Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This new picture is a combination of pictures of the people in my life. The first is a picture of me and my handsome friend, Shahir. He has been a friend of mine since we were in primary school and the best part about him is that, I could not hear for him for months at a time but when we meet again, I could just be so comfortable with him. A good friend.

The next is a picture of my classmates at INTEC. Arabana/Dunedin class. The 16 of us have spent one and a half years together and have gone through a lot. This picture was taken for our class picture in the school magazine. The next is a picture of me in my 2009 baju raya :)

Below it is a picture of my family. This was in Kelantan with my Tok Mek (my dad's mother). This was taken in her living room the day when we were leaving from Kelantan. It was a full picture of my family. One that is somehow hard to find. Next to it is a picture of my highschool friends. Subang Jaya friends. The one that I have had the privilege to know since form 3. This was taken during Miza's 19th birthday and my going away to Australia party. Most of us are here. Shafiq and Ainul are missing.

Last is a picture of my friends in Melbourne. It doesn't say much showing a picture of our backs but I love this picture.It was taken on a day trip we did to Geelong, Victoria. We wanted to eat the halal buffet so much that we rented 2 cars, went for a one half hour drive and walked around the city before settling in at Smorgy's for our iftar. It was a very hot and windy day. Good for pictures and it was heaps of fun.

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Haha. So this may be the hundredth rebirth that my blog has undergone. But I am feeling a bit melancholic. I have started this blog since I was 14 years old. I was in Form 3. That was the year 2004. It is almost 6 years now and it is still up and running. I went through some of the old posts yesterday and I have got to say, I really have grown. I used to write about the most ridiculous things in the most ridiculous ways. But I progressively improve and I think I enjoy my style of writing now. At least the grammar errors are significantly reduced.

So I noticed my last layout was a picture of Selamat Menyambut Tahun 2009. I promised myself that that picture would only last there for at MOST a week after 2009 started. But what do you know, it has lasted until September. ahaha. I think this year has been the quietest that my blog has been. I suppose that is because there has been SO MANY things that happened to me this year. For one thing, I made it to Melbourne. I spent the first 2 months trying to do everything I want to do in Malaysia before shipping off to live in Melbourne for 3 years. It was a scary experience but one that I have longed for so many years. Cannot believe I made it there.

First semester went by with me settling in and finding new friends and getting comfortable with my new life. I ended up finding awesome friends, a crush that I once again obsessed with, a religious group that keeps reminding me of Allah and a new found freedom that I wish not to take over advantage of. I experienced cold and went on an unforgettable road trip. I drove on a foreign land and I discovered that I can actually cook. Then I went back for one month of winter break where I got to catch up with my family and friends.

The next semester was a little different. Some things changed. Relationships became more distant and new discoveries are made. I found out more about life means and what it has to offer. And I learn more things about myself. I'm glad that I experienced all those things. And I'm starting to think that you will discover things about yourself everyday. That you have to realize whats wrong with you and what is it that you're good at. And I know that these coming 2 years will give more of those. I just hope I don't loose myself and the friends I love.

But what I am really glad about is that even though I admit I don't really talk to my Subang friends as often as I should, that when I come back, I can just feel so comfortable with them. Like I didn't leave. It feels good to know that your comfort zone is there when you want it. Plus mom has been more understanding with our outings so I have had permission to go out for drinks at night. But Diana and Gg have also left the nest to purse their studies overseas like Farhah and I. Coming back for Spring Break hasn't been as fun without them.

I will be back in Melbourne in a few days but stopping by at Sydney to spend 2 days with Fika and KK. I am missing them a lot. A trip to Sydney is neccessary as a getaway from home and school. An in-between if I could call it. I am excited for that.

So that is a short recap of what 2009 has been so far. I hope to be more active on my blogging. I'll get back to it. I just haven't had time to sit down and work on my blog for a while and I simply refuse to work with it while its ugly. ahhaha.


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