Friday, May 18, 2007

a piece of DIEGO luna

last night I had a dream. the kind that makes me grumble when I woke up. Not because it was scary or boring. But because it was incredibly amazing I didn't want it to end. I was woken up by a phone call. After I got off the phone, I tried to squeeze in the dream back to me. But of course, that didn't happen. I spent the rest of the day grumbling that I woke up, and giggling about the dream.

a few weeks back I went to miza's place to borrow a few DVDs to spend my holiday with. I finally end up with one DIRTY DANCING : HAVANA NIGHTS. I wasn't exactly a fan of dancing movies but somehow, I decided to pop that movie one day. Coincidentally, it was the day Shahrul came over to watch a movie. So the both of us watched the movie patiently. I think I concentrated on it a little more than Shahrul would have liked me to.

After the movie was over, I was melting all over the place, while Shahrul was telling me how glad he was about it being over. Shortly, he grumbled again when I pleaded him to dance with me. It wasn't great but I did get Shahrul to move a little. At least he got up and held my hand while I dance around. AHhahaa. Close enough.

That became one of my favourite movie instantly. A few days later I had sudden thoughts about the movie but it faded after that. That was until my dream. I dreamt that I was the heroine of a movie with DIEGO LUNA. The plot wasn't exactly like DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS but we were running from people and we did dance. He gave me all those melting lines and encouragements and sorts.

It was funny how I was swept away by a character of a movie. I feel like a silly teenage girl with a crush. So naturally, I woke up and went to watch that movie again. This time with my cousin.

My cousin thought Diego Luna was cute but complained about him being very scrawny and kind of like a loser. I only laughed when I told her that that was exactly the type of guy I like. Black haired, scrawny, not macho at the very bit, and knows how to make a girl melt to her feet.

So now I found a new guy to drool over. Diego Luna (or I know him better as Javier Suarez - which is his name in that movie). After watching that movie, I really felt the urge to get up and start dancing.

It is kind of sad though. Because now, I spend my days wishing it was time to sleep so I could have more good dreams. Or spend my time of the day, day dreaming of good dreams. It sure is heck of a lot better than reality right now. Choosing between waking up and playing puzzle, or sleeping and dreaming of a cute guy dancing with you. Not a tough decision now is it?

I think I have fallen hard for Mr. Diego Luna.

I fell for him in the scene where he danced with his fellow Cubans in a white shirt outside.

Owh, I also want to tell you guys I made a killer mushroom soup the other day. From scratch. From a recipe book. Ahahaha. And also, I got called for an interview to be enrolled at INTEC SHah Alam. That's the place I want to go. What else. I am going to the copywriter workshop. Lagoon is on for me. I will definitely go watch a movie with my English Literature buddies. (maybe we can watch dirty dancing). Shaen is coming back real soon. My sister is having her big A Levels exam. I am way fat right now. I really want to dance. And I already miss Aiman.

Shafiq wants me to mention him in this post. So.. SHAFIQ!!

- so I reckon you should watch the movie, unless scrawny romantic guys are your type, then I'm telling you to get off. He's mine.

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