Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tentang Kita - Couple

teman emotionalism. saya suka lagu-lagu hippie. tentang cinta, sudah tiada maknanya. saya pelik saya tahu tapi saya tetap saya. banyak benda dalam fikiran/minda/hati/otak/akal/perasaan/penilaian/harapan/impian/dendam saya. kamu tidak mungkin faham. kerana semua, sudah tiada ertinya. tentang cinta, sudah tiada maknanya. tentang kita, elok dilupakan semua.

saya nak terbang. bukan ke Australia. tetapi ke langit. ke alam mana kita tiada masalah, perasaan atau expectations. saya nak bebas. saya suka bebas. saya suka bahagia dalam kebebasan.

dimana kaca yg bersepihan?
biar aku pijakkan
dimana taufan yg bertiupan?
biar aku tadahkan

kerna semua sudah tiada ertinya
tentang cinta sudah tiada mkna
tntang kita elok dilupakan semua

dimana laut yg brgelora?
kan kuredah semua
dmana letaknya cinta kita?
kan kupijak semua

kerna semua sudah tiada ertinya
tentang cinta sudah tiada ertinya
tentang kita elok dlupakan semua

- jaga benar gambarku dalam telefon bimbitmu. jangan pernah sekali kau buang. saya suka lirik ini. lain dan bermakna.

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tentang cinta, sudah tiada makna

I am seriously so very jealous. Jealous to the point that I want to just scream. I am so jealous. I am jealous. ITS NOT FAIR!!! ITS NOT FAIR!!!

I want a song written for me. I want 10 minutes phone checks. I want roti jalas with the family. I want hugs and forehead kisses. I want words of comforts. I want to be in the car for a whole day talking and driving around, going to uptown getting food in the afternoon and go to taman at night to be cuddled under the stars. I want that familiar warm and fuzzy feeling. I want that familiar feeling of love.

It is not the same.

I want my own Airil.

- aku kan terus menunggu

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

saya punya update

wow. what a week it has been. technically it is only Thursday night. I have one more day to go to school before having my 2 days weekend. Been doing loads of studying/ and the shitload of homework. But somehow, I am happy. Tired. Stressed. But happy.

Last week has been a total bad week for me. But this week makes it up. Will blog about it later.

Wow Intec is really stressing me out.

Spoke to Aiman last night. He called me. It was fun to catch up with him. Cikgu Zamzuri called me too. Wanting to catch up. That was a bit of a shocker but hey, getting to hang out with Miza/Diana/Aiman and Shahrul Iman anytime would be awesome. Looking forward for that.

Haven't been talking about Faza as much anymore. Do not know what that means but hey, I am not that EMOTIONAL wreck of a person anymore. I'm glad for that.

I seriously need to go on a diet. And hell, I need to save up my money. Adduuhhh.

The much loved White Shoes and the Couples Company has been my faithful companion during my week of emotional-ism. Garh.

Must go soon. Need to go back to the room and do some studying. Yes, my life is about nothing else. But somehow, I am alright with it.

Aduuuh. many more things to talk about. will do full report when I can.


MUST OFFICIALLY SAY GOODBYE TO MY SAYANG FARHAH!!!! who will be leaving tomorrow morning. she doesn't know it yet but I'm gonna call her tonight ;D

- current book : Concept of a Hero in Malay Society. (hah! bet you didn't expect THAT!! ;D)

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Romantis - The Times

Lyrics :

Pabila dua remaja,
Berkenalan bertentang mata,
Manis nya kucupan manja, pertama
Kali di rasa…….

Bulan bintang,
Menjadi saksi keindahan
Warna pelangi,
Sayang ku
Cuma membasah bumi,
Udara semua terusik…..

Hei gadis sunggoh romantis
Coba hembuskan wajah ku ini,
Hei gadis cantik menarik
Usah biarkan aku tertagih,

Dahaga kasih mu…..

- Muhammad Faza gave me this song. It might mean something ;D

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Malaysia in my Point of View

I just read the newspaper while eating my dinner a few minutes ago. What is to come of this world I tell you. I have only managed to get a few pages done before finishing my dinner and soon will continue more reading. I thought of resting for a while.

There was a story of a dead teen who is suspected to have fallen from the level two school building not by accident but by foul play. This suspicion is based on the belief that the kid has been wanting to quit school due to the constant bullying he has been getting at school.

What shit is this as kids are dying at school and by what? Bullying. This is ridiculous. There is no place safe anymore.

Speaking of no safe place, what about the recent kidnapping of a little girl named Sharlinie Mohd Nashar. Another similar incident to the much familiar nation wide news case of little Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. Little Sharlinie has yet been found. I dare not say that much as I am not an avid reader of the newspaper so I admit to not be completely familiar with what is going on, or am I reading any constant updates on the news.

But I just read the two reports from Star Online reporting on both the kidnapping case of the two girls, and I found something that is similar. Both girls were reported to have a medical condition, that needs medicinal attention and that both dads plead for them to come back saying that their little girls need to take those medicines. What is that!!? Does these kidnappers just have a thing about little girls at the age 5-8 who is sick?

The whole idea sickens me.

I will try to read constant follow-ups to the story of little Sharlinie and pray that she will be returned safe and sound very soon. Kesian little Nurin and I hope nothing of the sorts happen to any other girls. or Boys for that matter. GOD THESE KIDNAPPERS. Go fuck yourself and die!

I also read that the general election is just around the corner. Its been reported that the Barisan National leaders and representatives are getting ready and hyped about the coming 2008 election that is suspected to happen somewhere in March. Schools for elections are already being booked and such.

Wow. I am quite excited about this coming election. Why you ask because it is not as if I could vote anyway right? Well, I remember clearly when I was in form 3 or form 4, I was walking home from school with Shahir and Shafiq and we were surrounded with posters of people running for the, if I recall correctly the term is MP, of Subang Jaya, Selangor. I remember the three of us were making fun of their faces and how funny they looked. I remember that feeling of not knowing what really is going on. I mean I knew there was to be an election soon but that is basically as far as how much I was concerned. I knew I was not to be in on it so I neglected myself with any explanations or news about it.

Come to think about it, I was very ignorant about anything that happened in the world, Malaysia or even Selangor. My life just revolved around me, school, friends and teenage angst. God. That is why I am excited now. Because now that I have grown up, now that I actually read the newspaper, I am more aware and concern about what is to come to this country of mine (I admit, Encik Faza also helped me to feeling this way). I am excited because now I am able to actually know how the whole election process goes, what are the available parties, and would actually know who and why I support in the election. Especially the one that will represent my area. I am excited.

I was thinking about the supposed corruptions that has been going on through out the previous elections here in Malaysia. Note, my knowledge of such things are so very limited so please correct me if I am wrong. Encik Faza has accounted me the story of a demonstration in Kuala Lumpur, 10th of November of last year (2007) by a large group of people that demanded for a fair and clean election as oppose to the ones before it that was said to be unjust. These group of people supports a cause called BERSIH by promoting and demanding a fair election. They even have their very own shirts and propose that anyone who agrees with them and also support the cause, to put on something yellow on every Saturday, so indirectly, we know that the people of Malaysia CARES for a fair election.

I am not completely sure about the number of people that followed the demonstration but I know there were a lot. As far as I know, the large group of people was determined to go straight to the king so to demand a fair election. I am not sure if they were successful so I will get back to you on that, but I knew the police did show up and some people were beaten by the policemen and were put in ISA and most of them were sprayed by pepper spray or sorts. For an idea of how it was, READ or WATCH.

So based on this little piece of information that was forwarded to me, I now know that this country has actually been running under many corruptions and is so very dissatisfied with the fact that people are so ridiculously stupid and fucked up. I mean, I have always kind of known that there are corruptions in this world but God, when the circumstance is shoved under my nose, or being played in front of my eyes, I feel so.. upset. What is to come of the system? I mean, what is the point of even having an election, what is the point of even asking the people to cast votes for their choice if in the end, we already know who is going to win ANYWAY. This. just. sucks.

Realistically, we know that even with BERSIH and anti corruption forces out there who are trying to keep a fair and clean election, that there will still be a degree of corruption in the upcoming election. And that exact thought is what is making me so sick. What is the point exactly? WHAT IS THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT!?!? You know what I think? I think that they do the election just so they make the people feel that they are still somewhat in control of what happens in Malaysia. But come freaking on! The whole election is probably even organised by the government, so the chance of any misleading or untrue acts, could happen in a blink of an eye. Sick.

Also, I just also discovered that our local newspaper and such are being controlled and filtered by the government. So basically whatever is said or reported in there are pro-government. What happened to freedom of speech!? What happened to giving out the truth and the people deserve to know!? What about the people's right. Oh God. Sick.

I somehow believe that this election is going to be a waste of time as we basically know who will be the winner at the end. I asked mom and dad what is their take on this whole thing? I mean almost everyone knows that the election is corrupted anyway. So whats the whole bloody point really. Dad just laughed and said that that is how it is and all we can do is.. well basically nothing. Mom however agreed that she totally disagrees about the whole corruption and sorts, but she also told me something that got me thinking. This might sound somewhat racial but we don't really want a non-Malay to rule this country do we? I mean I am all out for supporting fair multi-racial rights but I suppose I do not really want this country to be ruled by a non-Malay. I still feel that.

But again, that is no excuse for anyone to get all shitty in elections. Just win the fair way la. Do things properly, get people's interest and you'll get the votes. BODOH is the proper term for everything.

I once asked dad if I could support the cause of BERSIH. Surprisingly, Dad gave me his consent. But although so, Dad reminded me that if I am ever caught supporting it by the government, I can kiss my future in Australia goodbye. That got me a bit scared. But I look up to Faza and his friends because they are strong in supporting Bersih. They even have the shirts : picture one : picture two :(I was offered one but I was scared to accept) and wear them freely. They told me that they are not scared for standing up for what is right. I very much look up to them for that. I do my part in supporting by wearing yellow for every consecutive Saturdays.

Sigh. It is all no worth it. In the end, it will all be the same. God help us.

I can't wait to see what happens in the upcoming election. :D

- You gotta LOVE the internet. it is so VERY useful.

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