Sunday, October 22, 2006

raya CELEBRATION has finally become OFFICIAL

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since I was little, I have grown up to believe that Raya is a very very special event every year. And to me, going back to kampung for Raya is a part of what Raya really is. I remember every year, I'd cringe because we have to go for a long drive with an empty stomach. But I guess thats really what makes it sort of fun somehow. And I wouldn't change it for anything. Okay, maybe if I get the chance to Apparate, I'd say otherwise.

I am going back to kampung in a few hours, and that is when my official Raya celebration really starts. I can just imagine. Today will be spent to go back to Kampung (it is Perak this year by the way) and we'd just laze around the house the rest of today. Tomorrow will be the day everyone starts cleaning and cooking. We'd exchange opinions on our baju Raya and w'd blast the Raya song.

And on that day, we'd wake up early to rush to the nearby surau for Solat Raya and by the time we get back, we'd be stuffing our faces with Lemang and Rendang. I can just picture it, and I'm really craving for the feeling. And it means money is going to come SOON!!!

Prom dress here I come.

So there you go. Raya is in 2 days and I'm bouncing off my seat with excitement. And for all those people I know and love, I would just like to wish you..


You guys would most probably not get this in time because you'd be busy with your preparations yourself. That is why a raya sms will reach you guys this Tuesday. This is so weird, I think its been a long time since I do not know where my friends are!

I know Diana is already back in Terengganu, Atikah is at home celebrating with her family there, Miza would most probably be back already, and I have NO IDEA where Gg is so is Shafiq. Shahrul and Aiman would probably be checking themselves in the mirror again!

Non the less, I want to tell you guys I love you guys and appreciate our memories. And I am really sorry of all the wrongdoings that I've done but I do not wish to change any of the memories, even the bad. Because our friendships are stronger after all these bad things.

Love you people.

- yes Atikah, I am lame for wishing Raya on my blog. heee. I admit.

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