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parties in FEBRUARY

I know this has been ages. So I'm just going to make it short.

Miza's Party : 14th
I of all people does not complaint that Miza's birthday fells on Valentine's Day. I for once am glad that I get to celebrate an event with my friends and at the same time, spend time with Shahrul Iman. ExceptI don't celebrate Valentine's Day because it's wrong. So Shahrul and I established a day on the 14th of February each year as Lover's Day. Its not dosa that way. Ahahhaa.

We promised Miza that we would reach the house around 11.30am but instead we ended up reaching there around 1pm as the BOYS (namely Shahrul, Aiman and Shafiq) was late. Uncool as it is, we had to walk all the way to 19 in our dressed up outfits. The theme was in fact "Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue." Not exactly the theme we're accustomed too, but me being me, I dressed up as much as I could. I wore my new purple dress and my mom's old vintage jacket. I suppose it was too much that people thought I was coming back from work. Ayyy.

As soon as we reach there, we grabbed a plate of Miza's self made Cajun Chicken which was Incredible by the way Mizzie, and started to mingle around. Laughing, smiling and getting drunk with fun.

After lunch, Miza gathered everyone in her living room and broke us into 3 groups. I ended up in group 2 with Shameen, Izzati, Shafiq and Azfar. Best group ever!! Ahahaha. There were 4 sets of games that Miza decided to jumble them all up.

1st set :
she gives us a word and we make our team members guess what it is in 1 minute.

2nd set :
She recites a set of lyrics and the first team to name the song and title of the the lyrics, scores one point.

3rd set:
She gives a name of an actor/actress and we must act it out for as long as a minute or until our team member guess the name.

4th set:
She gives us a note with scrambled up letters and we must figure out a name of a singer/actor from the jumbled up letters (my favourite)

So the duration of 2 hours or so were so much fun. We were very loud and had the greatest fun. After the games, Gg and I did a little performance for Miza's birthday. We played Top of the World and Somewhere Only We Know. After that, Gg had her solo performance singing a song I did not know, and then she sang You Give Me by James Morrison.

After that we just lazed around with 4 people less. Thats when Miza had her present opening ceremony. She got a set of bathrobes from Diana and I. Necklaces from Shameen and Atikah. An pair of earring from Gg. A bracelet from Tasnim. A something from Indonesia/Thailand from Izzati.

And then the crowd had to go back. Some for work, soem for Valentine's date, some just had to. Diana, Atikah and I ended up helping Miza clean the house and hanged out there, while Miza and I made love with our guitars again. It was a great fun filled day.

My 7 year old Miza turns 17 that day.

Diana's Party : 17th
Diana did not want to turn 18 with a normal birthday party so she decided to BASH it up by bringing us on a sleepover at her condominium. Except it way all the way to Bangi. I would say she and I were lucky as my mom was in New York at that time, so I was allowed (by my dad and myself) to go all the way to Bangi for Diana's Birthday Sleepover Bash.

Awesome awesome time.

We met up at Diana's house around 6.30pm where she was rushing up and down and left to right, horizontally if you must, to pack everything she could and get things ready to go. Gg and I, who was there waiting got to camwhore for a while before we went to pick up Miza and Shameen.

We toured around USJ Taipan for a while to get some dinner and a cake. After that was the long ride to Bangi. My head was spinning but I think we killed the time by taking pictures and talking about food. Kan guys?

When we reached there, we settled in for a while, had our dinner and did our prayers. Thats when they decided to go for a swim at night. SO we ended up going down to the dark pool after 9pm and had the GREATEST time. We just swam and talk for a while before it became totally dark at 10pm because the management off-ed the pool lights. But we decided to just stay there and bask in the cold and darkness. The pool felt great!

We stayed for around 40 minutes after 10pm while playing Telefon Buruk or Telinga Bocor or whatever you want to call the game. I was already freezing my toes off but had the funnest time coming up with stupid lines and doing stupid expressions.

Around 11pm or something we decided to go back up and we had our showers and dinners. It took so long before all of us settled in properly. Miza and I had our own photo session while waiting for the rest to finish cleaning up.

After that, Diana set up the Dance Revolution mat and the whole craziness increased. Miza and I were battling each other, jumping, dancing, cursing. ahahhaa. So we took turns dancing while some had their dinner.

Gg and Shameen got knocked out early while Miza and I was drunken over dancing. It was around 3am that we decided to FINALLY start our movie marathon but decided against it. Diana and I then had a game of Need for Speed, and Miza provided popcorns and hot drinks.Around 4am I decided to do Diana's hair, while Miza got high over the dancing alone. The plan was for us not to sleep but we end up giving in to sleep.

Our plan to wake up at 7am habis melayang as all of us ended up waking at 8am lebih. We had to send SHameen away because she was going to PD with her family. We had tid bits for breakfast before we went down for another session of swimming. I didnt get to enjoy the swim properly as the sun block BLOCKED my eyesight and make my eyes turn red. But after an hour or so, the 4 of us (miza, diana, gg and i) ended up playing tunggang-terbalik. The objective of the game is to have your head inside the pool and have your legs shoot straight up! We all got really good at it after that.

Then when the pool was emptied by other people, it started to rain so we decided to swim in the rain to tell about it later in life.

So I'm telling it later in life. I'VE SWAM IN THE RAIN BEFORE!

It wasnt light rain, it was heavy but we still didnt want to leave. Instead we did cannon balls. Each of us had turns. We even jumped in the pool together, all four of us and made a HUGE splash. IT WAS AWESOME MAWESOME FUN!

We went back up and cleaned ourselves before we got ready for lunch. We cooked a killer tawar spaghetti lunch and cleaned up after that. We then decided to do some karaoke after lunch. That thing was spoilt a bit so we had a hard time picking the songs but the songs we picked was fun! We did YMCA, lovefool, greatest love of all, stop and much more fun ones.

And then the cutting cake ceremony happened and we stuffed ourselves with CHOCOLATE CAKE!! Yummy chocolate cake. Around 5pm Diana's mom came and brought us home.

It was the FUNNEST MUNNEST Diana.

Diana is now 18 years old.

Ridzwan : NTAH bila tak ingat.
This, unlike the other two cases, is not for celebrating his birthday party. He invited Atikah and I (on account that we are his one year tuition mates) to his Barbeque party cum Celebratory party before SPM results cum a chance to hang out. So me being me got so excited and dressed up. I quickly regretted it when I reached there because everyone was wearing jeans, shorts and tee's while I was in my casual dress. (note to self= BE MORE SIMPLE) But who could blame me for dressing up when I'm meeting the cute boy I've been gushing on for a year.

*OMG IRONIC GILA= right after i finished that previous sentence, THE DEVIL himself signed in on MSN*

I reached there and was reunited with my classmates, schoolmates, and tuition mates. Some I didn't even know. Got there and tried to fit in. I was doing okay for a while but felt out of place after another. Thats when Atikah came. We ate burnt hot dogs, and semi cooked chicken. Killer mash potatoes and to-die-for root beers.

It got boring after that because the people are just not CLICKING with me. Its not that we ignored one another. Its just that, our conversations revolve around "WHERES THE CHICKEN" or "I WANT CHICKEN" and even to a point "THATS MY CHICKEN!"

YES. Chicken was a hit that night. After a while we decided to play charades. As ATikah and I were very much accustomed to charades, we came up with the stuff to charade about. It lets us off the hook making a total fool of ourselves.

But SU fern came and brought what seems to be the best entertaintment they could posisbly have. Pop Pops. You heard me. The harmless little mercun that pops at your feet when you throw it to hit the ground. We felt weird that they got so excited over it but decided to just WING IT. When pop pops were done, people were so hyper they weren't in the mood to play charades. Then ATikah left me alone and went home.

Thats when they decided to gather whats remained of 20 people to aroun8 people. We played charades and wawan was first. I gave him the word Mawi and he was dancing around in the living room trying to make people guess Mawi. Aahahah. He looked so cute. But just as I got to my next victim, my mom came so I had to leave. JUST WHEN IT GOT FUN!

And its not even my curfew yet!! Hmph.

I didn't find it the AWESOMEST day but it must've been for them. Because they are used to their friends and their circle of people. While I, would love to just remain as his Tuition buddy who cracks jokes and scuffs brownies with him.

But I am glad that I went. I am much closer to him now. :D


ps: blame Atikah for my being so dressed up for Wawan's party. She made me!

- May Wawan NEVER EVER EVER find my blog and read this post. Cheerios.

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letting it OUT

I am incredibly pissed off. Called me childish for being so. But I am pissed off that even if I toss my pants, I'd still be pissed off.

I don't mind the change. I just mind how easy it came.

I am seriously pissed off.

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