Thursday, March 17, 2005

EDUBOX multemedia training - day FOUR

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today we did graphic designing too!! additions to what we learned yesterday. more effects and more tricks. I didn't enjoy today's class just as much as yesterday. and I only had 3 hours of sleep. So the whole day I have been 'menguap-ing'. So anyways, here is what came out of the day..

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

I like the underwater effect. very nice!! So anyways, I forgot what happened today so I'm gonna stop here.

- BLAH!!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

EDUBOX multimedia training - day THREE

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I'd say that today's class is the funnest so far. 2 words.


Yup. Have I ever told you that ONE OF MY ambitions is to be a graphic designer. And I was right. My interest in it is VERY VERY high.

This is where I finally learned the upside down, inside out of Adobe Photoshop. And by just clicking on a few buttons, VOILA!! You get wonder pictures!!

Here are some of them that I did.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Its a lot of fun. We switched tutor today. This other guy taught us the software. First he talks about layers, duplicating them and what is and whats not.

The slowly, step by step, he shows us the many many different effect the program can do for your picture. Most of us were just oohh-ed.. and ahh-ed by the outcome of his creation. It was splendid. You couldn't imagine!

He can make something fake look real. And all the other stuff. Its really fun. He taught us how to overlap this picture on to another. And many other nice effects.

By the end of the day, we're assigned to create our own advertisement to convince him to buy our product. To choose from cars, fruits, cartoons, and pets. I chose cartoons beause I absolutely love all the Final Fantasy pictures the provided us. The details, the graphics and the sharpness are unbelievable.

So I did. I made a Final Fantasy poster. Its not so grand, but it looks.. real. It looks like a poster. If I could save the file and bring it how to upload to my computer, I will put it up my blog. It looks good.

Thats day three...

So I got back. Nothing much that I did. Only spent countless hours infront of the computer before I had to go for my Add Maths tuisyen. I was 5 minutes ate than the default time I should leave the house. So I was kind of rushing. On the way, this guy suddenly turned from a corner and walked in front of me. But coincidently, he was walking the same way as I am. So I had no choice but to 'kononnya' trail him.

I think he thought that I was gonna do something to him, because he kept looking back and feeling insecure. I laughed to myself. I mean, who's the lady here?! So it was a pretty long time that I walked behind him. I was feeling uncomfortblenow as I didn't want him to suddenly jump and threaten me to stop following him. So I took the other way to my tuisyen. The shorter wasy actually.

Unfortunately, there were 3 guys leaning on a car, right at the lane. And when I came, they stopped whatever they were doing and was staring at me. Like hell it was so scary. They were 'checking me out' if I saw right. IT WAS SO GROSS AND SCARY!!

I was walking as fast as I can, ignoring what they said. I swear I was ready to faint. I rather walk in between 2 unleashed dogs.

So I got to tuisyen.

The class wasn't all that bad. We had to do seafield's monthly exam paper. It was pretty easy compared to SU's. No seriously. Anyone of us can score!

So luckily the guys weren't there when I was walking home. And I did have to walk in between to unleashed dogs. And I was right. It wasn't as scary.

It is my mom's birthday today. She came back to find a nice big piece of cake on the table. And she brought back about 3 bouquets of flowers. The cake wasn't all that nice though.. (We didn't buy her the cake.. her ex-collueges did. coffee cake. YUCKS!!)

So anyway, we had dinner at Cocoa Restaurant. It was good dinner.

So the funny thing was, my phone was with me the whole time. But it was on silent. So when I got back, I was changing to my jammies, when I saw 6 missed calls on my phone. I thought, who would have been calling me!? and what about?! Because usually, shahrul is the only one who calls me.

AND IT WAS!! shahrul I mean. I so didn't expect it. And he tried to call me for about 6 times. I was feeling so bad and guilty. A good '6 days that I haven't heard of him' guilty. I was sitting on my bed.. feeling all bad. Till he called me again. It was good to talk to him!!

Then my sister took over my computer. Then I slept without even clearing my homework of my bed. Ever heard of anyone sleeping with books, pens and papers?!

It was a fine day.


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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

my inside EXPLODED!!






Okay Atikah, now is the time to slap me.

Shaen must hate me if he reads this. Sorry dude.

- no comments!

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EDUBOX multemedia training - day TWO

listening to : my head ringing as the result of Atikah's I Love Eggs movie. It can do things to you!!
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ok let me calm down a little!



today was fun!!!

when I entered, I went to purchase a few cds that stores programs and softwares that we use throughout the whole course. Dad even wanted to buy the Photoshop Beginner's Guide even though the tutor didn't recommend on it. WHATEVER!

So when I settled in front of my computer, the gave out a few sheets of paper. And the first page stated 'WEBSITE DESIGNING' I practically (kind of, look like it, but its not really) jump off my seat. I was so excited. I know I've learned a thing or two about htmls. Ok a whole lot on account I spent about 2 or 3 days reading up on it.

So anyways, so thats what he taught us. How to design your own webpage. From as simple as putting tables, to as advance as putting in cursor trailer. Its so much fun to do it.

cursor trailer : is when you have words trailing after your cursor on the screen.
example: my sentence will be Harry Potter. so if I move my mouse left, the words will trail behind it. understand? its okay!

So the turor already designed a page done. and through the day, we're suppose to do what he does in order to get to the page he created. The page is actually a fan page for Final Fantasy. So he just showed us step by step to get what he got. It's so much fun to know how to put them together and all.

And its fun as he allowed us to put in our own colours, and words and our own craps in there. There was even flash. But he hasn't teach us flash yet. He had already done it for us. All we did was add it in our page.

So after we got our first main page, we had to do the photo gallery. He showed us how to click on an mage thumbnail, and the actual big size picture comes up. ITS REALLY COOL!!! So we had to arrange 15 pictures to fit and make it acessable to the larger version of the image.

I should say I like my Final Fantasy Fan Page. Its looks so official and ready for use. But then again, what is the front page if 19 other computers have it too just in different colours.

So when he taught us enough, we had an assignment. We were assign to design a main page for a site that sells either cars, vegetables, lands, cartoons or animals.

a. cars : I know as much as nothing about them except that there are a form of transportation.
b. vegetables : who would want to go to a site that sells veggies?!
c. lands : I don't do good selling lands
d. cartoons : WHAT ARE THERE TO SELL!?
e animals : I pretty much don't sell what I don't like.

In the end I got stuck with selling vegetables. I lay out-ed my page. It was hell at first. And we've only got 40 minutes to design one whole GRAND page. I thought I was behind everyone as after 10 minutes, I still had NA-DA!! BUt then it came. I just started putting this and that, craps and coops. And VOILA!!

A whole page selling veggies. It looked pretty good seriously. I'm very satisfied with it. It only comes in 2 colours. Black and green. Very simple and yet straight to the point and attractive. I likey!!! If I have the chance I will show it to you guys!!

When its time to leave, we were still allowed to finish as we had extra 20minutes before the other batch comes in. So I tried to finish it. And finish it I did. I'm so proud!!

So that was that, and I went home...

Thats day two...

When all I got back, all I did was find things to do in front of the computer. NO progress on my homework. BLAH!!!

Well I got back my glasses today. Its re-lense, re-polished, and re-shaped the frame. It look much better, and I must look much geekier too. NO WORRIES!!

Anyways, the tutor guy asked us to bring a video cd of a movie, and an mp3 cd tomorrow. I'm guessing we're editing tomorrow!! FUN FUN FUN!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!

I was thinking of bringing Harry Potter but then my dad said the pirate-d cd is too dark, and that I should picked a brighter movie. So I decided on Bring It On and Tarzan. I'm still bringing my Harry POtter cd though. Don't hurt to try.

And I'm using Hamiza's Happy Days cd she burnt for me! Love yah sweetie!!

So thats done. I'm gonna get a shut eye! And do some editing tomorrow.

- I one day will have a blogskin made by myself.

-- ATIKAH THE EGG SONG IS GETTING TO ME!! ITS SO HAPPY THAT ITS JUST TORCHERING ME!! my favourite line is the wiggle jiggle, yellow middle. AHAHAHAHAH!!!

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Monday, March 14, 2005

EDUBOX multemedia training - day ONE

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remember the computer course I told you guys about? and you guys addressed it as dorky!? well.. IT WAS FUN!!!


well first day was.

I woke up at about 7.20am and was rushing. Well I practically got ready at 7.50am. And I did shower mind you. So I was nervous as I was not sure if I will be allowed to enroll myself in this program as I haven't registered yet.

I even dragged my mom to the place.

So when I got there, the teacher said that it might be a problem if I haven't registered. My heart was pounding. I WANT THE SPOT!! I WANT THE COURSE!! The teacher said that the place is already full. A computer is shared among 2 poeple. So I was bummed. She also said that the next session which is on the evening is available. But I dind't want that as I have my tuitions in the evenings. But my mom told me to skip just for the week as she knows how much I want this thing. I didn't feel all that happy about it but what could I do.

The teacher went to talk to the tutor and she came back out telling me that if there are people who's not present for the course, then I may take their place. CROSS MY FINGERS!!

My mom went to the office and I was left there waiting. The tutor told me to wait as he was taking attendance. It was a tense moment. I was ahving the chills! Or maybe its because the place was so cold. I couldn't tell.

ps : whoever who is so undyingly anticipating to see the inside of the computer lab, well.. its just a computer lab. Seriously nothing big.

So later he called Syuhada's name, weirdly enough. Because she didn't strike to me as the kind who would be interested in these kind of things. But then again so wasn't I. I don't know, perhaps people can just surprise you just like THAT!

Anyways, well my luck! Syuhada didn't turn up so the guy signed me up paid there and then. AND MANY OF THEM paid there and then. the whole time I freaked out for the possibility of not being able to join, was a complete waste of time. So anyway, its a good thing I got my own computer! Seriously, despite perhaps being the last one to arrive, I GOT MY OWN COMPUTER while most of them had to share. How good is that!?

So the first class, I was damn excited. And for those of you who knows me, you'll know how excited I could be! But its a drag I know no one there. Seriously. I might have seen their faces before but not to the extend where I actually know their name get the picture?! So I was stuck alone, but it didn't spoil my mood!

This Malay teacher came to sit next to me so I kinda have someone to talk to. But she complaint about having to come. And at the same time keen to join the course. WEIRD! So anyways. First he explained to us the A-Zken about computers. Hardwares, softwares, inputs and outputs and all the components. And the history of it and all and all.

It was fun sure. But not when it lasted about 3 hours. No seriously! I was menguap-ing at the last half an hour of the 3 hours. Then we got a break. I was so hungry!! And the only thing thay have was keropok. That'll do.

Then it struck me. Coz I was sitting on the bench alone. No one was there. I didn't know anyone. Everyone else were sitting around chatting with their friends. And the only that I have for company is the keropok I was eating.

Then this chinese guy looked at me. He too had keropok in his hand. I asked him to join me as my company. We made friends instantly. His name is Dennis and he's so looking forward to the course too. After that, we went back in the lab.

Later, the person taught us how to make a slideshow. He showed us how to manage our files and where to keep everything of ours. Then he guide us to install softwares.

There is this program called ProShow. It allows you to put pictures in slides. Put in effects and songs and colours and texts. Its almost like powerpoint. I've been familiar to the process but it was fun too!!

After he guided us, we were asked to make our own slideshow of 20 pictures. I did on dessert. There we're pies, and cakes and candies, and milkshakes. It looked good but I didn't like my presentation all that much! But I'm proud of it! Its the computer's screensaver. HeHe.

So that was that. It was a fun day. Before we left, the tutor gave us a file to put in papers he distributed and will distribute. Apparently there are about 10 softwares that we are to learn throughout this whole course. CAN'T WAIT.

Thats day one...

After the course, I rushed to Diana's place because I had a date with her and Melisa. We were suppose to play guitar together. Diana and I teaching her how to play a song.

When we got there, we first had lunch. The food was pretty good as I was also pretty hungry. Melisa had a fun time eating though.

Later we sat in the living room in a circle looking round for songs to play. We had a fun time. But couldn't master any of the songs of the options. True and ON The Way Down - Ryan Cabrera, The Reason - hoobastank, In The Shadow - The Rasmus. It was hard really. We ended up tecahing her the plucking version of Happy Birthday.

Miza and Gg joined us later. We were playing songs and hanging out and stuff. Melisa had to leave at about 4pm so I gave her the tabs for the song. After she left, the group asked me to perform for them. So I did Stranded, Stand, You Were Meant For Me, Sweet Remember and a duet of Wonderwall with Miza. It was fun just playing around.

Later we all were talking bout performing on Setia Night. I almost convinced Gg and Diana, until they convinced me that it was gonna be hell on the night itself. So I chickened out.

At about 5, Diana had to go to Miza's for ngaji so I crashed Gg's place as it was raining and I couldn't. It was so much fun because I got a real live performance from Gg and Shasha of the song 'Hear I am' or so thats what I think it is. It sounded really good though Shasha was nervous. But I really liked it. It was a good job.

Later Shasha went to take her shower and Gg and I sat downstairs. What we did!? We were just singing parts of different different songs. From Avril, to Michelle Branch, and all down goes to these oldies that I know nothing off. But it was fun singing the two of us in the empty room. We weren't even plying guitar with. Just singing. It was loads of fun.

I think the workers outside of Gg's house thinks we're like little nutcases having fun entertaining them. AHHAHAH!! Well the fun part was correct. I stayed about one and a half hour just singing.

Before I left I requested G to play her song again. I absolutely love it.

When I was about to leave, we met Diana so she and Gg walked me halfway together. We were talking about the performance at Setia Night and perhaps the fact that OMar got denggi, [OR RAGGING IN SOME CASES] ahahahha!! And it was full of laughter.

And apparently according to the 2 of them, I make funny faces. Some I don't even tend to make it funny. So its just weird. But it was fun. And we were talking about dominating the Setia next year! AHAHHAHA!! We wanted posts!

So I just walked back home with my guitar on my back.

I saw Shahir outside so I played for hi the Stranded song on my guitar since we are going to jam that song later. Then ashraf came out so I played it for him. And then Lynn messaged me asking if I'm free this holiday. Me being in a happy mood, I calle dher up and we talked for a while. I think she was kind of surprised I called her because I never did that. But it was fun la. To hear from her. And we perhaps are going later.

Either I bring my friends and meet up with her there saying hi bye, or I join her friends as a stranger and make new friends. That'll be fun but there will be times when I will feel left out. But no matter. I'll think about it later. I need to go.

- Now wasn't that a fun day!?

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

plans to SUPPOSINGLY work

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doesn't it suck when you think you've defeated this superly evil villain only to have it come back for revenge on you? well it does. and it's come for me. who you may ask!?


I swear there is no way of killing this person. You might run away for him but he'll return. And its effecting me a lot. Its the holidays for God sakes. I should be putting on my short skirt, funky make up and go out dancing in the club, making out till 3 in the morning. Instead, I am stuck in my messy room, staring at blank space wondering why the hell am I still in my jammies.

give mercy on me. I seriously have nothing to do. OK pause. Despite my homeworks, my art project, my drums practises, the decorations for the pengakap board and the cleaning up of my messy room, I have nothing to do!

So here I am, sitting in front of my computer, and even so, I have nothing to do. Its ever so seldom that I update my blog anymore, looking for guitar tabs of no songs in particular, and somehow looking at pictures of Hilary and Daniel are just not so thrilling anymore. So what am I to do!?

Well at least I've got my holidays planned. Starting of tomorrow, I'm to enroll myself in this Multemedia Training course. It teaches different bunch of stuff that you can do with your computer. Example:

OS Analysis and File Management : Well, my guess is they teach you how to manage your file, read those computer like documents and how to programme stuff.

Multemedia Application : I'm not sure what this is but it sounds so official and smart!

Video and Audio Editing : The main thing that I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO!! Imagine, I can edit my own video and edit them, and making songs while putting other sounds in the background!!. Being able to do my own trailers and all those hoopla!! OMG!!! BEST NYA!!

Flash Presentation : Shaen's blog won't be the only one that can have flash in it. Mines will to later!! It tecahes you how to do graphic-y stuff and make its looks cool.

Desktop Publishing : My ambition. According to my dad this one teaches you how to make your own magazine and brouchers!!

Web Design : Well, they'd teach you how to design your own website.

ENOUGH SAID!! This course is a big part in my future. Exagurating I could be, but it helps! I'm so excited!! BUt the problem is, I might not able to join this course. Why!? Coz I haven't registered. The deadline was on wednesday, but I had no idea about it till Friday which is, as you know, too late. I did called the person in charge, but turns out, he was not in charge. He told me to make an appearance on the first session and consult the tutor in charge.

So I am only crossing my fingers for luck that the tutor allows me to join his course, as said that the course is limited. I'm just so nervous right now. I really hope I could enroll myself in this program! Or else there goes my holidays.

I mean, there goes my plan for the holidays making my holidays plan-less, making Doctor Boredom take over me even more. So my friends, I would just like to say.. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME THAT I CAN JOIN THIS THING!!!! I'll remember you when I am a world famous graphic designer..



While waiting for tomorrow, all I am doing now is eloping myself to the computer. Looking for tabs, and writing blogs. I just made a desicion to go jamming later on. Stranded by Plumb. One of my all time favourite. If any of you has access to the drum tabs of the song, contact me A.S.A.P.

Besides that, I am just lazing around. I'm to do my homework soon. And my mind is filled with different different sounds to put together to form a song, but my body is just not allowing me to do so. ITS JUST SO FREAKING LAZY!!

The words of INdera Shafiq telling me that the mid year exam is coming in 2 months and that I should prepare from now. Prepare I will.. But I'm not counting on it. And my drums practises. OWH CRAP!! TOO MUCH TO DO!!

And I thought of catching up on my watching 'Harry POtter again' tradition. Have been neglecting it. And now that I've gotten my short skirt, it fits perfectly to with my Hogwarts school uniform.

Remember my cousin and I had a phase when we were putting on make-up and hooplas?! Well the make ups are still there untouched, so I'm gonna give them a job worth their purpose.

And since my sister is away for a few days, I'm gonna play a little dress up and make up and trash my whole room, and have it cleaned up again when she comes back. That way, she has no idea I've set a tidal wave in her room while she's gone. FOOL PROOF!! Now to get pass my mom!!

Hamiza invited me to accompany her to cut her hair. Well I'd love to but I couldn't. INstead, I feel as if I NEED A NEW LOOK for myself. I'm sick of my usual bushy thick hair!!! And cutting my fringe might not be as good of an idea as I thought it would be. BUt I still like though. No doubt. BUT I NEED CHANGE!!

Diana and Melisa are to come to my house to play guitar. Looking forward to that. There are people coming up to me for help on guitar. I feel so flattered.

Owh btw, attention to my girlfriends, any of you who feels like going for a swim, the sauna, or the gym, call me and we'll set a date. Okaiy!? I want a friend!

So its gonna be a busy week. BUt seriously, I think the only thing I'm gonna success doing are my homework and the course. Seriously. The whole otehr time I'd probably be lacking on my bed with a good book, my guitar and tons of chocolates while staring at my phone with hope that it will ring and Shahrul's voice to be heard, and failed miserably.

Yeap! Its gonna be good!!

- save tonight, and fight the break of dawn, come tomorrow, tomorrow I'll be GONE!!!

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I want you to WANT me

I Want You to Want Me

I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me
I'm beggin' you to beg me
I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me
I'll shine up my old brown shoes
Put on a brand new shirt
Get home early from work
If you say that you love me
Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you cryin'
Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you cryin'
Feeling all alone without a friend you know you feel like dying
Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you cryin'

I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me
I'm beggin' you to beg me
I want you to want me
I want you to want me
I want you to want me
I want you to want me

- so do you want me?

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life for SHORT

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ok I realize I have gone SO WAY BACK on my blog so I'm gonna conclude what ever happened in one post as short and enough as I can.

Ainul's party : well, Ainul had a party. It was sort of a for fun cum going away party for her as she is going to JASIN boarding school. It was a good chance for me to mingle with Farah and Azlikha too who were both going to Jasin too. And mingle I did. When I got there with Shameen, we just sat down in the living room feeling weird out. When the rest of the girls came, we were all huggy. Farah came next, I hunged out with her when this real pretty girl came. Farah was wow-ed by the girl and felt as if she needed to talk to the girl. But was too shy. So I introduced myself to her.

She's pretty cool. And real pretty. So we made friends. Later my friends and I ate and stuff and stuff. I actually slaved myself to Ikha so I could have a conversation with her. You know, make peace before you leave kind of thing. It didn't turn out bad. We had good laughs.

Atikah and I got hold of the last 2 slices of pizza and it tasted good. It got uneventful at one point. What Gg and I did was sat with the guys while the rest of the girls talked inside. It was all funny coz we had loads of jokes. The guys are teasing each other and we even had Hit The Pin'ada game. I ducked for the sweets and gave half to the rest.

The night pass by, and we hunged out and make jokes still.. Niena, Ieqa and Adlina joined us and soon the three of us were dancing together. Typical me. I got a real bad stomach ache that night there. All I could do was suffer it while the rest of the gang roar laughters while at the same time take moments to sympathize me.

The girls join us outside later on and all of us were having laughs and laughs and laughs. I think even up to the point where Adlina fell of the seat coz I pushed her from behind UNPURPOSELY!! It was that fun! And that was that till I got back.

Valentine's day a.k.a. Miza's and SHameen's Birthdays : my first year with a Valentine. Well not exactly because Shahrul only asked me to be his on that day. And that is after I asked him to. I know its know that you're the boyfriend, you're the Valentine, but I just wanna make it fun! ANyways, he did and I was his Valentines.

So the day was normal really. Got a rose. Really really pretty! It was red and very beautiful. I was happy. So the day went out normal. After I got back form my Agama class, I saw a rose and a glass of chocolate kisses on my table. I thought the lady before me had left hers there. But nope. It was mine. ALL FROM SHAHRUL!!! I was almost crying. It was so touching that a guy would just spend so much on me.

And what about the purse and the watch he got me. OMG!!

We had YEP meeting. And I was hoping that after the meeting we would be having lunch at school so that the girls will not be attached to their bags as excuses to not get wet. I was even ready to buy somethng even though I'm not hungry just so they'd both sit.

But Hamiza helped me by wanting to stay for lunch. So the two girls disattached their bags and unexpectedly went to buy their drinks. IT WAS THE MOST PERFECT MOMENT IN THE UNEXPECTED TEMPEK EVER!!

The three of us sneaked up behind them, and BAM!! Comes down the gallons of water!! Stick up your excuses at other places lar.. there is NO WAY!! You are getting out of your birthday dry okay!! NOT A CHANCE!!

I met up with Shahrul at the bridge after that stayed up til about 5 before I got back.. It was a good day. A fairly well first Valentines day spent with a guy. Up till whoever it is FINISHED MY CHOCOLATE KISSES! Boy did I throw a fit. I gave him a paper black rose and a letter.

G and I got Miza a 'the world's sexiest woman' mug and Shameen a nice journal.

Diana's Birthday : NOthing much really. It was normal. She seems to really like the blouse we got her. Something even I like so much too. I did get a chance to see how it looked on me as to see if Diana would fit it. DIana is my size actually. We have the same height (ok she o.5 cm taller than me), same waist, even the same head size. TRUST ME!! So what I fit, she fits.


So the only flaw is that my plan to get her wet backfired and was kind of pisses about that. But then again, what crap is all that!!

18th February : Shahrul got a handphone! One of the best thing ever happened! Enough said. And its also our 7 months monthly-versary. Nothing big but we did get to go to tuisyen together. It was okay.

Jasin people going : the day before Ainul bought us doughnuts each. Yum!! Did try to go out with Ikha but she had plans so I skipped.

Sonia's party : well, I couldn't go. NOthing more to say. We got her this real funky slippers. I envy it. And her foot size is like mine so it wasn't too hard to buy. Wish I could've been there.

Exams : torcher. studied last minute but whats new true?! the results wasn't so bad as I expected but a B for english!? unacceptable. an A for sejarah is a surprise though. the results are okay. no complaints. well except english.

teary eyed day : well shahrul went to england and God the next day, I was having this real bad flu. seriously. I woke up and my face was practically swelling. My eyes were puffy. It hurt to even touch them. I got to school and people thought I was crying. Seriously I wasn't but my eyes were running tears. My nose can't stop running and my eyes are just so tear-ed up. At one point, I was practically shivering like mad as if I was gonna die. ok exagurating. but it wasn't a nice feeling trust me. it come and goes and it's hell when it comes.

even at tuisyen was torcher. On the way back home, my friend asked me if I was okay and why I was crying. BUt honestly, I wans't crying. the flu took over me. and it looked real bad I know!! It was bad. but I'm feeling better now.

ask gg!

so its all good now. its hoildays!!

- life for short!

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