Wednesday, November 16, 2005

the NOT so perfect PERFECT day

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well my demented head put me into trouble again today. I forgot to set my alarm and I end up waking late the next day. and the worst part is I was suppose to be in school early in the morning.

atikah gave me a call at around 7.15am saying that the bus has already arrived. boy I freaked. I am still in my jammies and my hair were haywired. I requested for the bus to wait though I was so not sure they would do that for one girl.

after I put down the phone, I freaked and started getting ready. yeah okay. the good thing is I didn't smell that day even though I kinda missed my morning shower. I was THAT late.

I ran to school in my kurung and when I reached there, I saw a few people outside the bus and I felt so scared and guilty. Turned out I wasn't the only one waiting. we ended up pushing from school 15 minutes later. I was cursing for my morning shower.

the trip wasn't all that fun. mostly miza and I just talked and well.. gossip. I was really excited when I got there though. we reached hotel istana and were ushered to the ballroom.

I was quite nervous because I was actually one of the representative of my school and I have to live up to the name of the school. that means, I have to be a lot reserved. which for me is quite a challenge.

we headed straight to the bathroom first and gussied up before we entered the ball room and took our seats. I was just killing time by talking to miza, shameen and atikah. slowly the room were filled with other students around our age and some other grown ups. when everyone were settled in and the the VIPs were seated, they started the ceremony.

yeap. there we were. the Youth Enterprenuer Program Award Ceremony.

after 8 months of slaving ourselves with YEP, it was time to actually shine shINE SHINE!

well we did shine alright. we end up bagging 3 out of 4 awards. all first place. seriously, the only way for it to get better is if we had won all 4. but first place for all three is damn cun!

the ceremony went with speeches from people. then it was presentations from the winning schools. then it was the time when they gave out the awards. it was quite enduring that they announced us as the winner of all 3 awrads. Best Enterprise, Best Use of ICT and Best Annual Report. I am quite sure that some schools were talking bad about us. jealousy?

after the ceremony, we were ushered to have a small breakfast. and in the meantime, going around the hall looking at the products of the schools that participated. seriously, some of the school had really ridiculous things produced. but a school or two produced really nice stuff. the winner of the best product did do a good job in making the best product.

after breakfast, we were ushered into the ballroom again. atikah and I thought that we were going to be having a press conference. we were ready to be famous. ahahahah. but apparently it was not.

they ushered in a few selected schools into the ballroom and all of us were settled in our seats. thats when a lady told us to collect our prize money. it was great coz we scored about RM1800 out of the 3 awards. at least I think so. And it felt the greatest.

after all the hooplas about the prizes, the lady gave us a really happy news.

she told us that this recording company sponsored us 100 Harry Potter primere tickets and its to be given away to the winners. as the first prize of the best company, each of us in Pinnacle Enterprise [the name of our school's company]got the tickets. While some other school only got the amount of left overs.

the minute she mentioned Harry potter Primere, the whole ballroom roared into cheers. Miza and I especially were screaming. I know it was weird to be too excited over it on account that I already have 4 in my hands, but I couldn't help but to join in the fun you know.

after that, Pinnacle Enterprise had a shooting moment. they prepared us all on the stage and snapped LOADS of pictures of us. flashing our tickets, our smiles and our trophies. it was such a great moment. we had such fun times.

But I do pity schools that only got a certain amount of tickets and they had to choose who had to go. its going to be bad I can tell you.

it was on the way home that I realized that I had a problem. well sort of. Now I haven't got enough people to bring with me to the primere. there were a lot of conrtroversy but in the end, I ended up giving my YEP ticket to ainul, and bringing my family members to fill in the other four.

after we got back, Gg, Diana, Miza and I headed to Subang Parade to surprise Sonia at Delifrance. Thats where she's working. we told her what happened and she was really happy.

after that we went to eat at Nandos and had a blast.

IN the middle of lunch, Atika told me that the tickets she won wasn't PRIMERE tickets and she felt bad that she promised her sister to go so she asked for a ticket from me. But I felt bad as I already gave away my tickets.

Nicolette and Farhah tried their luck with asking for a ticket too. But of course, I couldn't give.

Everything was fine and we planned and stuff.

Everything was perfect already up until that night when my mom told me that she wan't going to go. It slapped me in the face because I let down about 5 to 6 people for the tickets for her, and she decided NOT to go.

It made me really sad and all. And after that Shahrul told me that he really wanted to go with me. And that he got tickets from Iman and they had their movie starts different time with us.

And I was really mad because I could have had given him and IMan my tickets and Iman could have given his to some otehr people or whatever.

But my mom didn't realy like the idea and there were a lot of shit. I wasn't much of a big deal now that I think of it but I was really feeling my worse that night. Shahrul wasn't helping either.

so well.. I ended up sleeping with a pair of bengkak eyes.

- keychains are stupid.

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