and taking pictures and stuff. (ps: my mom made me lose the skirt coz she thought it was.. eerr) And then we hit the food. The mom makes one of the BEST laksa johor. The thought of it tempts me right now. I would have gone for seconds if I hadn't had eaten so much at Michelle's party. It was so good.

Then after that we just did.. nothing. I was waiting for shahrul, while all of us were hanging out in fornt of the tv. making comments about songs, taking pictures and stuff. It was those, not happening, and yet you ad fun kind of parties. AHAHHAHAH! it was normal lar. A gathering.

So that was it. It was a tiring day but I had fun.

- who said I can't pull off a short skirt.

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