Sunday, May 23, 2010

You'd Think A Girl Would Learn


I think I am having one of those days where you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I slept relatively early last night and yet it took me that late to wake up. I missed Subuh, I woke up late and I'm waking up to a meeting that I'm not looking forward to. Sigh.

Last night was a full night. We went to Solat Hajat at Malaysian Hall. The attendance was big but I think there could have been even more. I got a plate of Laksa Johor to satisfy a craving and the carrot cake was awesome. The small presentation by Puan Zaharah was also very eye opening. She played a video of the process of burying someone. The video was accompanied by a melancholic song reminding the listeners of the dosa-dosa one have done and how it will be too late to repent once your last breath have been taken away from you.

We then went to grab some Churros (Spanish doughnuts) at Queen Victoria Mall. It was a nice night to let loose, simple outing, nice weather, good company. The outing also made me realize certain things about certain people and I suppose that's just how I got a bit emotional before bed. I realized that many times I have been over-thinking a lot of things and I easily get excited about, well everything. Although I have been told that this quirky, loud personality of mine is fun to be around, many times it has gotten me into trouble. I suppose I just need to twitch some wires in my brain to understand that life does not always go how I imagine it would. And things are not always as it seems.

I'm waiting for my Hash Brown to be fully cooked this morning. I'm plastered with a frown and the dire need to rewind time so I would wake up for my Subuh. I hate this feeling when I stopped having control over my life. And I hate this feeling that I really want to study, but the time have passed to God knows where.

I hope my prayers will be heard last night. And I hope my prayers will be heard throughout.

Times like these makes me miss home, my parents, my friends back home and Shahrul Iman. :(

Oh, also I would like to share a video of a song I have loved since the first time I heard it. I'm going back down to memory lane listening to random Disney songs. It brings me back to the times when I was carefree :)

I love the miniature angels.

- But there's gotta be an easier way. An easier way to start the day.

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