Thursday, May 29, 2008

happy news


KHAIRIL RIDZWAN (monoloque) and KAK DAHLIA are going to be married!!!



I know it seems so unrelated to my life whatsoever but I love the both of them together. I just found out the news but since no one I know care enough about this news, and that I'm not really talking to Encik Faza anymore, I THOUGHT I'D SHARE IT IN MY BLOG!

Ahh! I am so excited. I am so happy for them. I wish them all the luck in the world. Wish I could be there but well, both of them don't really know me. So. Whatever.

- Selamat Pengantin Baru.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


why is it that the ones we want are the ones that we can't have? :\

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Yuna Zarai plays at No Black Tie on the 22nd of May 2008


note: gambar ini gambar semata-mata. ini bukan Yuna pada malam itu.

Yes, I did go see her. And yes, she was as amazing as I hoped she would be.

The day started simple. I was doing what I typically do during my boring days at home. I clean my room. I told myself I wouldn't eat too much just so my stomach wouldn't bloat bigger than the size of China, which is what it is now. But well, I did.

Dragged my cousin to Subang Parade to lepak for a while. Came back at 6pm to have mama throw a fit about how I would come back too late even though I was going to go out later that night. Rushed to my room to pack my bag because I was going to shower at my cousin's house that night. My uncle's driver was assigned to send us to No Black Tie, Kuala Lumpur.

The event was suppose to start at 8.30pm but at around 5 mins to 8pm, my cousins house got into a black out so we ended up pushing to KL a little later than the planned time. Lucky we got there on time. I was so sceptical about what I was going to wear as I really didn't want to look dorky meeting my favourite singer. Settled with a nice dress and tudung belit-belit.

The place was very small but has a very nice design. It is like a small bungalow with a bar in the front and a stage at the back. The second floor looks right down to the stage. It was not a very big place but the place was already filled with many people when we came. Lucky we managed to get a seat on the first floor. It wasn't exactly in front but it was alright.

Came in and saw YUNA sitting at a table at the other end. I think I squealed like a dork when I saw her. She was just sitting there looking around and smiling. We settled in and lucky we did not have to wait long before Yuna performed. I must complain on the drinks by the way. A glass of sprite was RM8. I can dabsmack the bloody people for making it soo expensive. By the way, I do not know what dabsmack really means but it sounds appropriate in that sentence. :)

She set up her equipments and she played the first song BACKPACKING AROUND EUROPE which I might add, IS MY FAVOURITE. Knowing me and my enthusiasm for cheering, I cheered for her too loud I think those present thought I was annoying. haha. She then swooned us with AFTER MIDNIGHT before playing DAN SEBENARNYA. I actually watched a Youtube video performance of Dan Sebenarnya and read her chords to play the song for myself. I managed to do it actually but on that night, I found out that the chords I supposedly read, was an octave higher than it was suppose to be. Buat malu je main konon bagus padahal chords salah. haha.

Then she played a new song which I forgot the title, and ended the show with BLUE SANDS on the piano, the one yang Atikah suka tu. When she went down, people nudged her for an encore and so she played DEEPER CONVERSATIONS beautifully. When she walked down stage my cousin nudged me to go talk to her. So she passed our table and actually sat down. We had a little chat and told her proudly that we were from Subang Jaya as well. I think I gave a bad first impression to her because I actually got tongue tied when she asked me questions. She asked me how old I was and I actually took 10 seconds to remember my age and stupidly answered "uuhhh.... 18". I am usually quite good at making conversations with people but seriously that night, I lost my words. Buat malu saja.

She then went away and I was complaining flat to my cousin on how I was being so lame. The next performer was this Afro haired guy named BOBO. He was drinking and smoking while singing and he didn't really catch my fancy. But his songs were not bad although each song sounded the same with the songs before it. And he had EIGHT songs so it was quite a bore that time. I just ended up talking to my cousin.

Until two guys grabbed the two available chairs at our table and started sitting down. I couldn't blame them as there were no other place to sit but what surprised me was the fact that the two boys were coincidentally from Intec. American Degree students and I happen to know one of them. Small world it is. We ended up talking and hanging out for the rest of the night. Ari knows a fair deal about the local independent music scene so we shared knowledge on bands, performers, gigs and all.

The next to play was ESTRELLA. I have never heard of them but according to my cousin's boyfriend, they were ala ala MOCCA, one of my favourite jazzy Indonesian band. I considered them and I thought they were alright. Weren't ALL great but good enough to market. They are different because they have bongos I think its called. By the time they finished, it was almost 12am. I knew I was in for trouble because my supposed curfew was 11pm although mom didn't mention that I had to be back at that time that night. I just sms-ed her to tell her that I was going to be back at 12am and was ready to face the consequences later.

After Estrella, a guy named OTAM played and I don't really fancy him. He just didn't play the song that suits my taste but he wasn't bad at all. According to Hazri (my cousin's boyfriend), he played his song impromptu so that was suppose to be cool. ahahaha. In the middle, Yuna came to me and told me that she was selling out her demo cds at the main room so my cousin and I rushed for it. 4 out of 5 of the songs in there I already have but I thought I should buy it anyway to support her. Rm10 boleh kasi isi perut sehari. I love love love it.

Come 12am the driver came back again. While making our way through the crowded room and to the front door, Yuna stopped me to say thank you and kissed cheek me goodbye. I think I acted dorkily once again at that time. Oh God. But I was glad to know she at least have seen my face before and know I existed. It was all silent on the way home. I was tired and was thinking of all the excuses I would give to support my case. Apparently when I came back, mom opened the door without saying anything except, "don't tell me you wore that same tudung again!" I wasn't sure if I should be glad or taken aback by that comment but I know I was relieved that she did not get mad at me AT ALL. She went back to bed and I went to mine.

Alamaks. Saya sayang sangat dekat Yuna.

- Pictures and videos possibly later :)

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Edmund Pevensie

Edmund Pavensie was just an annoying little prat 2 years ago in The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Now, he has grown on me. He's scrawny, dark featured, dorky yet hot. So my type.


- dia saya punya :P

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fake plastic love

It looks like the real thing
It tastes like the real thing
My fake plastic love

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