Friday, October 09, 2009

Coin Laundry

I want to be the girl that you met at the coin laundry :)

Lisa Mitchell.

Thank you Ainul.

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Plain Truth.

Apabila dua remaja
Berkenalan bertentang mata
Manisnya kucupan manja
Pertama kali dirasa

Oh sungguh Romantis.

They were plain hypocrytical assholes but he was the idiot.

And I am the one who ended up getting hurt.


Farisa Roslan.

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Wrong Timing.

I just call it wrong timing. That is the theme for this weekend. It started with me rpocrastinating my Accounts assignment even though I had a perfectly free one week to complete it. By Friday when I needed to send it to my partner, it was half finished, and it was time for me to pack my bags to Sydney. The second wrong timing was my flight to Sydney. It was suppose to be on Friday morning which I will then reach in the evening of the same day. I could have finished my accounts earlier and could spend more time in Sydney. The flight was instead on Friday night.

Next would be that my flight was delayed. I was scheduled to depart from Malaysia at 10pm but instead they postponed it to 11.40pm. I don't really mind this change since I got to spend more time with my mother. I then arrive Sydney on Saturday morning. I then discover that my 5 temporary housemates have made a day trip to Canberra and won't be back until that night so I left my bags and books and laptop over at Malaysian Hall, where Ainul stays, and then she brought me around the city the whole day.

The trip was fun as I got to spend time with Ainul. But rain kicks in the whole day and I was drenched from top to toe. We gave in after a few hours and I ended up sleeping on her bed. I then got a call from KK whom I was suppose to meet that night for dinner and a visit to the Opera House. When I was ready to go out, KK said that he just got back and wanted to rest. I however could not stay in Msian Hall waiting as Ainul was going out for a concert that night. So I ended up waiting at Circular Quay for about 40 minutes for KK. Rain poured endlessly in the mean time.

The trip to the Opera House was cut short because the rain got too heavy. We instead just made our way to dinner at a place called Mamak. With real hot DELICIOUS roti canai. When our food just arrived, so did Fika from Canberra. She called to say she was ready to go home with me but I was just starting to eat. I rushed through my food and made my way again under the rain to Central station. The night was spent gossiping and catching up.

The next day, Fika and I went to meet up with KK ready to watch the 3D version of UP but instead, KK said it was wrong timing and if he did catch the movie, he wouldnt be able to catch his bus back to Canberra. So instead, we just got some brunch and Starbucks coffee. Fika and I toured around Sydney after we dropped him off. The visits were awesome and the places were pretty. We did do some good shopping even though my mother advised me against it. It then got late and we rushed to Dalila's house for her open house. I felt quite weird as I was wearing skinny jeans and outstreched cardigan while the others were clad in their nice kurungs.

We then got back from Dalila's place with the plan to go to Malaysian Hall and get my stuff from Ainul's place but wrong timing kicks in and Ainul wasn't home at that time. I then plan to pick the bags up before my flight and the beach party the next day. But then I went to check my flight details and ended up finding out that I booked the flight on Tuesday instead of a Monday. I was so shocked and was stressed knowing that plans now have to be changed. But instead, I was glad that the night was spent talking and catching up. I even got to catch up with Syam on a phone conversation.

The enxt day, I woke up late and already needed to get ready for the beach party so I had no time to pick it up at Ainul's place. Ainul then called to say she was going out and needed me to pick up my bags but then I was in the middle of the party and none of them wanted to leave for Malaysian Hall so I instead postponed my meeting with Ainul. Now I am waiting for 7pm when Ainul reaches home and I will pick up my bag finally. Im even more stressed knowing that I wasn't able to finish my Accounts assignment (the rest of it) and my partner had to finish them for me. I feel so guilty. I also have Organisational Behaviour assignment due Friday and Economics due Wednesday. THe trip in Sydney was wet wet wet and Ainul and I kept missing the bus the first day that I was here. I'm going home later than I planned and I will be missing the talk in Melbourne that I plan to go to. But all these are no one's fault if not my own. I should only have myself to punish. Sigh.

Stressed so very much.

But everything else about Sydney is just FUN and FINE!!

The people aren't too friendly though.

Farisa Roslan.

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