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Setiap Kali - Farisa binti Roslan

Thought I'd try my hands on writing and composing a Malay song. Alhamdulillah this is what I got. Inspiration by the song Tentang Kita - Couple. chords by Encik Faza. Terima kasih beribu juta.

Setiap Kali

G Bm
perakam suara ku dimain lagi
Am D
belum jemu melayan kerenah hati
G Bm
dapatkahku melawan perasaan ini
Am D
menentang agar tidak dapat kembali

izinkan aku membina mesin waktu
supaya kembali pada masa dulu
dapat ku menasihatkan pada diriku
supaya jangan skali terpikat padamu

G Em Am
kerna aku tak mampu menatang rasa
sedih segan pilu pada setiap masa
aku rasa diriku seperti/bagai merana
namun tak dapat ku menafikannya
mungkin bila tiap kali ku berada di sisi mu
kakiku jadi beku sama seperti mulutku
aku sukakan mu

G Bm
sampai sini saja tahap toleransiku
Am D
itu sebab ku duduk menulis lagu
cepat lah cepat hilangkan rasa ragu
dengan ini aku pun tunduk merayu

suka suka suka suka
jangan perlu layan duka
suka suka suka suka
engkau lah yang rawat lukaaaaaaa

- you and I both know ;D

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the definition of PROUD

Resah - Nitrus [the same band that sang Hujung Dunia: soundtrack of Goodbye Boys]

at the very first moment I watched this video clip, I felt it. That feeling. PROUD. yes. that is exactly the word to describe what I feel about this video. I am proud because at that moment, I realized that Malaysia has produced a good quality video clip.

I know it might not be so very original with the crowd walking backwards and all. But look at it. They actually made Kuala Lumpur looks awesome. It really has class and the quality of the picture is awesome.

I often believed/complained that Malaysian producers/artists have awful video clips because :

1. Solo female artists [Siti Nurhaliza, Mischa Omar, Erra Fazira] - their video clips would be about them being dressed in some fancy kebaya or sorts with plush hair singing so called passionately under a tree.

2. Bands/Rock singers [Adam AF, Tomok, Kromok and whatever there is out there] - their video clips would be about them being in the middle while having some cheesy so called effects at the back which actually seriously make them look lamer than they are.

3. Solo male artists [Mawi, Anuar Zain, Ferhad, Zaid AF] - Oh god, it'll be about them singing in some so called hot clothing in the mountains or sorts looking totally like they are totally feeling it while singing.

I mean, there are the random cases of Too Phat dulu which I suppose, we can say their video clips are acceptable. But this one actually sent me on the verge of tears.

I asked my uncle once, why do the Malay movies or dramas always looked like they are taken by non-professionals. Because the quality of the video makes the picture look so, sharp and uhhh... I don't have the word for it. As compared to videos/movies of the other countries, it'll look somewhat mystical and not as sharp. I do not know how to explain it really. I guess for those of you who does understand me would know. My uncle told me that there are a certain kind of film that they used, expensive but good quality. And according to him, Malaysians are just not into spending that much so they settled with trying to make the best with the cheap ones.

And by looking at this video, I give TWO THUMBS UP to the producer because they are brave enough to invest on the good quality film and make the video clip looks very upscale. It looks like it has soo much quality in it. I know there is always room for improvement. Like I couldn't tell if some of the shots are made with effects or simply people purposely walking backwards. But it's good. It shows that Malaysia music industry is really improving. I am so very proud.

Speaking of improvements in the music industry, I recently just got myself into these local music background scenes. I thought I might share some of my favourites. Also, check out the collaboration from these independent bands from Malaysia called SUPPORT OUR LOCAL ACTS / SOLA.





- I kept thinking about Atikah the whole time I wrote this post.

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Mat Saleh Celup

ahahahaha. this is so funny. I was so lame. and definitely was very sombong. at least I know I wasn't cheap. I remember guy number one. Afdhal perhaps his name. I still remember he was tall and has spiky hair. Yeap. Those were the days. Ahahah. He must think I'm such a stuck up Mat Saleh Celup. :\


- I think I was :(

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