Thursday, January 10, 2008

day one, semester two.

And it's back to waking up at 6.30am and having cold showers at 7 in the morning. That is life in Intec. I woke up for my Subuh prayers and waited for my turn for the bathroom. Got ready for school early because we wanted to make sure we got good seats in class. Mira offered a ride in her car so we waited for a while and that made us a little late. We rushed to the classroom to find that we are one for the last ones to arrive.

My usual spot in front of class was replaced by somebody else and so did the whole front row. And Rashid also reserved the second row for Faza, Adam and Syam which I thought was very unfair. I was either to sit at the end of row one, or in the middle of row three. I was very unsatisfied and started to make a commotion. When the three boys came, they gave in to us and let Hazra and I sit in the second row while they took third. They were very nice boys. So although I was not in the middle of the first row like how I wanted to be, I got to sit in the middle of the 2nd row, which I guess is acceptable as oppose to the third row.

First row: Iman, Mira, PeiYi, Kk, Gash, Min, Ezzi and Ayin.
Second row : Hazra, Sasha
Third row : Adam, Syam, Faza, Rashid, Haq, Chin

Now, you see, we feel there is a problem with being the only 2 people in the 2nd row so we persuaded Min, Ezzi and Ayin to join us and they agreed at last. It end up being okay as I got to sit next to Hazra, in the middle of the class, and the better part was that Faza's place is right behind me. ;D

Our first class was with Mr. Kesh. He started with introducing himself and gave us a pop quiz of last year's syllables. I was glad I still remember a thing or two about what economic is but the answers I gave was most probably unrelated. :\ He then picked on me to answer a question before launching the class into a revision on what we learn last semester. He was fun/funny/intimidating and scary all at once.

After class we went to get some breakfast at the cafe. Iman, Hazra, Mira and I bonded like how we did last time laughed and joked around while Hazra and I munched on the much loved chocolate waffles.

Next was supposed to be maths but the teacher was not in so more than half of my classmates (including me mind you) parked ourselves in the new big library for about one and a half hour. Some read a book, some was chatting and talking while I was obstructing my timetable in a very artsy-fartsish way.

Half an hour to accounting class, Hazra and I went to pack food for lunch before heading to the Bendahari's office to pay my bill. We then entered the class for Accounts. Our new teacher, Puan Rabiani, is very small. ahhahaha. She did not look very old but she speaks very confidently about her subjects. She introduced to us what we will be learning for the upcoming two semesters and how we are to be evaluated. She also told us her rules and what she expects from us and sorts. She is alright, a bit scary in my opinion, and she oftens trail off when she talks. But I suppose she's alright.

After that, we went to have our lunch. Hazra and I parked ourselves at one of the tables at the cafe to have our Nasi Ayam and catching up. (as if we don't get each other 24 hours a day) Later, Syam joined us to invite us for a movie the next day. And then Adam joined us and we launched ourselves in a conversation about his now bald head. After a while, Faza joined us (and took the only available seat left, which was next to me) and got into our conversations.

It was time for our first Malay Studies class so we waited in class for a while before we realized that we actually had to combine classes with Sydney so we rush to that class to find that everyone else were already placed and the lecturer were already talking. Due to being late, I got to sit at the very back of the class so it got real hard for me to see and hear the lecturer but I try my best. There were a few cute guys in that class especially a guy name Muhd. Faza. hehehe. Our lecturer is Puan Faridah, a chubby cute old Malay lady with red hair. ahahhaa. She seemed very friendly and she looked like she really knows her stuff. :)

Finished class and got on the bus to end up sitting next to the cute A-Level German guy named Amir (Hazra's hot eye candy) and got to chat with him for a while (I think he himself felt weird that all of a sudden, three Ausmat juniors were coming on to him. ahahha) Had nothing to do after that so I slept before Mama called to say she wants me back for Awal Muharram. So here I am.

- other people had to change classes due to the subjects they are taking, but since there is only one commerce class, we are with the same 16 people. although now, we are no longer ARABANA, but we are now called DUNEDIN :(

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